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Chapter 352: If You Get Rich, Don’t Forget Me

“I remember that Wu De has 120,000 middle-grade Spirit Stones in his storage ring.”

Red-Eyed Golden Guardian added.

Hearing this, Huang Li paused in his actions and was so furious that she almost vomited blood on the spot.

Clearly, that store also had something to do with the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian so he knew how many Spirit Stones she had.

“Senior… you can have that storage ring.”

Huang Li tried to curb her indignation as she said that.

Chen Chen looked at the young girl in bewilderment and then placed his hand on the giant red palm.

Red-Eyed Golden Guardian’s expression changed and his face turned redder.

A moment later, Chen Chen’s palm began emitting a faint golden color. When the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian saw it, the redness of his face immediately faded and it was replaced with shock.

“This is…the Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique!”

Hearing the name of the Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique, Chen Chen was a little shocked because he didn’t expect the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian to have recognized his method.

It seemed that the Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique was much more well known here.

After the name was called, even Huang Li seemed shocked.

Since Huang Li, who was at the bottom of the ladder in the upper realm, was aware of that cultivation method, that basically meant that everyone knew.

Sensing that the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian behind him had completely let go, Chen Chen let go too.

He just lacked a guide so the cultivation level of the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian should be able to take on the task.

However, he was too rough-looking and didn’t seem to be too smart, so it seemed that he still had to get Wu De to come over and make up for each other.

“Fellow Daoist, I didn’t expect you to be able to cultivate the Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique, forgive me for failing to recognize your power.”

The Red-Eyed Golden Guardian began to tremble with some admiration in his eyes.

Chen Chen’s eyes flickered and he did not say anything.

Minutes passed.

He roughly knew about the Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique.

That technique was the most widely circulated technique in the upper realm and a manual could be bought easily on the streets but those who could cultivate it were one in a million.

Rumor has it that as long as one can practice the Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique, they would be able to join the Heavenly Fiend City and become an official disciple.

The Heavenly Fiend City…was the strongest diabolic force in the upper realm and even a handyman of the city was overpowering to the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian.

Rumor had it that a random official disciple of the Heavenly Fiend City was in charge of hundreds of cities and tens of thousands of demon cultivators. He called the shots in this realm and was omnipotent!

Compared to itinerant cultivators like them, they were just like hegmons.

They don’t even deserve to look up to them…

“Fellow Daoist, the Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique is the most powerful Body Refinement technique. How did a big shot like you end up in this place?”

The Red-Eyed Golden Guardian ooked at Chen Chen with a face full of envy, his voice vaguely trembling, perhaps because of fear or excitement. The way he behaved now was worlds apart from just now.

As for Huang Li, she almost fainted out of joy. Although she knew how impressive the Nine Revolutions Golden Body Techniques was, she didn’t know that she could join the Heavenly Fiend City just by practicing it.

If it were not for the fact that she cared about the young girl, she wished that she could hug Chen Chen’s thigh and ask him to be her friend!

‘Ah! Who would have thought that I would have the opportunity to become an official disciple of the Heavenly Fiend City after just picking up a random person?’

‘Maybe, this matter is going to be the most brag-worthy thing in my life.’

“How far is the Heavenly Fiend City from here?”

Chen Chen was calm but when he looked at Huang Li,who was acting like she had struck the lottery, he couldn’t help but be agitated.

In short, he was confused.

The Red-Eyed Golden Guardian thought about it carefully after hearing this. He said seriously, “It’s very, very far away but I don’t know how far it is… Essence Soul realm cultivators will take at most ten years to reach there by flight.”

Chen Chen almost fell to the ground.

‘Ten years at most… I have only been cultivating for a few years.’

‘Also, how big is this upper realm?’

If Essence Soul realm cultivators had to fly for ten years to reach the Heavenly Fiend City, assuming it was at the edge of the realm, the upper realm was hundreds of thousands of times larger than the mortal world!

