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Chapter 302: Entering The Demon Territory Again

Chen Chen checked the storage ring in which the storage bag was still trembling.

He had merely sensed it slightly with his divine senses, but to his surprise, his divine senses were erased completely as soon as they entered.

Although Chen Chen did not get a clear glimpse of the situation inside, he could vaguely feel that it contained a violent destructive power.

It was very likely to be the spirit fire of heaven and earth.

Thinking about the shocked expressions on their faces, Chen Chen could almost conclude that the storage bag contained the Spirit Fire of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan master.

The importance of the Spirit Fire to an alchemist is probably second only to one’s personal treasure.

However, one cannot give their personal treasure away to others easily, so strictly speaking, the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan master had given him the most precious item.

At the thought of it, Chen Chen felt touched.

Although he had only seen his grandmaster a few times, his grandmaster genuinely cared for him and would never ask for anything in return.

Chen Chen sighed gently and cupped his fists seriously at his grandmaster.

“Grandmaster, rest assured, I’ll definitely come back alive.”

The clan master of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan nodded. The more he looked at Chen Chen, the more he liked him. The gaze in his eyes was full of benevolence, as if he was looking at his grandson.

“Chen Chen, we will also take advantage of this time to try our best to expel the demons from the territory while putting pressure on them. They definitely can’t send too many Void Refinement realm experts to search for the Demon God’s descendant. I reckon that those who are at the peak of the Essence Soul realm will be the main force. You may have many treasures, but remember, you have to be very careful!”

“I… understand!”

Chen Chen said awkwardly as he looked at the benevolent gaze in the clan master’s eyes.

A few moments later, the divine senses of the four clan masters dissipated.

Chen Chen prepared some things for himself too and went to Xia Xishuang’s side to hand something to her.

“Xishuang, please help me safeguard the things inside, it’s not convenient for me to take so many things with me when I go out.”

Xia Xishuang checked the storage ring to see that there were a hundred more storage rings inside, which left her speechless for a while.

“Don’t worry, with my intelligence and wisdom, nothing untoward will happen to me. It’s actually not my first time going to the demons’ territory. I’ve also planted some of my people among the demons.”

As Chen Chen spoke, he kissed Xia Xishuang, immediately after which he used his divine senses to inform some other people in Wufeng City. He then flew away without turning back.

He entered the demon territory.

Chen Chen summoned the Parrot Demon King after his expression changed. After so many days, the Parrot Demon King’s feathers had grown again.

After seeing Chen Chen, the Parrot Demon King was devastated, and he seemed to have cringed by reflex.

“Lord, what did you just hit me for?”

Chen Chen was speechless. The Parrot Demon King clearly hadn’t realized that he had been comatose for more than ten days.

“It’s nothing, I just accidentally touched it. Let’s go to the Heavenly Fox Mountain Range.”

Hearing his words, the Parrot Demon King answered with a bitter smile. At this moment, he finally realized that his feathers had regrown completely.

However, he did not have time to wonder at this moment because Chen Chen was way too brutal, and he was afraid that he would get beaten up again if he was a step too late.

He had only been flying for an hour.

Chen Chen’s expression became grave. The demons in the demon territory had multiplied in number since the last time he was here, and among them, there were several Demon Emperors.

If he flew recklessly like this, something terrible would probably happen sooner or later.

After some careful deliberation, he hid in the Little Carefree Immortal Palace where it was much safer even though his divine sense would be suppressed a little.

According to his plan, he would first go to look for Hu Xian’er before letting Hu Xian’er take him to the Demon Courts.

At that time, he would try to find some battle traces and locate the place where the Demon God’s descendant or the Heavenly Diabolism master had vanished from.

Finally, he would directly use the 50,000-kilometer tracking opportunity to find them.

Before coming, he had already braced himself for the possibility of using the 50,000-kilometer tracking opportunity.

However, his happiness was short-lived. Before long, a message from the Heavenly Diabolism disrupted his plans.

“All Heavenly Diabolism members of the demon race, gather at Mount Beimang.”

Chen Chen’s expression kept changing when he saw that order.

