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Chapter 234: Returning to East Pole Island

The sea demoness was dressed in black leather clothing and had green hair with blue eyes. Although her features were exquisite, and she had a great figure, she looked rather demonic.

However, she was the most humanoid-looking demoness among the billions of sea demons.

Sea demons were inferior to demons so it was extremely difficult for them to take form. Besides, the sea demons were not interested in taking human form because it would affect their mobility in the sea.

The sea demoness was different. Of course, she could be a mermaid.

Chen Chen kept speculating in his mind.

At this time, the Giant Crab sea demon was muttering some gibberish to the sea demoness who nodded and then knelt on one knee in front of Green Bean.

“King, it’s possible to return to that land, but you must let me, your slave, accompany you so that I can protect your safety.”

When Chen Chen heard the word ‘slave,’ his heart twitched.

If he sensed correctly, the cultivation level of the sea demoness should be at the Essence Soul realm.

It was the first time he had seen an Essence Soul realm powerhouse calling herself a slave without feeling any discomfort.

Green Bean subconsciously looked at Chen Chen while the surrounding sea demons began to glare at him with a threatening gaze.

Chen Chen nodded awkwardly, and the angry gazes finally vanished.

Although the sea demoness did not look much like a human, she could accept it as long as she put on some makeup.

‘I’ll at most let her and Green Bean stay together in Little Carefree Immortal Palace.’

At the thought of this, Chen Chen was a little envious.

‘Green Bean is just a tortoise, but he has beauty as his bodyguard. Why don’t I have one too?’

‘This is a bit unreasonable.’

Thinking about the pile of heavenly treasures in his storage ring, Chen Chen felt that he should be able to hire a few bodyguards. At the very least, he had to be as glorious as Green Bean.

A few moments later, under the command of Green Bean, the sea demons of the Boundless Sea scattered reluctantly while the Giant Crab sea demon teared up before sinking to the bottom of the sea.

Only the Giant Shark that was 20 to 30 meters, was left on the entire surface of the sea. It acted as Chen Chen’s mode of transport.

The demoness stood quietly behind Green Bean with a cold and ruthless expression.

When the shark traveled for 500 kilometers, Green Bean moved its eyes and then handed the Divine Condensation Pearl to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen first looked at the sea demons and confirmed that they didn’t have any reactions before grabbing the Divine Condensation Pearl carefully.

Chen Chen did not know what material the Divine Condensation Pearl was made of, but it seemed ethereal. Chen Chen tried to stimulate his spiritual energy to control the Divine Condensation Pearl, but to his surprise, it vanished and fused with his brain.

As soon as the Divine Condensation Pearl entered his body, Chen Chen felt his divine senses becoming several times stronger.

The range that his divine senses could detect was initially only a few kilometers, but with the Divine Condensation Pearl, the range immediately expanded to more than ten kilometers.

Although he could now see things that were more than ten kilometers away, the divine senses would allow him to have a 360-degree-view of everything without any blind spots. His eyesight was also far better than before.

“Divine sense treasures are truly amazing.”

Chen Chen clucked his tongue in amazement. Apart from personal treasures, ordinary treasures would not fuse into one’s body.

Besides, once a Divine Condensation Pearl fused with one’s sea of consciousness, it would not only continue nurturing the sea of consciousness, it would also allow one’s divine senses to be strengthened rapidly as if it could launch attacks.

Chen Chen gave it a try and realized that he could indeed condense his divine senses using the Divine Condensation Pearl and launch it. However, he did not know how lethal it would be.

Chen Chen scanned his surroundings before looking at the demoness.

After traveling 500 kilometers and having a few short conversations, he had gained a certain understanding of the sea demoness.

The demoness was named Qinglin, and her cultivation level was at the middle of the Essence Soul realm. It was a rare type of demoness in the Boundless Sea.

Demonesses like her were special for having strong divine senses by nature. A single stare from them would be enough to kill someone. Hence, even if they were on land, their combat power would not be affected.

After a moment of silence, Chen Chen moved his gaze away from Qinglin and looked at the sea near him.

A wave of divine senses darted out and caused the water to splash up by a meter as if a small stone had been tossed into the sea.

Chen Chen was quite satisfied to see this. He could understand that the destructive power of the divine senses wasn’t that strong. He just needed it to be effective.


Just when he was secretly being smug, Qinglin looked out at the ocean to see that the water had been splashed up by more than ten meters!

Afterward, Qinglin looked at Chen Chen with some contempt.

