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Chapter 306: This Man Must Die

The Immortal Abode Essence Reversal Elixir melted in his mouth, after which, an indescribably massive force exploded in Chen Chen’s body before sweeping through his limbs like a horrifying shock wave.

Even though he wasn’t using any spiritual power, his entire body began floating upwards from the large pit uncontrollably.

Sensing the huge power behind him, Yao Qing subconsciously turned around. When he saw the state where Chen Chen was in, a momentary trace of shock appeared in his eyes, after which, his shock turned into anger.

‘Chen Chen is indeed a scoundrel!’

‘Just a moment ago, he looked like he was going to die, but a moment later, an enormous power emerged from his body!’

‘This person never wanted to resign himself to death from the very beginning!’

“Shengfan, take them away!”

However, Chen Chen didn’t look at her, and instead, he looked at Shengfan who was at the side.

Compared to Xiao Hua and Xiao Huang, Shengfan was obviously more sensible. After hearing Chen Chen’s words, he hurriedly grabbed Xiao Hua and Xiao Huang, along with Yao Qing, and dragged them into the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

Wu Ling, who was in the sky, stared sullenly at Chen Chen, whose aura had changed greatly. He gritted his teeth and said, “I didn’t expect those old guys to think so highly of you! They actually gave you the Immortal Abode Essence Reversal Elixir!”

He was once the Grand Elder of the Void Spirit Clan, so he naturally knew about the Immortal Abode Essence Reversal Elixir, which was a superb combat elixir.

However, those old humans had never fully trusted him from the beginning, and thus, he was the only one among the Void Refinement realm powerhouses of the four dynasties and four major clans, except for the new advanced ones, who didn’t have an Immortal Abode Essence Reversal Elixir with him.

He was obviously exasperated to see Chen Chen swallowing the elixir.

“You’re only at the Essence Soul realm, so what if you have the Immortal Abode Essence Reversal Elixir!?!”

After hollering furiously, Wu Ling reached his hand out to slam it forcefully forward. In the next second, a large spiritual energy palm seal began to press downwards onto Chen Chen.

Before the palm reached Chen Chen, the ground beneath his feet began to continuously sink and crumble.

The young and tender Shengfan was immediately shaken by the powerful pressure, and he fell straight onto the ground on his knees, unable to move at all.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen flew up into the sky abruptly and resisted the large, shocking palm.

“Senior Brother!”

Shengfan raised his head to face the sky while watching the collision of the massive forces with horror in his eyes.

“Take that demoness back to the human territory!”

Chen Chen roared furiously and a terrifying pressure emerged from his right palm, penetrating through the large palm of spiritual energy immediately.

With hot tears in his eyes, Sheng Fan nodded and soon escaped into the earth, as he vanished without a trace.

Wu Ling’s pupils constricted slightly and hollered furiously. “Chen Chen! He’s just a demon! Are you going to die for him?”

Chen Chen didn’t say anything, but the Omni Divine Blade emerged from his body before instantly turning into a thousand-meter-long sword that clashed towards Wu Ling.

Of course, he understood what Wu Ling meant.

Although the Immortal Abode Essence Reversal Elixir was impressive, it wasn’t to the extent that it would allow an Essence Soul realm cultivator to kill a Void Refinement realm cultivator.

If he insisted on holding Wu Ling back, he would die once the effects of the elixir wore off.

However, he didn’t have a choice.

He had already seen how powerful the demons who had had their ancestral bloodline restored were. If there were a few more Void Refinement realm cultivators who had their ancestral bloodline restored, the humans might not be able to resist it.

Even for the sake of Xia Xishuang and those whom he was close to, he could not let the Heavenly Diabolism master be captured by Wu Ling or the demon race.


With a muffled thud, the thousand-meter long Omni Divine Blade collided with Wu Ling’s wings, setting off a terrifying storm that stirred the heavens and the earth.

Before the storm could calm down, Chen Chen controlled the Omni Divine Blade and forced Wu Ling to stay in place while controlling the Omni Divine Blade.

An hour later.

Chen Chen’s power weakened slightly. Sensing that the power in his body was dissipating like a wave, he turned around to flee without any further ado.

