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Chapter 282: Strongest Human Elite

There was nothing but silence in the Human Extermination City as no demons dared to take on the battle at all.

Chen Chen turned around to look at the Demon Venerable Tian Jiao in the sky.

The Demon Venerable Tian Jiao was ashamed and furious about being stared at by Chen Chen in such a manner, but he didn’t attack Chen Chen, and instead, turned translucent quietly while concealing his killing intent.

At this moment, there were several Void Refinement realm human cultivators peeping, and his efforts would only be futile even if he attacked. It would even alert the human cultivators and cause them to keep their guards up. Hence, he thought that it would be better to retreat directly.

As soon as he left, the Void Refinement realm human cultivators began to retreat slowly too.

However, Chen Chen could clearly sense their Qi sweeping past his body as the three or four of them seemed to be observing him carefully.

Soon, a storage ring fell from the sky and landed in his hand.

“Haha! Chen Chen, you’ve done a good job. Let’s see if anyone dares to say that we, the alchemists, are not good at fighting in the future! Put the items in here away properly. Consider it a meeting gift from me to you.”

A voice sounded in Chen Chen’s head, and he subconsciously looked in a certain direction in the distance. However, he didn’t see anyone.

Gradually, peace and calm were restored.

Chen Chen opened the storage ring, which contained just three items.

The most conspicuous item was a communication token that Chen Chen knew without a doubt, was meant for him to directly contact the owner of the voice just now, who was also the master of his master, the clan master of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan.

There was another item that was similar to the Arcane Light Shield that was used for the Tribulation Transcendence. It was clearly a protective treasure.

According to the strength he had just displayed, the clan master of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan definitely wouldn’t give him any treasure meant for protection against Essence Soul realm cultivators because that would be meaningless.

With that thought, Chen Chen smiled.

‘This item can probably withstand a few hits from a Void Refinement realm expert… Of course, I have to ask Yu Qiong about it when I have the time to before I can verify.’

‘Why didn’t Grandmaster give me a user manual?’

The third item was a bottle of elixirs, which was labeled with the name of the elixir— Immortal Abode Essence Reversal Elixir.

As a dabbler in alchemy, Chen Chen had heard of that elixir before. It was an elixir created based on a secret elixir formula of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, which only the clan master of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan can refine.

Besides, even the clan master would take one to two months to refine it… All the Void Refinement realm experts of the human race would have one of such elixir.

The elixir was not meant for cultivation enhancement or healing, but combat.

It could allow a Void Refinement realm expert to increase his cultivation level by a small realm in an hour, but for Void Refinement realm experts, the difference of a small realm of refinement was considered large.

Hence, the elixir had a strategic significance. Among the human race, its value was second only to the Creation Void-Breaking Elixir that the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord had created.

If Chen Chen, an early-stage Essence Soul realm cultivator, were to consume it, he would probably be able to have a cultivation level that was at the peak of the Essence Soul realm within a short period of time.

Strictly speaking, he wouldn’t be able to optimize the elixir, let alone bring about any strategic significance.

However, the fact that the clan master of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan was willing to give it to him meant that he really cared about Chen Chen.

Chen Chen carefully put away the storage ring, and his heart was full of joy.

With that storage ring, it wouldn’t be easy for an early-stage Void Refinement realm expert to exterminate him quickly.

That amount of time would be enough for him to call for help.

At the thought of it, Chen Chen’s emotional trauma that he got from the Heavenly Diabolism sect master.

“Hah, even if I don’t use the system, I’d be able to get plenty of treasures with my personal charm!”

Chen Chen was feeling smug, but by the time he turned around to face the Demon Suppressing Town, he already had a solemn expression on his face.

Chen Shuang flew towards the Demon Suppressing Town. Seeing how pale Xia Xishuang was, Chen Chen felt a little guilty, so he hurriedly smiled and said, “I’m fine. How well did it go? Was I not impressive?”

Xia Xishuang did not say anything, but tears welled up in her glistening eyes.

Chen Chen felt immense heartache, and he immediately hugged Xia Xishuang despite the bloodstains on his body. He said softly, “Don’t worry, I won’t die so easily. Don’t cry, watching you being sad pains me more than getting hurt does.”

As soon as he said that, the surrounding female disciples were green with envy.