‘This demoness is trying to embarrass me!’

Chen Chen’s face gradually turned red and in the end, he waved his hand quietly and a majestic wave of spiritual energy was blasted out.


With the loud sounds of an explosion, waves that were dozens of meters tall splashed up from the water!

After doing all this, Chen Chen closed his eyes, thinking to himself that he should keep his merits and name a secret.

Qinglin was just Green Bean’s maid, so he wouldn’t bother to hold it against her.

The Giant Shark was moving extremely quickly.

Chen Chen was too lazy to go down to search for treasures in the sea.

In his eyes, the Boundless Sea was like his backyard since Green Bean was the king of the Boundless Sea.

If he needed anything in the future, he could just come here to get some. He decided to let the treasures be nurtured in the sea.

Because they were purely rushing off, their speed was far greater than that of the giant ship. In the short span of two days, they arrived within a 35,000-kilometer-radius of the East Pole Island.

It meant that they might meet other humans here.

Chen Chen thought about it and decided to keep a low profile. After sending the shark away, he arranged for Green Bean and Qinglin to move into Little Carefree Immortal Palace, where he acted as their mode of transport and flew towards East Pole Island.

Along the way, they met several giant ships that were on their way back, but when they saw that the cultivators were hunting for treasures blindly, Chen Chen couldn’t bring himself to be happy.

He felt that they were stealing from him.

To suppress the discomfort within him, Chen Chen casually took a 10,000-year-old Deep Sea Spirit Ginseng and swallowed it.

The Spirit Ginseng was very large, and Chen Chen was extremely full after eating it.

However, his cultivation level also reached the middle stage of the Nascent Soul realm when he did so, and it was even continuing to increase.

Sensing the improvement of his cultivation level, Chen Chen smiled.

If not for his fear of the Thunder Tribulation, he wouldn’t have been able to step into the Essence Soul realm within a month, given the resources that he currently had.

Anyway, he had already obtained divine senses a long time ago, and there was no bottleneck from the Nascent Soul realm to the Essence Soul realm for him.

“Now, we just have to consider the issue of the Thunder Tribulation. When I find some more treasures that can allow me to deal with the Thunder Tribulation, I will enter the Essence Soul realm.”

Chen Chen made some calculations.

The triangular crystal was still in his storage ring. Although it would not be of any use when dealing with the Apocalyptic Divine Thunder Tribulation, he could still use it to deal with an ordinary one.

If he hadn’t done himself a disservice by transcending both the Qi Refinement and Body refinement realm at the same time, he wouldn’t have been in such a sorry plight.

More than half a day later, Yu Qiong sent a message when Chen Chen was about to reach East Pole Island.

“Kid, I heard that there are changes in the Boundless Sea, and many sea demons have changed. If you really can’t make it, come back to the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan. Staying alive is more important.”

After receiving the message, Chen Chen thought about it for a while and answered, “Master, I didn’t expect you to have caught wind of this. To be honest with you, I’ve indeed encountered seven or eight big sea demons along the way, and I had a close shave with death. After risking my life on so many occasions, how can I give up halfway? I haven’t found the treasure that I wanted to, but I also haven’t found the treasure you need. I must find it for you no matter what!”

After replying, Chen Chen felt really touched too. He then described in detail the appearance of the sea demons, for fear that Yu Qiong wouldn’t believe them.

After Yu Qiong stopped sending him messages, Chen Chen finally put away the communication token with satisfaction.

By the time Chen Chen returned to East Pole Island, it was already dark.

Unlike in the past, there were many ships of all sizes docked around East Pole Island today. They had obviously been affected by the movement of the sea demons. Hence, the ships didn’t dare to go out to sea.

Chen Chen did not move and returned to the port where he heard the sounds of several cultivators chatting.

“Have you heard? The mysterious man’s corpse was brought back by the ship owner, Nan Pinghai. Rumor has it that he was killed by sea demons who were under the control of a handsome young man.”

“When one does too much evil, they are bound to die one day… The mysterious man has been dealing with sea demons for years, but he eventually died at the hands of sea demons.”

“By the way, do you know what the young man who manipulated the sea demons looks like?”

“I heard from those people who returned… that his looks are extraordinary! He looks just like a god!”

Hearing these discussions, Chen Chen smiled.

Just as he was getting ready to find an abode where he could rest for a night, a figure suddenly flew over from afar and arrived beside him. It then knelt onto the ground without hesitation.

“Senior! I knew you would surely come back… I, Nan Pinghai, thank you for saving my life!”

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