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Chapter 308: It’s Me, I Can’t Tolerate It

“The emissary of the Demon Courts really didn’t die. In that case, the Demon God’s descendant must still be alive too…”

The Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable was secretly shocked. At this rate, there might really be internal strife in the demon race.

However, the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan would definitely remain neutral regardless of whether there was internal strife or not.

At the thought of this, he got ready to bow. In any case, he still ought to remain courteous on the surface.

“Emissary of the Demon Courts, greetings…”

Just as he was about to salute Yao Qing, Yao Qing suddenly interrupted him and pointed at Chen Chen.

“I’m taking this person away with me.”

The Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable suddenly paused after hearing his words. He had already agreed to hand Chen Chen over to the four great demon races and had even received some benefits. How could he hand him over to the emissary of the Demon Courts?

Gradually, he seemed to be put in a difficult spot.

Seeing this, Yao Qing chuckled and asked, “Why? Does the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan disregard the Demon Courts too?”

“No… no.”

The Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable felt extremely awkward. He wasn’t the spokesperson of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan, so he didn’t dare to represent them.

“In that case, I’ll take this person away,” Yao Qing said while waving her right hand.

Chen Chen then flew behind her uncontrollably. The Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable wanted to stop her, but he didn’t dare to.

In the end, he could only watch Chen Chen break free from his control.

Seeing this, the corners of Yao Qing’s mouth curled up slightly, and she turned around to look at Hu Xian’er, who was secretly watching from afar. She then flicked out a glistening drop of golden blood.

“Hu Xian’er, this is a reward for you from the Demon Courts. I hope you can lead the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan back on the right track.”

As soon as he said that, the golden blood had already fused into Hu Xian’er’s body. Before Hu Xian’er could react, there was a drastic change in her aura.

When the Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable saw that from the side, he couldn’t help but feel sour.

That was the Ancestral-Returning Blood that all the demons looked forward to… He didn’t expect the acting clan leader to have obtained it so easily.

Sensing the subtle changes in her body, Hu Xian’er quickly thanked with excitement, “Thank you for the reward, Demon Courts. As long as I’m still the Acting Clan Leader of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan, the Demon Courts will have the unwavering support of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan!”

Yao Qing nodded slightly and looked at the Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable as she extended her hand towards him.

Seeing this, the Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable was somewhat stunned, but he soon snapped back to his senses and lifted the Mind-Shattering Seal on Chen Chen while his cheeks twitched.

However, Yao Qing’s hand was still outstretched and didn’t show any intentions to retract it.

The Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable was furious, but when he thought about how powerful she was, he had no choice but to take out Chen Chen’s storage ring as well and toss it at them.

Yao Qing retracted her hand and turned around to leave the Heavenly Fox Mountain Range only after getting the storage ring.

Although he was now out of danger, Chen Chen wasn’t very surprised.

He had asked Shengfan to take Yao Qing to the human frontier, but it seems that he had failed.

In fact, it was understandable.

The few little demons following him were kind-hearted by nature. How could they possibly be able to defeat a demoness like her?

Even though her cultivation level was only at the Core Formation realm, she would probably be able to have them wrapped around her finger.

At the thought of this, Chen Chen could not help but shake his head bitterly.

Of course, if Yao Qing could be brought to the human territory and put under the control of humans, it would definitely be in the best interest of the human race.

Although the situation wasn’t terrible now, it wasn’t good either.

Seemingly sensing Chen Chen’s state of mind, Yao Qing sneered. “What? Are you disappointed to see that I’m still alive?”

Chen Chen said sincerely with a solemn expression, Of course not, I just felt despondent and disappointed when I thought of the fact that an elite like me actually got captured alive. I’m afraid this will leave a stain on my perfect life.”

Yao Qing didn’t say anything. After a couple of minutes, she asked again, “Did you not think of dying when you fought off Wu Ling alone the other day? What did you do that for?”

‘Of course, it was for the human race! For the sake of those who are close to me!’

Chen Chen blurted out in his heart, but he answered with something else.

“Sect Master, you have no idea, I always draw a clear line between grudges and favors. When you chose to spare my life back in the Demon Suppressing Town, of course, I have to repay this kindness. Otherwise, I’d feel indebted to you.”

