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Chapter 307: Loss Of Freedom

The Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable’s face turned sullen and he hollered. “Nonsense! He’s a human, and you’re a demon. Why do you have to protect him?”

Hu Xian’er thought about it and said seriously, “I just think this person is still somewhat useful, it would be a pity to kill him like this. Uncle, think about it, he is the best elite of the human race, and the old men of the human race think so highly of him. Keeping him alive must be more useful than getting him killed, right?”

The Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable’s expression became less austere.

He was afraid that Hu Xian’er would get up to some nonsense like a human-demon romance and give birth to a half-demon to tarnish the reputation of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan.

After thinking about it carefully, he felt that it would indeed be better to keep Chen Chen alive for now.

There were too many things they could do and issues they could create out of the fact that he was the best elite of the human race. It would indeed be a waste to kill him so soon.

If they used him as bait, they might be able to get a big fish.

At the thought of this, he looked at Wu Ling and said coldly, “I’m taking him away.”

Wu Ling’s expression changed, and he subconsciously wanted to refute, but when he saw the cold gaze in his eyes, he didn’t utter a single word.

As a Void Refinement realm powerhouse, he wasn’t afraid of the Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable.

However, as a half-demon, he had no choice but to bear with it, because he couldn’t afford to offend the eight major demon clans.

“We, the half-demons will definitely get the respect we deserve one day!”

After secretly swearing, Wu Ling stomped his feet and turned around to leave.

As soon as Wu Ling left, the Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable looked at Hu Xian’er and hollered furiously. “We can keep him alive for now, but he can’t escape the punishment!”

After saying that, he reached a hand out and shook Hu Xian’er away while striking a special seal into Chen Chen’s sea of consciousness.

Hu Xian’er watched everything happen powerlessly without the means to stop him and could only be exasperated.

Although she was now the acting clan leader, the Void Refinement realm experts in the clan didn’t take her seriously at all.

The Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable waited for Wu Ling to leave before placing this seal because he wanted to save the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan from embarrassment.

The Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable didn’t notice Hu Xian’er’s emotions, nor did he bother to pay attention to them. At this moment, his eyes were on Chen Chen.

“Chen Chen, what I just placed in you is a Mind-Shattering Seal. I hope you can behave yourself. Otherwise, I can shatter your sea of consciousness and make you die any moment.”

Chen Chen looked rather feeble, but he didn’t say anything.

It was good enough that he could survive today. As long as he lived, he still had a chance.

The Mind-Shattering Seal might not be able to break through the protection of the Divine Condensation Pearl.

Still, he silently bore a grudge for it.

“Okay, go back.”

The Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable sneered and flew towards the Heavenly Fox Mountain Range.

Flying up into the sky, Chen Chen gave Hu Xian’er a grateful glance.

Although he had informed Hu Xian’er early on, he actually did not carry much hope.

Given the situation he had just been in, only a Void Refinement realm expert would be able to rescue him. If he had not been accompanied by an expert of the Void Refinement realm, he couldn’t have gotten here from the Heavenly Fox Mountain Range in a short period of time.

To his surprise, Hu Xian’er really convinced a Void Refinement realm Demon to rush over. However, he did not know how great of a price she had paid for it.

Sensing Chen Chen’s gaze, Hu Xian’er smiled sweetly and did not speak.

Half a day later.

Chen Chen was locked into a small courtyard in the Heavenly Fox Mountain Range.

It was the same courtyard where Hu Xian’er had been imprisoned. As long as the protection was fully activated, even the peak Essence Soul realm powerhouse won’t be able to shake it.

Chen Chen sat cross-legged in the courtyard to rest and recuperate.

Green Bean wasn’t by his side now, and he couldn’t break the protection. Besides, he didn’t have a single storage ring with him either.

However, he wasn’t flustered, perhaps because he had seen too many major scenes.

Not only did he not panic, he even wanted to cultivate properly.

The explosive surge in strength that he gained from consuming the Immortal Abode Essence Reversal Elixir had allowed his strength to increase rapidly.

Before he knew it, three days had passed.

Three days later, there was chaos outside.

Many of the human Void Refinement realm experts seemed rather worried because Chen Chen had been captured.

The demons were in a state of panic because of the news that the Demon God’s descendant wasn’t dead, especially the four great demon clans that were prepared for internal strife.

On this day, Chen Chen finally got over the side effects of the Immortal Abode Essence Reversal Elixir, and his cultivation level also advanced further to the middle-stage of the Essence Soul realm.

However, the moment he broke through, the protective formation of the small courtyard was opened, and the Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable walked in while applauding.

“He’s really worthy of being the top elite of the human race. You’re trapped here, and yet, you’re still able to break through. I’d feel really uneasy if you don’t die.”

Hearing these words, Chen Chen opened his eyes and looked at the Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable with a faint smile. “If you kill me, you might have to die too, do you believe it or not?”

The smile on the Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable froze when he heard his words, and his expression became really gloomy too.

Two days ago, he had spread the news of Chen Chen getting captured in a bid to see the humans’ reaction.

As a result, in the past two days, he received the most threatening message.

Each one of them declared that if he dared to touch Chen Chen, he would definitely face revenge.

To be honest, he really had some scruples.

The one who threatened him the most was the clan master of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, one of the four greatest clans.

As the richest cultivator of the two tribes, he could easily deal with a Void Refinement realm Demon Venerable, as long as he was willing to pay the price.

Of course, a Void Refinement realm powerhouse is not an easy target to be threatened.

After thinking about it for half a day, he decided to let Chen Chen, who was like a hot potato, be dealt with by the other few clans.

That way, neither he nor the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan would get hated on.

“You really think highly of yourself, but let me tell you, no matter how many human experts value you highly, you must die! There is no one in the human race that the demons don’t dare to kill!”

The Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable’s gaze flickered, and Chen Chen immediately sensed a sharp pain in his sea of consciousness.

The pain disappeared again when the Divine Condensation Pearl began to protect him.

Chen Chen gritted his teeth because he knew that the Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable was deliberately trying to make him feel uncomfortable.

Thinking of this, he said contemptuously, “Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable, the human cultivators are not fools. No matter what, they will not let you go, the culprit who started it all. You’d better hope that the demons don’t face any internal strifes. Otherwise, it really won’t be hard for the human race to exterminate you.”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, the Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable felt disgusted too.

Chen Chen’s status in the human race today was a lot higher than that of Ding Yi, who had an innate spirit body, in the past.

After Ding Yi’s death, no human Void Refinement realm powerhouses avenged him.

However, many Void Refinement realm cultivators had now started defending Chen Chen even though he wasn’t dead yet. If they were to pester him, the consequences would be imaginable.

“Had I known earlier, I should have just killed this kid!”

The Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable was full of resentment but of course, what he regretted, even more, was spreading the news that Chen Chen was in his hands.

His plan was going well at first, and he could have secretly struck a huge fortune, but now, everything was ruined.

At the end of the day, it was all because of the internal disunity of the demon race. He was certain that the Void Refinement realm cultivators of the other demon clans wouldn’t be willing to help him share the pressure during the critical juncture.

“Cut the crap, I’ll send you to the Divine Dragon Clan. They’re not as nice as I am!”

The Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable bellowed and swept Chen Chen up as he prepared to leave.

Now that the Demon God had gathered the experts of all four major clans, he thought that it would be better to leave this hot potato to them.

However, before he could fly up into the sky, a figure wearing a black veil stopped a short distance in front of him.

When the Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable saw the figure, his expression changed, and he subconsciously retreated while muttering, “Emissary of the Demon Courts!”

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