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Chapter 303: The Main Body of The Heavenly Diabolism Master

The Eastern territory of the demon race was adjacent to the Western border of the human race, and it spanned across more than 100,000 kilometers. Mount Beimang was also within the boundaries of the Eastern territory.

Chen Chen took out the map and carefully observed it. If he were to use the 50,000-kilometer tracking opportunity once at the very center of the Eastern territory, he would probably be able to cover 70% of it.

That made him rather surprised.

The reason being, it meant that he would definitely be able to find the Heavenly Diabolism master as long since he was willing to use two tracking opportunities.

After finding the Heavenly Diabolism master, finding the Demon God’s descendant would be much easier.

Of course, the prerequisite was that the information given by that Void Refinement realm Half-Demon was true.

“I’ve told you everything that I need to, can you spare me now?”

Noticing the changes in Chen Chen’s expression, the black-clothed Demon Emperor asked softly.

Chen Chen glared at him and cast another wave of attacks with divine senses, causing the Demon Emperor’s eyes to roll backwards as he fainted right on the spot.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Chen woke the Parrot Demon King up again and pointed to the central area of the Eastern territory.

“Little Parrot, take me to this place. If everything goes well on my trip this time, I’ll return your freedom to you.”

When the Parrot Demon King heard the word “freedom” while he was in a daze, his feathers stood on their ends, and his eyes lit up.

“Lord, is it true?”

Chen Chen glanced at him and sneered. “Do I have to lie to a mere Demon King like you?”

“As you command, Lord!”

The Parrot Demon King’s expression suddenly became serious, and the gaze in his eyes was sharp. At this moment, it was as if he was no longer a parrot, but an eagle fighting in the sky!


With a loud, explosive noise that seemed to break the air, the Parrot Demon King flew towards the designated direction at twice his original speed.

Four hours later, the Parrot Demon King arrived at the destination together with Chen Chen.

Looking at the sharp-eyed Parrot Demon King, Chen Chen admired him for his talent.

‘This demon is indeed quite capable. Right from the beginning, he has only taken one glance at the map, and yet, he managed to bring him to the designated location accurately without any error.

If not for his colorful feathers, Chen Chen would have thought that he was a pigeon spirit that had a positioning function.

“Lord, it’s my blessing to be here!” The Parrot Demon King looked around at the barren environment and tried to cup his hands with his wings.

Chen Chen nodded slightly and then began to contact the system.

“System, use the 50,000-kilometer tracking opportunity to find me the Heavenly…”

Chen Chen subconsciously wanted to say the Heavenly Diabolism master, but on second thought, he remembered that the Heavenly Diabolism master was now the Void Refinement realm half-demon!

Thinking of this, he hurriedly stopped, hesitated for a moment, and then rephrased his words.

“System, track down those with innate spirits.”

Chen Chen did not know the specific name of the former Heavenly Diabolism master and only knew that she was a demon that manifested from an innate spirit.

The Innate Spirit was a spirit bred between heaven and earth, which was extremely rare. Chen Chen didn’t believe that there would be a second one in the Eastern territory.

“The system has begun tracking. Target found, it is 6,200 kilometers to the Northwest of where you are now, Host.”

After getting the system’s answer, Chen Chen patted the Parrot Demon King.

“Six thousand two hundred kilometers to the Northwest.”


Desperate to regain his freedom, the Parrot Demon King started flying with all his might after receiving the orders. His speed didn’t decrease compared to before.

“Slow down a bit.”

Seeing that they were about to reach their destination, Chen Chen suddenly pressed the Parrot Demon King with a grave and solemn expression.

“What’s wrong, Lord?”

“There are too many experts nearby.”

Chen Chen said coldly.

He had detected four or five Demon Emperors within the range of his divine senses alone.

Clearly, there were some demons who had obtained much more accurate information than he did and hence, managed to reach the vicinity.

“Alright… Okay.”

The Parrot Demon King shivered and slowed down all of a sudden, so much that he looked as if he was unintentionally passing by.

About seven minutes later, Chen Chen arrived at the location designated by the system.

It was a forest where no moving lifeforms except a few Demon Emperors who were searching around, could be detected with divine senses.

However, Chen Chen still saw the target he was looking for at a glance.

It was a bright red flower with strange golden patterns that were hidden among the dense trees. Only a fifth of it was exposed.