The Heavenly Diabolism master and the Void Refinement realm half-demon were probably the only ones who could have the authority to send a broadcast message to the Heavenly Diabolism members.

Now that the Heavenly Diabolism master had gone missing and could not be contacted at all, it meant that the message was in all probability, sent by the Void Refinement realm half-demon.

The last thing that the Heavenly Diabolism master did before she went missing was to take the Void Refinement realm half-demon back to the demons’ border, which meant that the Void Refinement realm half-demon probably had a certain understanding of the reason for her disappearance.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen rubbed his forehead.

It was hard to ascertain if the Void Refinement realm half-demon would attack him after finding out his true identity.

As a human, it didn’t seem reasonable for him to be appearing in the demons’ territory.

However, if he didn’t go, he might not be able to get the exact information about the Heavenly Diabolism master.

“Little parrot, do you know where Mount Beimang is?”

“Of…of course I do,” the Parrot Demon King subconsciously answered, but he soon seemed to regret it.

“Is it far from here?”

“It’s not too far, probably about 20,000 kilometers away. Mount Beimang is the highest mountain in the demons’ territory, but it’s bare, and not many demons want to stay there. I’ve only passed by it once.”

“Take me there.”

Knowing that the journey was not far, Chen Chen immediately decided to go to Mount Beimang. As the saying goes, nothing is gained without taking risks. If he was afraid of taking risks, then he might as well not come to the demons’ territory.

However, couldn’t just go and face the Void Refinement realm half-demon directly. After thinking about it, he tossed the communication token with the positioning function into the forest below.

After flying for half a day, Chen Chen saw a big snow mountain that towered into the clouds and plunged into the sky, which was surrounded by large patches of white.

According to Chen Chen’s estimation, the temperature here may be about -70 to -80 degrees Celsius. There were no plants nearby at all, let alone demons.

It was no wonder that the Void Refinement realm half-demon chose this place as a meeting point.

“Lord, we have arrived.”

Looking at the large snow mountain, the Parrot Demon King smiled while hoping in his heart that Chen Chen would be conscionable enough to let him off.

Chen Chen nodded, slapped the Parrot Demon King, and stuffed it back into the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

Immediately afterwards, he wriggled into it too.

The Little Carefree Immortal Palace, which had lost its support, landed onto the snowy ground and became rather inconspicuous.

Some time passed.

Chen Chen’s divine sense detected some Demon Emperors that were flying towards the top of the peak of Mount Beimang.

Noticing these figures, Chen Chen felt much more confident. All he had to do now was wait.

Another two hours passed, and some Demon Emperors in black flew out of Mount Beimang. The gathering seemed to have come to an end.

Chen Chen did not rush to strike but silently waited for an opportunity.

When a Demon Emperor in black flew over Chen Chen’s head, he emerged and launched a divine sense attack.

The black-clothed demon emperor did not have time to defend himself at all and immediately fell from the air. Chen Chen then dragged him into the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

“Tell me honestly, what did the new Heavenly Diabolism master say?”

Chen Chen was naturally familiar with carrying out an interrogation session.

The black-clothed Demon Emperor he had caught was rather dumbfounded at the moment as he scanned his surroundings with bewilderment in his eyes.

After about two seconds, he finally realized what had happened.

He didn’t curse angrily nor resist vigorously. Instead, he was very cooperative.

“He told us to find the corpse of the previous sect master.”

“The corpse? Has the previous Heavenly Diabolism master really died?” Chen Chen asked in shock.

‘That demoness was so rampant and brutal. She issued me all sorts of threats and got up to so much nonsense. Yet, she died quietly just like that?’

“That’s what the new half-demon sect master said, but we can’t believe everything he says without seeing her corpse. However, he has assured us that he will help anyone who discovers the traces or corpses of the former sect master, step into the Void Refinement realm in the future.”

The black-clothed Demon Emperor kept a straight face during his recount. He didn’t have much respect for that half-demon either.

“How generous. Did he mention where to search?” Chen Chen continued to ask.

The black-clothed Demon Emperor answered straight away without any hesitation, “Within the Eastern territory of the demon race.”

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