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Chapter 281: Divine Ability Talent

“I’ll go and meet him.”

The nameless Demon Emperor in the Human Extermination Mountain said in a cold voice.

“Why don’t we…”

The two Heavenly Flood Dragon Demon Emperors next to him subconsciously spoke up. At this moment, they were the only three Demon Emperors who hadn’t attacked yet.

However, before they could finish, the nameless Demon Emperor shook his head and interrupted. “There’s no need for that, you guys will just make him even more arrogant.”

The Demon Emperors of the Divine Dragon Clan didn’t retaliate. Having fought for such a long time, they already had an understanding of Chen Chen’s strength.

They were no match for Chen Chen at all. If they fought him now, they would only be wasting their own time.

After the nameless Demon Emperor said that, he looked at the Demon Venerable Tian Jiao in the sky.

The Demon Venerable Tian Jiao did not stop him nor say anything, but he was clearly in a foul mood.

Seeing this, the nameless Demon Emperor took a deep breath, stepped out, and directly transformed into his body!

It was a white giant flood dragon that had two horns on its head, four claws, and a body that was more than a hundred meters long!

To be precise, this is no longer a flood dragon but a dragon!


The dragon roared loudly, and the demons in the Human Extermination City all felt pressure from their bloodline.

It made the expressions of the Demon Emperors change drastically!

They were all demons who were the noblest of the eight greatest demon clans. The random Demon Emperor who appeared out of nowhere made them feel bloodline oppression, which meant that the nameless Demon Emperor’s bloodline was even stronger than theirs.

Demons with such a noble bloodline were rare, and they didn’t expect one to appear now.

‘Is this nameless Demon Emperor going to be a match for Chen Chen?’

At the thought of this, the Demon Emperors saw hope again.

Looking at the white dragon that was leaping towards him, Chen Chen’s eyes lit up. He was already getting sick of fighting average and mediocre opponents after more than ten battles in a row. Now that there was finally an impressive one, he couldn’t help but be surprised.

The Omni Divine Blade wailed, and Chen Chen waved his large sword before slashing the white dragon with it!


The white dragon let out another roar. When he saw the huge sword approaching, he did not panic at all. Instead, his body began to turn into a void and penetrated through the Omni Divine Blade before slamming into Chen Chen’s body.


With a deafening roar, Chen Chen was caught off guard and slammed against the Demon Suppressing Town like a meteor.


Chen Chen spurted a mouthful of blood, feeling as if his bones were coming apart and his organs were getting all mushed up.

The only reason that his body was not destroyed on the spot was the immense vitality in his body.

“Ahem! Fortunately, this unique body has not been destroyed.”

After coughing out some fragments of his organs, Chen Chen looked at the white dragon who was looking at him with astonishment in his eyes, in the distance.

Clearly, the white dragon was shocked that there wasn’t much damage done to his physical body.

“Is this… a divine ability that I’m gifted with?”

Chen Chen wiped the corner of his lips and asked with difficulty.

Some demons with noble bloodlines would develop natural divine abilities, but so far, Chen Chen had only seen and experienced Green Bean’s array-breaking abilities. He didn’t expect to see one in action today.

His had turned into voidness and could even penetrate through the Omni Divine Blade that contained various attributes.


The white dragon roared and fiercely swung its tail towards the Demon Suppressing Town.


The tail of the dragon smashed into the Demon Suppressing Town with a loud bang. Even the City Protection Array began to flicker.

There was only a human-shaped bloodstain left in the position where Chen Chen was originally at.

When the white dragon saw the bloodstain, he was stunned for a moment, but he soon began to spread his divine senses rapidly.

At that moment, a divine sense attack entered his sea of consciousness but was completely blocked by a round pillar within his sea of consciousness.

The white dragon sneered and smacked his tail against a certain spot behind him.

Chen Chen hurriedly dodged. Even if his body was made of titanium, he couldn’t afford to be slapped twice head-on.

“How can I deal with this?”

Chen Chen kept dodging and moving while thoughts raced through his mind.

The white dragon’s body could turn into voidness and be almost able to evade all spiritual power attacks. There seemed to be a protective treasure in his sea of consciousness that could resist the erosion of divine senses.

That could already be considered an invincible defense.

“System, who is the strongest person within a hundred-meter radius?”

“Unable to determine.”

Hearing the system’s answer, Chen Chen seemed to be slightly relieved.

Since the system said that it could not be determined, it meant that he had a chance to defeat this white dragon.

Chen Chen believed that with his wisdom, he would definitely be able to catch it as long as there was a chance!

“Xishuang is looking at me, I’m afraid she’s already worried now, isn’t she?”

Chen Chen didn’t dare to look at the figure on the city wall, and he seemed to have melted after seeing the gaze in Xia Xishuang’s eyes.

