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Chapter 355: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

‘Could there be a tracker on the two Immortal Cranes?’

Chen Chen’s heart skipped a beat as he thought, ‘This is terrible.’

The reason why he was so careful in the upper realm was because he did not understand what kind of methods there were in the upper realm.

Anyway, with his current imagination, he could not imagine it…

“Old Thief Fan, let me tell you, if you don’t return my Immortal Crane to me, I will fight you to the death!”

“B* tch, you were clearly the one who kidnapped my Immortal Crane, yet you’re the one who accused me first! How shameless!”

The two were both peak-stage Essence Soul realm cultivators, and their quarrel on the street scared many people away.

When the cultivator from the City Lord’s residence saw this, he advised, “Seniors, please talk things over calmly… I’ll take you to the City Lord’s residence first.”

Chen Chen listened for a moment and basically concluded that these two people had no idea where the two Immortal Cranes were. He immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Seeing that the cultivator from the City Lord’s residence was about to take the two people away, he hurriedly said, “Wait, I’ll go too!”

As the saying went, killing people and setting fire would lead to a life of luxury. It was the same for killing descendants of True Spirits.

The cultivator from the City Lord’s residence tried to sense Chen Chen’s cultivation level but to no avail. He asked in surprise, “What’s your cultivation level?”

Chen Chen hesitated for a moment and said solemnly, “Void Refinement realm.”

At the same time, he released some of his aura.

Feeling the terrifying pressure, the surrounding cultivators subconsciously took a few steps back and looked at Chen Chen with respect.

The cultivator from the City Lord’s residence was overjoyed. He quickly walked over and said respectfully, “Senior, please go ahead!”

Even the male and female cultivators stopped quarreling and looked at Chen Chen in surprise.

A moment later.

Chen Chen and the other two entered the City Lord’s mansion under the guidance of the cultivator.

At this time, five cultivators had already gathered in the mansion.

Sitting at the master seat of the group was the City Lord of Wangjiang City. His name was Jiang Chengzi. He was a middle-aged cultivator with refined appearance.

However, his appearance couldn’t be taken seriously. It was said that he had been the City Lord for 200 years.

“Who are these three people?” Jiang Chengzi looked at his subordinates.

As soon as he spoke, the male cultivator surnamed fan took the initiative to introduce, “I’m Fan Li of Immortal Crane Sect.”

The female cultivator said coldly from the side, “Wu Lan of Immortal Crane Sect.”

Hearing this, Jiang Chengzi suddenly came to a realization and said, “So the two of you are the Immortal Crane Monarch and the Crane Fairy of the Immortal Crane Sect. A few days ago, I heard that Immortal Crane Sect wanted to send people to support Wangjiang city, but I didn’t expect the two of you to arrive so soon. Sorry for not receiving you properly.”

Jiang Chengzi carefully sensed the situation and said in surprise, “But where are your Immortal Cranes?”

Fan Li and Wu Lan looked at each other angrily when they heard this. Then, they said in unison, “You have to ask him (her) about this!”

Chen Chen stood at the side, looking at them as if he was watching a show.

It was obvious that Immortal Crane Sect had significant strength, so the two of them didn’t show much respect in front of the City Lord.

The City Lord was also polite, and it seemed that he did not quite like the two of them.

However, Chen Chen found other interesting things. The cultivators who were doing well in the upper realm seemed to have their own nicknames.

Unlike the lower realm where they were addressed as kings or emperors, the cultivators here had names and titles that were all different and there weren’t any rules to follow at all.

Perhaps, this was the cultural variation brought about by the upper realm’s emphasis on individual strength. In short, it was the prevalence of individual heroism and the decline of chauvinism among the large clans.

Seeing that the two of them were about to quarrel again, Jiang Chengzi quickly looked at Chen Chen and asked, “Fellow Daoist…you are?”

“I’m Chen Chen, just an itinerant cultivator who’s passing by.”

Chen Chen replied helplessly. He wanted to give himself a resounding name, but he really did not have one.

