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Chapter 271: I Will Attack Myself

After controlling Bai Fan, Chen Chen did not rush to question him, but instead, led a group of cultivators to continue on his journey to the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan.

His purpose of going to the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan this time was not to fight in the Western Border. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone all out.

While imagining himself going on a rampage on the battlefield with thousands of cultivators, Chen Chen could not help but be worried.

‘What if too many female cultivators fall in love with me? Will Xishuang get the wrong idea?’

“Why don’t I wear a mask?”

Chen Chen thought about it and pulled out a mask from his storage ring.

He was not being narcissistic, but rather, he was genuinely considering that issue.

A person must not only learn to face his own flaws but also acknowledge his own attributes, though it is important not to be arrogant.

After a moment of silence, Chen Chen put the mask away again.

Wearing a mask would make it inconvenient for me to be all lovey-dovey with Xishuang.

After flying out for a few hundred meters, Chen Chen moved into the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

At this moment, Bai Fan’s cultivation level had already been sealed, and his limbs were tied tightly to his body. He was thrown into the corner with a few seals beside him that were used to seal several Essence Soul realm diabolic cultivators of the Heavenly Diabolism.

Looking at the dissipating essence souls, Bai Fan felt great emotional pressure.

“Who is the person from the Heavenly Diabolism who contacted you? Do you know who he is?”

“I don’t know who he is…” Bai Fan answered feebly.

“How do I contact the people of Heavenly Diabolism?” Chen Chen asked again.

“I don’t know, that person said that as long as I have accomplished the task, they will naturally find out about it.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen frowned slightly and then took out the list of crimes.

“Bai Fan, they sent a random person to assign a task to you without giving you any assurance, and you decided to kill me? Do you take me for a fool? Seems like I’d better give this list of crimes and sins to the Great Jing Dynasty’s royal family, and let them know what their descendant is like!”

As soon as Bai Fan said that, his expression crumbled immediately, and he hemmed and hawed for a long time before saying, “They showed me a storage ring that contains…the batch of supplies that I was robbed of.”

“How many Spirit Stones is your batch of supplies worth?” Chen Chen asked directly.

“About…10 million Spirit Stones. They’re all alchemy supplies that I collected from the Southern Border in the past half a year. I’m planning to transport them to the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan.”

Bai Fan answered with a bitter expression as he placed his hands on his head.

Chen Chen clucked his tongue in amazement when he heard that.

“10 million Spirit Stones! No wonder they sent you, an Essence Soul realm expert, to deliver it. Yet, you lost it, tsk, tsk, tsk.”

Hearing this, Bai Fan said bitterly, “I couldn’t do anything about it, but the demons sent an Essence Soul realm Demon Emperor to attack me. I was no match for him at all.”

After a long silence, Chen Chen sighed.

“10 million Spirit Stones… Bai Fan, why don’t I let you kill me once, and you can go collect the reward?”

Hearing his words, Bai Fan shook his head. Deep down, he really wanted to do it, but he didn’t dare to do so.

Chen Chen explained, “Bai Fan, if I feign death again, let’s see if you have the chance to get those 10 million Spirit Stones worth of supplies back?”

Hearing this, Bai Fan was stunned for a moment, and he then said carefully, “If you can pretend and make it seem realistic, after which I spread the news of your death, there will indeed be some hope.”

After saying that, Bai Fan’s Adam’s apple moved a little.

If Chen Chen was willing to cooperate with him and let him get those resources back, his death would be worth it.

However, after thinking about it, Chen Chen shook his head.

“You have to spread the news about my death? Forget it then, my death will involve too much, it’s not something that a mere 10 million Spirit Stones can compare to.”

Bai Fan choked after hearing that.

Even though he was born in a royal family and had seen plenty of this world, it was his first time hearing someone call 10 million Spirit Stones a “mere” amount.

However, when he saw how serious Chen Chen was, he didn’t dare to ask any more questions.

Chen Chen glanced at him in disdain when he saw the suspicions in Bai Fan’s eyes.

What would the branch of a royal family know?

Spirit Stones may be valuable, but true devotion mattered more!

If he were to die, Xia Xishuang would be in great agony and that would cause an immeasurable loss!

Secondly, Zhang Ji will also be grief-stricken and might even come to take revenge. That loyalty was priceless.

Apart from them, his master, Yu Qiong who was still clueless about the situation at this time, might have a sleepless night as she would probably stay up thinking about who her assets had ended up with. That alone would be worth at least 500 Spirit Stones.