As the saying goes, living in misery is better than dying.

It would be good to live longer, even if it was only for 15 minutes. Besides, he might not die anyway.

After an hour of fighting intensely, he came up with several plans. As long as one worked, he might be able to survive.

Although righteousness is sometimes important, he had a strong desire to live and wouldn’t just die like that.

“Chen Chen! You want to run now? It’s already too late!”

Wu Ling used his divine senses to send a voice transmission while chasing. Clearly, he was extremely exasperated at this point.

How much benefit could he get from killing Chen Chen?

It might make him a little thrilled and pleased.

However, if he let the demoness escape, it would be a fatal loss to him.

Not only would he lose the demon god’s Ancestral-Returning Blood, but he might also face the retaliation of the demoness.

When the time comes, it would be uncertain if he could stay alive.

At the thought of this, his resentment towards Chen Chen was so massive that he wished he could immediately crush Chen Chen and turn him into ashes before torturing him for a thousand years!

Chen Chen did not say a word. He was maneuvering the Void Transcendence Boat so quickly that he seemed to be teleporting.

At this point, the white flames had already vanished. It didn’t seem to be a reliable spiritual object.

Seeing that Wu Ling was getting closer and closer to him, Chen Chen subconsciously wanted to take out some treasures and swallow them. However, before he could activate his storage ring, an unparalleled feeling of weakness filled his whole body.

In the next second, he fell downwards uncontrollably.

Seeing this scene, Wu Ling sneered.

Although the Immortal Abode Essence Reversal Elixir was impressive, it came with side effects too.

Now that this side effect had kicked in, Chen Chen’s strength was probably inferior to that of an ordinary Nascent Soul realm.

“Rascal! Die!”

With an austere hollering, Wu Ling smacked Chen Chen with his palm!


With a loud explosive sound, Chen Chen was smacked onto the ground like a fly.

After taking that blow, cracks had vaguely appeared on his body, as if he was about to shatter.

Seeing that he had failed to kill Chen Chen with one blow, Wu Ling’s face turned sullen, and he immediately wanted to continue attacking him.

However, at this moment, a white fox suddenly darted over from afar, wagging all six of its tails to wrap Chen Chen in the middle.

“Get lost!”

Seeing that change in the situation, Wu Ling flew into a rage, shaking the white Nine-Tailed Fox so hard that she started bleeding from her mouth and nose while stumbling backwards.

Hu Xian’er wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, her eyes full of determination.

At that moment, a figure stepped out of the void and looked at Hu Xian’er with shock and anger.

“Acting Clan Leader, you have a precious body, how can you take such a risk now!?”

Hu Xian’er’s gaze was cold as she shook her head.

“Uncle, you must hand that human to me no matter what!”

The figure’s body stiffened slightly after hearing his words, after which he turned to look at Wu Ling who was in the sky. He asked coldly, “Wu Ling, what are you doing here?”

Of course, he knew who Wu Ling was. After all, there were only so many Void Refinement realm cultivators in the human and demon race.

After hearing his question, Wu Ling came clean about how Chen Chen had released the Heavenly Diabolism master and stalled for time. He added, “Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable! Chen Chen is the best human elite among those below the Void Refinement realm. The humans have given him the Immortal Abode Essence Reversal Elixir, we have to kill him! Otherwise, he will become a big problem!”

The Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable had a murderous gaze in his eyes when he heard that Chen Chen was the one whom Hu Xian’er was protecting.

The fact that Chen Chen was the best elite alone was enough to have him killed a hundred times.

Thinking of this, the Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable looked at Hu Xian’er and rebuked, “Xian’er, get out of the way, this man must die!”

Even though the clan elders had said so, Hu Xian’er simply looked away and pretended not to hear.


The Seven-Tailed Demon Venerable was furious. Although Hu Xian’er was the acting clan leader, he was a Void Refinement realm powerhouse! Not to mention the acting clan leader, even the Demon Venerable of the Heavenly Fox Clan had to be polite to him.

However, Hu Xian’er had outrageously ignored him!

Before he could reprimand Hu Xian’er, she suddenly turned around with reddened eyes and yelled, “Whoever wants to kill him has to kill me first! Otherwise, you can forget about it!”

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