‘This is what an immortal couple is, right? Unfortunately, we will never get to meet someone as good as Senior Brother Chen Chen.”

‘He’s handsome, dashing, talented, competent, invincible within his realm, morally upright, righteous, magnanimous, personable, and generous.’

‘He’s even loyal to his partner and has such a glib tongue.’

A man like him embodies all the excellent attributes, and no one thought that there would be someone else like him.

Xia Xishuang tried to bear the sourness in her heart and smiled.

Chen Chen was relieved and heartened to see that.

Compared to the harmony at the Demon Suppressing Town, the atmosphere in the Human Extermination City was somber, and everyone had extremely grave expressions.


The Heaven-Defying Demon Emperor cupped his fists at the demons and flew away from the Human Extermination City, covered in blood.

“Ah… I didn’t expect that we would all become stepping stones for others this time. I really can’t bring myself to continue staying here, goodbye.”

The Divine Illusion Demon Emperor’s face turned as pale as a sheet, and he left after saying those words.

Seeing this, the other Demon Emperors also did not continue to stay and left one after another.

Soon, the foreign Demon Emperors in the Human Extermination City scattered in all directions, leaving behind only a trail of chicken feathers.

As the Demon Emperors left, Chen Chen’s name soon spread everywhere, together with his title of being invincible within his realm.

As for the human side, the rumors were spreading even more rapidly. Everyone had caught wind of the fact that Chen Chen, the disciple of the Saintess of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, had defeated sixteen Demon Emperors in front of the Demon Suppressing Town!

Among the mighty figures of the Void Refinement realm, there were probably about ten, who had innate spirit bodies.

In the past, no one knew whose talent was better.

However, today, the vast majority of human cultivators already had an answer.

Chen Chen of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan is the strongest elite of the human race!

In fact, he can be considered the strongest among the humans and demons!

At the thought of this, many humans felt extremely honored and hopeful.

‘Once an elite like him grows stronger, the human race will never become extinct!’

A few days passed.

The strongest elite of the human race, Chen Chen, was still hesitating about whether or not he should reach the peak of the Nascent Soul realm and transcend the tribulation.

At this moment, there were fluctuations in the void beside him. Yuan Qingtian appeared.

“Senior Brother, I’ve brought the Dark Guards here. Six of the twelve of them have already reached the Essence Soul realm.”

Hearing these words, Chen Chen nodded slightly.

Since Lao Hei was taken away, he had not given any tasks to the Dark Guards and allowed them to cultivate at ease. That was the result of his contribution to a large number of treasures.

“Is Mount Wufeng okay?”

“It’s okay… That vixen friend of yours has become a Demon Emperor and has incorporated all of the State of Jin into her territory. She didn’t make things difficult for the State of Jin.”

“Hmph! She would never dare to do that. I’m now… Forget it, I have to keep a low profile.”

Chen Chen subconsciously wanted to brag, but after thinking about it, he decided to hold back.

‘After all, I’m a low-profile and cultured person.’

Although Yuan Qingtian did not hear Chen Chen finish his sentence, he was looking at him reverently.

Chen Chen smiled at him and said, “Qingtian, true gold will always shine, just like me. In fact, since I set foot on the path of cultivation, I know I’m the most talented person in this world.”

“Now that I’ve been given the title of the strongest elite, I’m not too emotional. The same goes for you. I think you’re talented enough to become the best killer in the world.”

Yuan Qingtian’s eyes lit up, and his heart was full of emotions.

Chen Chen continued to say, “Also, don’t always tell everyone you meet that you’re my Junior Brother. Although it’s something to be proud of, you should strive to become better. I hope that when someone mentions your name in the future, they will not say that you are ‘Chen Chen’s junior brother’ but the strongest killer in this world, understand?”

“Senior Brother, I understand.”

Yuan Qingtian nodded solemnly.

In fact, he knew many assassination techniques but somehow forgot about them all.

Only during a critical moment, would he instinctively remember some moves.

Now that he had received encouragement from Chen Chen, he felt that he should try to recall those forgotten moves.

“Good that you understand.”

Chen Chen said with a heartened smile, but at this moment, a messenger token in his storage ring that had never been lit before suddenly lit up, causing his smile to stiffen immediately.

“All Heavenly Diabolism members who are above the Essence Soul realm, rush to the northern border within three days. There are important matters that we have to discuss together.”

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