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Chapter 354: Poor Traveler


Chen Chen sat on the flying boat. There were two more Immortal Cranes in the forefront of the flying boat.

Both the Immortal Cranes were at the Essence Soul realm and began working under Chen Chen’s persuasion as they multiplied the speed of the flying boat by several times immediately.

However, the two Immortal Cranes were still in the honeymoon period. When flying from time to time, they would squawk in harmony, which made the Sand Eagle, Ash, feel miserable.

After all, it was the last proper Sand Eagle of Huang Li’s family, and there were no Sand Eagles that could compare to him.

“Lord, where did you get these two Immortal Cranes from? Surely, they don’t have an owner, right?”

The Red-Eyed Golden Guardian asked softly above the flying boat.

It was no wonder that he asked. Actually, it was because the male Immortal Crane was still wearing lots of pink ornaments… Generally, demonic beasts that do not have owners wouldn’t dress up.

“Maybe. I picked it up on the way, I didn’t see anyone else.”

Chen Chen answered casually.

The Red-Eyed Golden Guardian wanted to speak, but after thinking about it, he didn’t ask any more questions.

“Little Jin, have you heard of people who ascended?” Chen Chen asked.

“Are you referring to immortals who have ascended to the upper realm?”

Hearing this, Chen Chen fell silent. These days, it seemed that those who had ascended were extremely rare, so much that the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian who was of the Essence Soul realm, had never heard of them.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Chen’s group spent ten days on the flying boat.

Huang Li had long forgotten the previous troubles and would pop her head out to look around from time to time.

After traveling for half a month, the place below had turned from a desert into a muddied ground. Even the spiritual energy in the air had become much more intense. Along the way, they would still be able to meet some cultivators from the past.

However, the cultivators all seemed indifferent and aloof.

Chen Chen spread his divine senses. In fact, he had encountered a few cultivators who were fighting during his journey. However, he found them in advance and dodged them.

It wasn’t that he was afraid, but rather, he found it troublesome.

Along the way, he really didn’t find any cultivators who were above the Void Refinement realm.

Another hour passed.

The flying boat finally arrived at the first destination, Wangjiang City.

Wangjiang City was several times larger than Sandstorm City, and the huge city below was full of people who were shocked, be it the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian, Huang Li, or Wu De. They were all astounded as if they had never seen much of the world before.

When he got back to his senses, the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian said with some embarrassment, “Master, I’ve exchanged all my assets for this flying boat… Some of my remaining Sandstorm City has also been consumed by the flying boat. According to my plan, our group has to stay in Wangjiang City for a year or two. When we have earned enough money, we will set off again to the next destination!”

Hearing these words, Chen Chen was speechless.

He didn’t expect that he would one day have to be reduced to being a poor traveler, and work while he was traveling.

Wu De, who was at the side, said excitedly, “Lord, if we use those things that we picked up on the road as start-up capital, I think it’ll take just a year or two to prosper but we first have to find a local big boss.”

Chen Chen did not blow his trumpet after hearing those words.

He wasn’t familiar with this place, and the treasures, and standards of living here, so he thought that it would be better to lay low.

He could occasionally rob, but he would inevitably meet some people with stronger backgrounds if he often did so.

He didn’t have any backers now, and if he were to meet a terrifying powerhouse who was above the Void Refinement realm, it would be over for him too.

A few of them settled down in an inn after paying the entrance fee.

Afterwards, Chen Chen said to the people, “Everyone, it’s up to you to split the earnings but remember not to create trouble. and you must keep a low profile. Send me a message if there’s anything, do you understand?”

“Got it!” The few of them agreed.

“Go ahead!”

Chen Chen waved his hand, and the three of them left. They seemed like they were really excited to go on a shopping trip and not to earn money.

Staring at the backs of the trio, Chen Chen smiled calmly.

Although he was confident that he could get plenty of Spirit Stones, he didn’t want his disciples to become nannies.

Even if they were to end up earning only a few thousand Spirit Stones, they would at least be able to learn some skills.

After the three left…

Chen Chen began to think of a solution. In his mind, the fastest method would naturally be to activate the 5,000-kilometer tracking opportunity to search for opportunities.

However, after thinking about it, he vetoed it.

Although the vicinity was much better than Sandstorm City, it was only so to a certain extent. It was still a few notches inferior to the environment around the four clans in the lower realm, so there was no need to use the 5,000-kilometer tracking opportunity again.

Besides, Chen Chen was suave and his cultivation level was at the peak of the Void Refinement realm. Be it in terms of appearance or cultivation level, he could do well.

He couldn’t possibly starve to death for the sake of breaking free from the system.


Chen Chen humphed coldly and left the inn.

These days, it was impossible to pick up money on the ground, because cultivators were not mortals, and he couldn’t possibly lose these personal items.

“System, are there any lost Spirit Stones within a 5,000-meter radius?”

“Yes, there are Spirit Stones present under the big tree, 3.2 kilometers west of you, host.”

“There really are!”

Chen Chen was shocked, and he walked towards the west without moving.

The cultivators on the street came and went, and the look on the faces of the cultivators inside the city was much more mellow than those outside the city.

Soon, Chen Chen pulled out an Omni Divine Blade and used it as a shovel to dig the ground when he saw a crooked tree. Soon, he dug out a half-rotten box.

‘It seems to be thousands of years ago. If the Master hadn’t forgotten this box, he should have ridden his crane to the West.’

He opened it to see that there were 200 middle-grade Spirit Stones in there. He reckoned that it should be the private savings of a low-level cultivator who couldn’t afford a storage ring.

Chen Chen put away the 200 middle-grade Spirit Stones into his empty storage ring, and his mood immediately became better.

He finally earned his first pot of gold after arriving in this world! Although there were only 200 Spirit Stones, he felt very much at ease.

“Fellow Daoist, are you willing to come with me?”

“It’s too dangerous, Brother Wang. Take my advice, don’t get involved in this matter.”

A faint voice came to his ears. Chen Chen followed it and explored it with his divine senses.

Soon, he discovered that many cultivators in the city were gathering in the direction of the center of the city, and the matter they were discussing seemed to be related to some descendants of True Spirits.

Chen Chen immediately developed an interest in it. He had heard of True Spirits when he was in Sandstorm City. They were actually referring to a powerful demonic beast.

For example, Green Bean was a Black Tortoise so strictly speaking, it should be considered a True Spirit.

Rumor has it that there was a True Spirit in the Great Han Sea Desert, named Scorpion, which was terrifyingly strong. No cultivator who encounters it can survive.

Following the direction of the flow of people, Chen Chen soon arrived at a bulletin board in the center of the city.

After taking a look at the bulletin board, Chen Chen quickly figured out what had happened.

It turned out that a True Spirit descendant of the Void Refinement realm had appeared in a large swamp, and it had killed many cultivators in the past. Thus, the trade route was diverted and Wangjiang City suffered major losses.

Hence, the City Lord summoned the city’s experts to go with him to deal with the descendant of the True Spirit. The minimum threshold of the selected experts was the peak of the Essence Soul realm.

That point alone made the majority of the surrounding cultivators look over.

“If you succeed, you can make a request from the City Lord… What a casual condition.”

Chen Chen thought about it secretly, but at this moment, a male and a female cultivator walked over with furious expressions.

After walking towards the bulletin, the two of them said to the cultivator beside the City Lord in unison, “Take me to the City Lord’s residence!”

As soon as he said that, the two of them glowered at each other furiously for a while before turning their heads in unison.

Chen Chen, who was in the distance, also cocked his head away.

The two of them were no other than the owners of the two Immortal Cranes he had robbed…

He didn’t expect to run into them there.

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