Hearing Chen Chen’s name, Jiangcheng Zi Thought for a long time. He did not think that there was such a strong person nearby. However, at this moment, his subordinate had already transmitted his voice to tell him that the person in front of him was a Void Refinement realm cultivator.

Just this point alone was enough to gain himself respect. Moreover, Chen Chen looked really young. It was very likely that he was a core disciple who came from a large sect to train.

‘This person cannot be ignored!’

Jiang Chengzi silently labeled Chen Chen with such a label. Then, he stood up and said with a smile, “Fellow Daoist Chen, please sit here.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Chen walked to the spot that he pointed to and sat at the lower left of his seat. and in front of him, there was a thin old man with a gloomy face. At a glance, one could tell that he was not a good person.

However, Chen Chen could also tell at a glance that this person was also at the Void Refinement realm.

After Fan Li and Wu Lan sat down, Jiang Chengzi began to introduce the situation of the True Spirit descendants.

As he listened, Chen Chen’s mind started to wander. He could not help but think of a nickname to get.

“Muddled River Dragon Chen Chen… No, that’s not domineering enough.”

“Monkey King Chen Chen… that’s too stupid!”

“Golden Retriever Chen Chen, bullsh*t, what am I thinking?”

Chen Chen kept thinking, but no matter what, he could not escape the influence of the four great classics.

If it was in the lower realm, it would be different, he could tell others, “In front of you is Chen Chen, the descendant of Stone Village, the unifier of the State of Jin and the State of Zhou, the lord of Mount Wufeng, the Sect Master of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, the protector of the human race, the leader of the Merchant Alliancecrane, the Master of the king of the Boundless Sea, the strongest elite in the history of the human race, the man hated by the heavens, the Master of thunder and lightning.”

“This is the general situation. Fellow Daoists, please rest in the City Lord’s residence for a day and make some preparations. After a day, we will set off together.”

Jiang Chengzi finally finished speaking, and Chen Chen completely recovered from his daze.

Just as he was about to stand up and leave, a voice transmission suddenly appeared in his mind.

“Fellow Daoists, please wait. Please have a chat in the rear court.”

Chen Chen’s face stiffened when he heard this, but he eventually stopped. After the others had left, he turned around and went to the back of the City Lord’s residence.

A moment later, Jiang Chengzi appeared in front of him. His expression was much more casual than before.

“Why did you call me here, Fellow Daoist?”

“Could it be that there’s… a secret deal?”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, Jiang Chengzi smiled and said, “Fellow Daoist, you’re a straightforward person, so I’ll get straight to the point…”

After a moment of silence, Jiang Chengzi said solemnly, “Fellow Daoist Chen, there’s something you don’t know. Today, other than you and the two people from the Immortal Crane Sect, the other four people are known as the four Stone Mountain Sages. They are a group of three disciples and their master. The leader of the group, Old Monster of the Stone Mountain, has strange methods. Moreover, the four of them are united and stick together. You and I should be on guard against the unexpected!”

Chen Chen’s mind was filled with thoughts when he heard those words.

‘In this upper realm, we have to be on guard against each other to slay demons and devils together?’

‘What should I do?’

‘What words can I say to make it seem like I often team up with others?’

After a long silence, Chen Chen’s expression had become calm and there was even had a hint of shrewdness.

“Fellow Daoist, then am I a stranger worthy of your trust?”

Jiang Chengzi smiled confidently when he heard this. “Originally, I wanted to look after the two from the Immortal Crane Sect, but now that their Immortal Cranes have been lost, and there are still grudges between them… I’m really not a good candidate.

“On the other hand, Fellow Daoist, you are full of righteousness. One look and I can tell that you are a person with a great aura. Such a person would definitely not do dirty things. I still have the ability to judge people.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Chen laughed loudly, as if he did not expect to be seen through even though he had hidden it so well.

“City Lord, since you have taken a fancy to me, then it’s fine for us to look after each other when the time comes. However, this reward…”

Jiang Chengzi chuckled and waved his hand. “As long as we kill that True Spirit descendant, I can give you what you want, Fellow Daoist, so long as it’s within my means. Everything is negotiable. I only want the corpse of that True Spirit descendant.”

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