Huang Li gritted her teeth at the side and stuffed her storage ring into Chen Chen’s hand.

“Chen Chen… these are all the assets I have left. I’ll lend them to you but remember, don’t forget me when you become rich!”

The Red-Eyed Golden Guardian, who was at the side, was a little tempted when he saw that but the thought of the fact that he had offended the cultivator in front of him, made him anxious.

Chen Chen did not take the storage ring and instead murmured, “Is the Heavenly Fiend City really that powerful?”

“It was my father who told me that the Heavenly Fiend City is very powerful, and my father knew about it because my grandfather told him…”

The Red-Eyed Golden Guardian spoke despondently, looking at the sky as the moving clouds were reflected in his eyes. It was as if he was recalling a terrifying legend.

“Well, I’ve decided to go to the Heavenly Fiend City!”

Chen Chen said on the spot.

He had to seize the time to raise his cultivation level and try to gain the strength to go down to the lower realm anytime soon.

The best way to improve his cultivation level was naturally to join a major force.

He initially wanted to find some seniors who had ascended but now it seemed that the ascended seniors were nothing compared to the Heavenly Fiend City…

As for the opportunity to track within this realm, he couldn’t bear to use it.

Reason being, this upper realm was completely different from the mortal world and if he used it well, he may be able to directly change his fate.

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, Huang Li shoved the storage ring into Chen Chen’s hand and said seriously, “Chen Chen, I’ve decided that you’re my friend from now on. Don’t forget me when you become rich!”

The Red-Eyed Golden Guardian was extremely exaggerated as he got on one knee and exclaimed, “Fellow Daoist, I want to become your follower and follow you to the Heavenly Fiend City! From now on, if you have any orders, I won’t dare to disobey them, so please grant me this opportunity!”

After saying that, the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian lowered his head with some anxiousness in his eyes.

To him, this was an opportunity to change his fate.

If this cultivator really joined the Heavenly Fiend City in the future, his status as a follower would instantly be raised by a thousand times.

If not, he could leverage on the terrifying cultivation environment of Heavenly Fiend City and he might be able to step into the Void Refinement realm.

Hearing his words, Chen Chen slipped into contemplation and began using the system to detect the character of the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian.

Another half a day passed.

The Red-Eyed Golden Guardian sold all his assets in Sandstorm City and silently followed Chen Chen while carrying Wu De in his hands.

Huang Li dragged the Sand Eagle, Ash, with her face all flushed with embarrassment.

Of course she wanted to follow Chen Chen to see the outside world, but she knew that as a Core Formation realm cultivator, she would only be a burden to him along the way.

If she were to burden Chen Chen and drag him down, his impression of her would be ruined…

“Chen Chen, how about I stay here in Sandstorm City? When you succeed and become rich in the future, remember to come to see me. Just give me millions of middle-grade Spirit Stones and I’ll be satisfied.”

Huang Li said feebly.

Chen Chen looked at Huang Li and laughed, “You and I share an affinity and fate has brought us together. Follow me if you want, but the journey may be a little dangerous.”

Hearing the word “affinity”, Huang Li’s cheeks became even redder.

‘Could it be that Chen Chen has taken a fancy to me?’

‘Well that’s quite normal since I’m so beautiful.’

At this thought, Huang Li turned around and couldn’t help but secretly giggle.


The Sand Eagle, Ash, was also happy to see this and chirped at the sky.

Staring at Huang Li’s back, Chen Chen was speechless.

‘What is this young girl thinking? It’s no wonder she’s from a foolish family…’

“Huang Li, I think you’re great, why don’t you be my…”

Hearing the voice behind her, Huang Li’s heart raced rapidly and she began to feel conflicted.

‘Could it be… Could it be… he actually!’

‘Should I agree or not!?!’

“Why don’t you be my disciple? Although you’re not very talented, your character is acceptable.”

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