Yao Qing stopped when she heard her words. After giggling for a while, she turned around and rolled her eyes at Chen Chen.

The way she glanced at Chen Chen was really terrifying, so much so that he couldn’t help but shudder.

After muttering “I love Xishuang” a few times, he finally returned to normal.

“This demoness actually tried to trick me with her charming spell! How shameless!”

Chen Chen cursed. Fortunately, his willpower was strong enough. If he were a Casanova or a jerk, he would probably waver.

Yao Qing turned around and continued flying. Only after a moment, she said slowly, “I can’t trust your words at all.”

Chen Chen said with a smile and then quickly changed the subject.

“Sect Master, what happened the past few days? Even an expert like you has ended up in such a state?”

“I was assassinated by the four great demon clans who colluded with Wu Ling,” Yao Qing answered calmly as if she was just talking about a trivial matter.

However, Chen Chen was enraged!

“So, that’s what happened! Sect Master, I’m not trying to create trouble but Wu Ling deserves to die for repaying kindness with evil. However, those four major demon races are not kind souls! Since they dared to do such a vicious thing to you this time, they might do it again! This time, they contacted the Heavenly Diabolism, and perhaps next time, they will collide with the human race.”

“What do you think I should do then?”

“If I were in your place, I definitely won’t tolerate it, but I must find a way to destroy these four demon clans or even one of them. I have to use them as an example and a warning to them that the Demon Courts are not to be insulted! You, Sect Master, cannot be blasphemed!”

Chen Chen said righteously while subconsciously emitting an awe-inspiring aura.

“Get lost!”

The more Yao Qing listened, the angrier she got, and she even snapped at him.

Chen Chen immediately cupped his hands.


After saying that, he wanted to fly in the opposite direction, but after flying for only a few kilometers, he was pulled back by a powerful force.

Two hours passed.

Yao Qing brought Chen Chen to a big mountain that was green and full of vitality everywhere.

As soon as he entered the vicinity of the mountain, Chen Chen began to scan it with his divine senses and in no time, he found more than thirty Essence Soul realm Demon Emperors in the mountain.

The Essence Soul realm Demon Emperors were basically all from the demon clans apart from the eight major demon clans, but their auras weren’t weak.

Lao Hei was sleeping in the middle of a certain cave, looking rather at ease.

“This is the Demon Courts.”

Yao Qing introduced softly.

Chen Chen didn’t say anything. Although the Demon Courts weren’t weak, they were still far inferior to the eight major demon clans. Most importantly, they lack high-quality power.

No matter how impressive Yao Qing maybe, she could not be compared to the clan leaders of the eight major demon clans.

Besides, each of the eight demon clans had more than one Void Refinement realm powerhouse.

On the contrary, Yao Qing was the only Void Refinement realm cultivator in the Demon Courts.

However, the Demon Courts also had their own advantage, and that was their control over unified forces. Hence, they managed to gather so many Essence Soul realm Demon Emperors within a short period of time.

Yao Qing led Chen Chen towards a certain building complex in the mountain while asking, “Chen Chen, do you think the Demon Courts are strong enough to destroy any of the eight great demon clans?”

“There is still hope if we join efforts,” Chen Chen said calmly while hoping that they would start fighting.

“Impossible. Even the three clans that support the Demon Courts will not allow the Demon Courts to exterminate other clans. Besides, the superior bloodline of the eight demon clans has existed since ancient times, and they’re irreplaceable. If one clan is destroyed, the overall strength of the demon race will decline permanently.”

“Anyway, I won’t be able to tolerate it if I’m in her place.”

Chen Chen was still muttering.


“I definitely can’t.”

“I must not tolerate it.”

Hearing Chen Chen’s incessant babbling, Yao Qing’s face became gloomy.

She had completely understood that Chen Chen was hoping for there to be internal strife in the demon race.

Without hesitation, she tossed Chen Chen into the buildings below and said coldly, “Chen Chen, you are so cunning but outstanding. There’s no way I’ll spare the human race! From now on, you shall stay in the Demon Court and be my military advisor!”

After landing on the ground, Chen Chen looked at the dense array formations around him, feeling a strong urge to cry.

‘I knew it, this woman wouldn’t be foolish enough to send me back!’

‘At the end of the day, it’s all because I’m too outstanding…’

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