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Chapter 351: Red-Eyed Golden Guardian

“Playing with…”

At this point, Wu De suddenly realized that something seemed to be wrong about it. Just now, he had just said that he looked up to this kid who had appeared out of nowhere but now, he had somehow valued him the same way.

He looked down, only to discover that his feet had actually been removed from the ground.

The person in front of him had actually grabbed the back of his neck and lifted him up!

“Don’t go overboard with the bullying!”

Wu De was infuriated and he subconsciously wanted to struggle but at this moment, he realized that he couldn’t put his Nascent Soul realm cultivation level to use against Chen Chen. It was as if he had become a mortal.

As a veteran of Sandstorm City, he obviously knew that he had met a tough opponent who might be an expert of the Essence Soul realm. In such a situation, it would be pointless for him to continue struggling.

After figuring it out, his expression immediately became naive.

“Senior… let’s talk things over calmly, there’s no need for this.”

Chen Chen smiled and looked at Wu De who was in his hands. ‘This guy is really cut out for being a businessman, he changes his attitude so quickly.’

Seeing the bizarre smile on Chen Chen’s face, Wu De panicked and said softly, “Lord, I was too ignorant to have recognized how powerful you are. I’ll thank you greatly if you let me off!”

As soon as he said that, Chen Chen let go of the back of his neck and he fell to the ground immediately.

“How are you going to thank me?” Chen Chen asked with a smile.

Wu De’s face stiffened. He was just making a casual comment and he didn’t expect Chen Chen to take it so seriously.

After a moment of hesitation, he took out a storage ring from his pocket and he felt the pinch of it. However, before he could take it out to pick,the entire storage ring flew into Chen Chen’s hand.

Chen Chen checked the storage ring, only to see that there were lots of messy things that he had never seen before. It was completely useless for a Void Refinement realm cultivator like him.

He couldn’t be bothered to look any further and just put the storage ring away after emptying its contents.

Chen Chen was immediately a lot more comfortable now that he had the storage ring with him.

Although the storage ring was now empty, it will go on to reach the peak of its life in the future!

“Senior… You…” Wu De said, looking rather heartbroken.

Storage rings were not things that ordinary Nascent Soul realm cultivators can have. He was just a shopkeeper and had merely spent a ton of money to get the storage ring for convenience’s sake.

As for Huang Li, she had only inherited a storage ring because of her family.

Ordinary cultivators would use storage rings with extremely small spaces!

“What? Do you have an opinion?” Chen Chen asked with a smile, gazing at the back of Wu De’s neck.

“No, no, it’s just a storage ring, Senior, please just take it.”

Wu De cringed and was so frightened that he frantically waved his hands.

Hearing this, Chen Chen smiled with satisfaction and turned around to leave the room.

However, before he could go out, Wu De caught up with him and said seriously, “Senior, if you can convince that girl to sell the things to me, I… Uh,I’ll thank you with a handsome gift in return!”

After saying that, he remembered the loss he had just suffered and hurriedly added, “I am willing to share half of the profit with you! They’re worth at least 30,000 Spirit Stones!”

Chen Chen glanced at him and left without saying anything.

Walking out of the store, Huang Li stared at Ash the Sand Eagle, her eyes filled with worry.

Seeing Chen Chen walk out, she asked softly, “Chen Chen, am I not suitable for doing business?”

“Yes.” Chen Chen replied with a calm expression.

Hearing this, Huang Li froze slightly.She initially thought that she would be comforted but she didn’t expect Chen Chen to be so straightforward.

‘That’s too heartbreaking.’

Chen Chen ignored her look of shock and asked, “You’re such a dimwit… I mean, you’re innocent and kind. Haven’t your family left any backup plans for you?”

Hearing the word ‘family’, Huang Li got even more sad and she answered, “My family had lots of assets in the beginning but after the loss of those goods,we had to compensate others for their losses… I was actually engaged to the son of another rich family but the engagement was withdrawn because of this matter.”

Chen Chen was speechless. ‘Huang Li’s life is quite tragic.’

After a moment of silence, he tentatively asked, “Have you not thought of leaving Sandstorm City and going to a more prosperous place to develop?”

Hearing those words, Huang Li looked at Chen Chen like he was a fool. She said, “Chen Chen, I really don’t know how you lived till this day. The world out there is too dangerous. Unless you travel in the direction of the Han Desert, even a Nascent Soul realm cultivator like you will get robbed before you even cover a distance of 50 kilometers, let alone a vulnerable girl like me. Ah! The thought of it is so scary!”

Huang Li shuddered after saying that.

Only then did Chen Chen realize that this young girl was quite narcissistic.

However, he also further understood this world from her description.

Although there was no racial prejudice in this upper realm, it was the epitome of the law of the survival of the fittest.

However, Chen Chen preferred this simple and crude world where people would fight whenever they were displeased. There were no moral constraints, which was rather good.

“However, I don’t know where Grandmaster will ascend to… and that damned Bai Dongsheng.”

Chen Chen secretly decided.

In his opinion, there should be an organization of members of the mortal world. After all,many people had ascended in the last 10,000 years.

However, he was completely clueless about it and now, he didn’t know where to go.

However, he wasn’t eager at all. After all, he had a designated tracking opportunity and if he were to really not know where to go,he could at most use this opportunity and track his grandmaster.

There was also the matter regarding the Heavenly Fiend City.

The Heavenly Fiend City that he ascended to when he first got the Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique, had been deeply etched in his mind.

Half a day later.

Chen Chen took Huang Li around several cultivation resource stores in the city, and finally sold the contents of the storage ring for 120,000 middle-grade Spirit Stones.

During this period, Chen Chen intentionally or unintentionally asked Huang Li a lot of things but she was only at the Core Formation realm so she didn’t know much about things. In fact, she had never even heard of anyone who had ascended.

“Chen Chen, have you made up your mind to join the Sand Eagle clan? If you join, I can now give you 10,000 Middle-grade Spirit Stones… Just take it as three months… No, half a year’s worth of remuneration. What do you think?”

Holding the Spirit Stones in hand, Huang Li waved the storage ring with a smug gaze in her eyes.

However, in the next second, the smugness in her eyes turned into horror.

A large and tall figure appeared behind Chen Chen. His skin was red and he was mighty.

With a calm expression on his face,Chen Chen looked at the red palm on his shoulder and asked calmly, “What do you mean?”

“I have some shares in Wu De’s store. Take his storage ring out too, we’ll make do with it.”

A majestic voice sounded from behind.

Hearing these words, Chen Chen did not react but Huang Li was frightened.

The tall and mighty cultivator was a famous powerhouse in Sandstorm City! His cultivation level was in the middle of the Essence Soul realm and his nickname was Red-Eyed Golden Guardian!

“Senior Chi… What’s the matter? Chen Chen is just a foreign cultivator, how can he take Uncle De’s storage ring? You must have gotten the wrong idea, please find out clearly. ”

He ignored Huang Li’s words. A Core Formation realm cultivator had no right to tell him what to do.

Seeing this, Huang Li panicked and quickly reminded, “Senior, there are rules in the city. You can’t fight or hurt others. I… I have storage rings here!”

After saying that, she took out her storage ring and handed it to Red-Eyed Golden Guardian.

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