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Chapter 309: Physically In The Demon Courts But Mentally In The Human Race

When Chen Chen was in the Demon Courts, he experienced the feeling of being an undercover spy.

He would stay silent and focus on cultivating all day long.

However, Yao Qing was quite nice. Not only did she not repay his kindness with evil, she even returned him his storage ring and the Little Carefree Immortal Palace so that he could inform the humans that he was safe with the communication token.

Besides, he had a few little demons around to keep him company, so he wasn’t lonely.

Chen Chen looked at Shengfan who was spacing out at a short distance away. He then took the initiative to ask, “Junior Brother, how did you get tricked by that demoness? How come you couldn’t bring her back to the human territory?”

Hearing his words, Shengfan blushed and said softly, “She said that you’ll definitely die if we leave and that it’s better to let her go find some reinforcements to help you.”

“And you believed her? She’ll get aid to rescue me? My foot. You guys are too kind.”

Chen Chen was feeling extremely helpless.

As soon as he said that, Xiao Hua who was at the side, retorted. “Master, that’s not true. Sister Yao Qing is quite nice, she gave us lots of things too.”

While speaking, Xiao Hua released some fluctuations from her body, which had already reached the early-stage of the Nascent Soul realm, making Chen Chen’s jaw drop in shock.

On the other hand, Shengfan also released some fluctuations that were almost at the Essence Soul realm.

This speed of improvement was close to his!

“Senior Brother, most of us Botanic Demons don’t compete with others. Sister Yao Qing may be special, but she’s not a bad demon.”

Hearing the words of the two little demons, Chen Chen sighed.

‘Indeed, they’re of the same race.’ Chen Chen suspected that Xiao Huang, Xiao Hua, and Shengfan would rebel against him if they continued staying in the Demon Courts.

However, he had to admit that except for Yao Qing, all the Botanic Demons that he had met so far were simple and kind.

After staying quietly in the Demon Courts for half a month, Chen Chen got to understand the world outside better with the communication token.

During those two weeks, calmness was gradually restored in the human race, and they began to recover their lost land. On the other hand, the demons kept swarming over.

However, Chen Chen knew that it was unlikely that the demons would have internal strife.

Although the demoness Yao Qing was grudgeful and vindictive, she could often get a clear idea of the bigger picture.

Hence, she would rather bear with the displeasure than get into a direct conflict with the four major demon races.

Thinking about the way Yao Qing swallowed her anger and curbed her urges, Chen Chen was secretly thrilled, and his mood naturally got better too.

Half a day later, Chen Chen returned to the State of Jin.

Yao Qing came to the sky above the courtyard quietly.

In the boundary below, Chen Chen was teaching the few little demons to read and write.

They were listening very carefully, but apart from Shengfan, Xiao Hua and Xiao Huang were having difficulty grasping their brushes as they would drop them from time to time.

Chen Chen continues teaching them attentively with patience.

Seeing this harmonious scene, Yao Qing was stunned.

‘If everyone in this world is the same as Chen Chen, why would I have to bother doing so much?’

Recalling some of the situations that she had detected when she first recovered, she felt rather sour because she knew that there were very few of her kind in this world.

Even though she had run into some occasionally, most of them were hidden in the forests under the disguise of treasures. No one dared to openly move around in this world.

As for the eight major demon clans, they were actually the same as humans in her eyes.

After looking at them quietly for a long time, Yao Qing stabilized her emotions and returned to the courtyard.

By the time she appeared in front of Chen Chen, she was cold and aloof again as usual.

“Chen Chen, the four major demon races are now forcing me to stop poaching their subordinate clans. What do you think we should do?”

“You can take orders from them,” Chen Chen said casually as he put down the brush and paper.

Yao Qing’s face was covered in anger after hearing Chen Chen’s words and at the same time, the good impression she had of him also vanished. She then waved her hand, and seven human cultivators suddenly appeared in the courtyard.

Chen Chen’s expression changed rapidly when he saw the seven or eight humans.