When ordinary cultivators see that flower, they would only think that it was an ordinary treasure.

However, Chen Chen knew…that the flower was the Heavenly Diabolism master.

After a sigh in his heart, Chen Chen left the Little Carefree Immortal Palace and quietly walked towards the bushes, where he pushed aside the surrounding weeds.

The red flower with golden patterns did not react and was just like an ordinary plant.

However, Chen Chen could see the shadow of the Heavenly Diabolism master in it. Despite turning into such a state, she was still stubborn and unyielding.

In addition, there were also faint traces of the Adversity-Overcoming Seal on a certain leaf of this flower.

‘Tsk, tsk, I didn’t expect you to end up like this one day.’

Chen Chen mocked in his heart, he then carefully began to clean up the mud around this golden patterned red flower.

Since the Heavenly Diabolism master had been reduced to such a state, she was probably extremely weak, so he didn’t dare to pick it up roughly as with other treasures.

However, just halfway through the cleanup, he detected a figure in black flying towards him rapidly.

In the next second, the figure in black had already arrived behind him.

“Put down that flower.”

Hearing the flat tone of voice, Chen Chen turned around and faced the figure in black.

Although the figure in black was wearing the uniform of the Heavenly Diabolism sect, and his face was blurry, Chen Chen knew who he was.

“Crimson Fox Demon Emperor, it’s just an ordinary treasure. Are you going to vie with me for it too?”

Seeing that his identity had been exposed, the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor was shocked, but he soon removed his mask to reveal his true appearance.

“Who are you? Why do you know my identity?”

“Make a guess.”

Chen Chen sneered, stomped his foot violently, and the ground within dozens of meters from the red golden-patterned flower immediately collapsed.

Chen Chen felt an urge to move the entire place into Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

The Crimson Fox Demon Emperor was enraged to see that, and soon, several red tails behind him instantly grew into dozens of meters long as they swept towards the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor.

Although he did not know what exactly was up with that flower, he could sense that the Ancestral-Returning Blood in his body seemed to have a connection with the flower.

If not, he couldn’t have found this place. All in all, he had to get the flower!

“It’s actually at the late stage of the Essence Soul realm.”

Chen Chen stopped moving and moved his palm towards the tail of the Crimson Fox that was moving so quickly that it was almost like a phantom.


The golden fist collided with the Crimson Fox’s tail, forming an incomparably powerful shockwave that surged in all directions.

After that blast, Chen Chen and the demon didn’t retreat.

Chen Chen stimulated the spiritual power and protected the red flower while staring at the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor.

With his current strength, late-stage Essence Soul realm cultivators were generally no match for him.

However, the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor carried the Ancestral-Returning Blood, and his bloodline had already vaguely surpassed that of the eight Demon Clans. It was definitely one of the strongest among those of the Essence Soul realm.

He would probably have to put in plenty of effort to subdue them.

However, it wasn’t a place that was suitable for fighting. After the slight conflict, many Demon Emperors had vaguely noticed this place.

If he were to really fight with the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor here, Void Refinement realm experts would descend soon.

With that thought, Chen Chen suddenly launched an attack with his divine senses.

The Crimson Fox Demon Emperor’s divine senses were not weak either, but they were a notch inferior to Chen Chen’s. After taking the hit, his mind went blank, and he slipped into a trance for a moment.

In that brief moment, Chen Chen had already placed the golden-patterned demon flower in the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

‘I’m sorry, goodbye!’

Chen Chen glanced at the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor and flew up into the air without hesitation. As for the Parrot Demon King, he had already realized that the situation was amiss from afar and had rushed here at a faster speed than the Demon Emperor.

Looking at Chen Chen’s back, the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor’s gaze flickered.

He found Chen Chen’s back being vaguely familiar, and when he thought of the divine sense attack just now, he seemed to have an epiphany!

Apart from the Void Refinement realm powerhouses, how many people in this world can launch a divine sense attack that would put him in a trance for a moment?

With that thought, he figured out Chen Chen’s identity.

“Chen Chen, I didn’t expect you to dare to come to my demon territory. Seems like there’s really something wrong with that flower!”

While the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor came to a sudden realization, his main body had gradually formed, and then with a flick of his limbs, he quickly chased after Chen Chen.

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