Gritting his teeth, Chen Chen made up his mind and stopped dodging. Instead, he started attacking constantly. Even if he couldn’t strike the white dragon, he didn’t believe that the white dragon could continue turning into voidness.

If that were true, wouldn’t a Void Refinement realm powerhouse be helpless against him?


A moment later, there was yet another muffled sound, and Chen Chen was once again hit by the edge of the dragon’s tail, turning his left hand into a bloodied mist.

Seeing this scene, the crowd of Demon Emperors on the Human Extermination Mountain looked at the white dragon in admiration.

Chen Chen had defeated more than ten Demon Emperors in a row, and although he had also suffered some injuries, he had never been dealt such a hard bow before. Hence, it seemed that this newly emerged demon elite had a chance to defeat Chen Chen.

“Quickly, kill him.”

The impatient voice of the Demon Venerable Tian Jiao spread from the sky. Although the white dragon now had the upper hand, his mood hadn’t improved yet.

Chen Chen had an extremely strong recovery ability, and he was merely severely injured. The injury was rather pointless and in fact, it would spur someone to fight even harder.

“System, where is this white dragon?”

Seeing that the white dragon Demon Emperor had once again turned into voidness, Chen Chen gritted his teeth.

He wanted to see if the system could track wherein the void the white dragon demon had gone to.

“123 meters above the left.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen subconsciously lifted his head.

The place where the white dragon Demon Emperor was was indeed more than one hundred meters above the left, but when he used his divine senses to calculate precisely, he deduced that it was 120 meters and not 123 meters.

Noticing this, Chen Chen’s heart skipped a beat.

The white Demon Emperor’s natural divine ability didn’t seem to be transforming into nothingness but some kind of extremely profound projection technique!

His real body was hiding not far behind the voidness, and his true body would be revealed only when he attacked.

“So that’s how it is!”

Chen Chen had an epiphany.

‘No wonder this white dragon’s natural aptitude seems more powerful than Green Bean’s. Turns out that there’s such a sneaky detail.’

After knowing the white dragon’s secret, Chen Chen did not rush to attack his body, and was instead, constantly creating opportunities. He was looking for the right chance and timing to strike the white dragon hard in one fell swoop!


A few moves later, the white dragon roared and slammed into Chen Chen again.

However, this time, Chen Chen was much calmer. After dodging quickly, he waved the Omni Divine Blade and slashed the white dragon immediately.

The white dragon’s body turned void immediately. At this moment, Chen Chen managed to quickly determine the position of the white dragon with the system in his mind.

The Omni Divine Blade expanded rapidly with the wind and became a giant sword that was dozens of meters long. Seeing that it was about to hit the white dragon’s shadow, Chen Chen tilted it upwards!


With a crisp sound, two pieces of black dragon scales fell from the void while some fresh blood appeared out of nowhere before darting around.

“I hit it! It’s black!”

Chen Chen was overjoyed. The hidden white dragon had been just three meters behind the projected image. After learning of that, he knew it would be much easier to deal with the dragon.

“It must be a coincidence!”

The nameless Demon Emperor roared maniacally. Even a Void Refinement realm expert wouldn’t be able to see the projection technique easily. He reckoned that Chen Chen must have definitely beheaded him by chance!

“It’s definitely it… Uh!”


Before the nameless Demon Emperor could comfort himself, there was yet another crunching sound, and several scales fell from his body.

“I’m not going to, but that, so I’ll have to go all out against you.”

An icy voice reached his ears, immediately after which Chen Chen, who was not too far away, waved the Omni Divine Blade violently, and dozens of Apocalyptic Divine Thunder struck his true body.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of violent sounds spread over, and the white dragon’s body seemed to be covered in a layer of firecrackers that cackled incessantly. However, the projection was unscathed and seemed to be full of vigor.

A few moments later…

The projection quickly fell to the ground and with a loud explosion, a large dragon-shaped pit appeared three meters behind the void. Blood quickly began to seep out from it.

Seeing this scene, all the Demon Emperors fell silent.

It was no wonder that this Demon Emperor wasn’t famous because his natural divine ability was just too limited. As long as someone saw through him, he wouldn’t be able to function easily.

Hence, this nameless Demon Emperor couldn’t fight all the time, lest he revealed his shortcomings. Once there was a battle, he would have to kill his opponent to silence him.

However, the nameless Demon Emperor was now suffering major losses now that Chen Chen had exposed his shortcomings.

“You’re already seriously injured, but you still can’t reveal your true form? How interesting.”

Looking at the large dragon-shaped pit, Chen Chen murmured.

At this moment, the white dragon was lying in the pit, but the projection was extremely worked up and seemed rather amusing.

Without taking another look at the severely wounded white dragon, Chen Chen pointed the Omni Divine Blade at the Human Extermination City and said loudly, “I am invincible within our realm, is there anyone of you still unconvinced?!”

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