As for the countless female cultivators who secretly admired him, they would be upset and melancholic for countless nights…

Chen Chen didn’t dare to think about it.

Even if he just feigned his death now, it would still tug at the heartstrings of countless people.

‘Would I let those who care about me, feel sad for a mere 10 million Spirit Stones?’

‘Impossible, I’m not short of Spirit Stones anyway.’

However, he wouldn’t be comfortable if he didn’t take revenge.

“Forget it, let’s collect some interest first.”

Chen Chen thought about it, but he couldn’t come up with a solution, so he decided to expiate him using the Haoran Sacred Light Method. Only then did he simmer down a little.

A day later.

In a certain supply point of the Heavenly Diabolism in the Northern Border, a bunch of figures in black robes stood still.

Compared to more than half a month ago, there were a few more black-robed figures who were obviously new members of the organization.

However, there were only a few. More than half of the people on the list were missing.

“Chen Chen didn’t die, but the new members that the five organizations wanted to recruit… Two died, and one was captured alive. The other two have lost contact, and they should have already given up on the mission.”

After the leading demon in the black robe heard that, the scene seemed a little awkward.

There were a few new members today, and yet, they were being told such news during the first gathering. It might cause them to form misunderstandings about the Heavenly Diabolism and think that they were a lousy organization.

“Are the human cultivators so weak? Five of them can’t even kill a single person? Hah!”

At this moment, a derisive mockery came from the humans.

As soon as they said that, two or three gusts of wind attacked the man in the black robe who spoke up.

Bang! Bang!

A series of explosive sounds filled the air, and the man in the black robe who spoke was blasted away. He was slammed against the cliff, and its menacing ape-like face was revealed.

“Newbie, this is not a place where you can spout nonsense. If this happens again, be careful you might not be able to go back!”

“The fearless ones are always ignorant! This time, it’s just a warning. If this happens again, I’ll pull out your essence soul and torture it for a hundred years!”

Hearing the sounds, the ape-faced demon stood up quietly without saying anything else.

The few diabolic cultivators that stood out had higher cultivation levels than him, but he didn’t have the ability to retaliate, so he could only bear with it.

He couldn’t reveal any feelings of hatred either.

The diabolic cultivators were all vicious and cruel people that would consider themselves before the organization. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have become diabolic cultivators.

If he had any resentment within him now, he would probably encounter trouble on the way back.

At this moment, the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor that had just joined began to give him an out.

“Chen Chen is indeed not very easy to deal with, and whenever he’s around, trouble is bound to happen. The death of the Berserk Lion Demon Emperor during the battle between Qi and Wei must have something to do with him.”

As soon as he spoke, a human diabolic cultivator immediately chimed in.

“Indeed, how can an Essence Soul realm powerhouse with an innate spirit body be so easy to deal with? Only Ding Yi of the Void Spirit Clan is a fool who would come forth to let you, and the Berserk Lion Demon Emperor to kill him.”

“I think we’d better leave this person for now. We don’t have a direct feud with him.”

“Indeed, it’s not worth it to invest too much energy in dealing with him.”

As soon as he said that, a massive pressure descended onto the cave.

Sensing the terrifying pressure, all the diabolic cultivators’ expressions changed drastically. They hurriedly bowed and saluted.

“Greetings, Cult Master!”

In the next second, a figure in a red robe whose face could not be seen appeared abruptly in the cave.

A gust of chilly wind blew past.

The Crimson Fox Demon Emperor and several other newly joined members had an additional storage ring in their hands.

“I’ve brought the things I promised to give you, so put them away.”

The figure in the red robe had a hoarse voice and Chen Chen could not tell if it was a female or male voice. The Crimson Fox Demon Emperor hurriedly got down on one knee to thank him.

“Thank you, Cult Master!”

The figure in the red robe nodded and said, “You don’t have to be polite, but you must remember that in the Heavenly Diabolism, everyone is the same regardless of race. Don’t make such inappropriate remarks in the future.”

The ape demon hurriedly lowered his head after hearing that while drops of sweat trickled down his face continuously.

The figure in the red robe did not look at him either and glanced at everyone with an indifferent tone.

“You don’t need to care about Chen Chen. I happen to have to go to the human territory to do something. I’ll deal with this person myself.”

The diabolic cultivators did not say anything but deep down, they had already treated Chen Chen as a dead man.

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