‘There she goes!’

‘This demoness is going to threaten me again! It’s the same trick again! Nothing is going to change just because I had saved her before!’

“Chen Chen, as long as you answer seriously, I will let them go, they are all captives from the front line of the battlefield. I didn’t capture them on purpose.”

Yao Qing pointed at the seven human cultivators as she spoke in an indifferent tone,

Chen Chen felt a huge headache.

‘This demoness is the leader of the Demon Courts after all, doesn’t she have a team of elites to help her?’

‘Even if she doesn’t, there must be a few loyal subordinates, right? She shouldn’t be asking me.’

However, on second thought, he realized that he really hadn’t seen any loyal subordinates of the demoness, and even when snatching for Lao Hei, she had to fight on her own.

After sighing, Chen Chen said helplessly, “Let them go back.”

Chen Chen immediately threw those humans out of the courtyard without carrying them. Right from the start, she had been keeping her eyes fixed on Chen Chen.

After pondering for a while, Chen Chen said carefully, “It’s very simple actually. The four great demon races are not unified either. You just need to get close to one of them, sow discord and divide them. You can kill the last one.”

“Continue in detail.”

Yao Qing’s expression was still as cold as ever.

Chen Chen said, “Give some benefits to one of the demon clans and then treat another two as per normal. As for the last clan, just do your best to suppress them. Over time, the members of the other internal sectors will suspect each other, and conflict will arise.”

Yao Qing nodded and said, “I understand that we can tempt them with benefits, but how do I suppress them? Once I blatantly targeted one of the clans, the other clans will definitely put aside some of their immediate interests and stand on the same side as that one. After all, everyone understands that in a relationship of mutual interest, the wellbeing of one party will directly affect that of the others. Those four demon clans are not fools, it is impossible that they would forsake their future for some benefits.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen’s smile gradually became strange, and he immediately lowered his head while saying coyly with his face flushed, “Well, there’s still the human race.”

“Sect Master, as long as you reveal some key information, our people are willing to suppress those ignorant ones for you. If you cooperate with us even more, it won’t be impossible to destroy one or two Void Refinement realm cultivators.”

After saying this, Chen Chen began to wait for Yao Qing to lose her temper and fly into a rage.

However, to his surprise, Yao Qing didn’t get angry and instead, pondered with a frown, seemingly really considering his suggestion.

“Damn it! Surely this demoness isn’t really thinking of colluding with foreign enemies and victimizing the strongest members of the demon race, right?”

Chen Chen was astonished.

‘If that’s the case…that would be awesome!’

He didn’t expect to still be able to contribute to the human race while being trapped in the enemy’s base camp. For a moment, he was really touched by himself.

After a moment of silence, Yao Qing continued. “Who do you think we should support? Who do you think we should repress?”

Chen Chen blurted. “We will support the Mountain Divine Ape Clan and suppress the most powerful Divine Dragon Clan.”

“Think about it, only the change of status will cause conflicts to arise. When a group of friends watches the weak become stronger and stronger while the strong become weaker and weaker, the Divine Dragon Clan definitely won’t be able to tolerate the feeling of a drastic change. When the time comes, they will inevitably do something foolish and may defect to you.”

As soon as he said that, there was complete silence in the courtyard.

Only after a full two minutes did Yao Qing glance at Chen Chen and turn around to leave.

Looking at that seemingly haughty back, Chen Chen said loudly, “Sect Master, please let me out!”

Yao Qing seemed to have not heard him at all as she vanished out of sight without even turning her head back.

By the time she completely disappeared, Chen Chen suddenly grinned.

‘This demoness is still too young after all. If she really goes to rope in the Mountain Divine Ape Clan, she would definitely have to leave the Demon Courts.’

‘After all, the only substantial thing she can offer is the Ancestral-Returning Blood, which she must personally hand over to the Mountain Divine Ape Clan.’

‘Once she leaves, Green Bean will unlock the seal here, and when the time comes, who else in this Demon Courts can stop me from leaving?’

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