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Chapter 219: Being Attacked By The Enemy

“Chen Chen, there is a Heavenly Wolf Demon Emperor who crossed the flame mountain range with several thousand demons. They’re on their way to the State of Jin, be careful.”

In the early morning, Chen Chen was cultivating when he received the message from Lao Hei.

“A few thousand demons… They’re giving me damned problems as soon as they come up.”

Chen Chen secretly cursed.

Generally, those who could gather a few thousand demons were extraordinary figures like the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor and the Berserk Lion Demon Emperor who had just gained fame. They would usually demolish through kingdoms, taking a bunch of elites with them and gathering thousands of demons.

The Heavenly Wolf Demon Emperor was probably on par with the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor and the Berserk Lion Demon Emperor before their fame. There was no way the Venomous Dragon Demon Emperor that had escaped from the State of Zhou before, could be compared to them.

“We can’t let this group of demons enter the State of Jin. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.”

Chen Chen subconsciously wanted to defend against the enemy and stop them from entering the state.

Although the strength of several thousand demons was truly terrifying, his subordinates were not weak, and if he joined forces with the State of Zhou Demon Clan, they might be able to defeat the enemies.

Just as he was thinking about how to lay a trap for the Heavenly Wolf Demon Emperor, he received some bad news from the cultivators who were subordinates to him.

“Successor, a White Bear Demon Emperor who emerged out of nowhere, has landed on the State of Jin and wiped out the hundreds of cities in the southern region overnight.”

The cultivator’s face turned pale and his eye pupils constricted in horror.

Such a massacre was never heard of in the entire history of the State of Jin.

There were nearly ten million ordinary civilians in the hundred cities of the Southern Region!

The demons were really brutal!

Chen Chen’s face turned instantly sullen.

They slaughtered nearly ten million civilians!

How could Chen Chen, who had received modern education in his previous life, tolerate such a thing? At this moment, his heart was overflowing with wrath and vengeance, but he couldn’t be too despondent in front of his subordinates.

The White Bear Demon Emperor had launched a massacre in the southern region, while the Heavenly Wolf Demon Emperor arrived in the north.

The two states were now struggling to deal with one Demon Emperor at a time, let alone two.

Chen Chen sighed a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. “Has the White Bear Demon Emperor done anything else?”

“No… I heard from a cultivator who fled and returned safely that they’ve already entered the Southern region. They started taming the demonic beasts.”

Seeing how composed Chen Chen was, the cultivator subconsciously calmed down too and eventually composed less panic in his voice.

“Tame the demonic beasts…”

Chen Chen muttered softly.

The demons had special means of quickly transforming ordinary beasts into demonic beasts. There were many large mountains in the Southern region where many beasts were hidden. If the demons were to stay in the Southern region for some time, they would probably be able to create a million demonic beasts.

When the time comes and they are about to enter the other territories of the State of Jin, the consequences can be imagined.

“Got it, you can leave now.”

Chen Chen said calmly after a long time.

The cultivators bowed and retreated.

After he left, Chen Chen imagined a map of the two states in his mind, on which various forces were crisscrossing.

The Southern region had already been occupied by the White Bear Demon Emperor. The Heavenly Wolf Demon Emperor was about to cross the territory of the State of Zhou before entering the State of Jin. On the other hand, Chen Chen commanded the cultivators of the State of Jin and the State of Zhou Demon Clan.

In addition to that, he could also exert influence on the demons on Lao Hei’s side.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t let Lao Hei attack the two Demon Emperors.

The demons were not fools either. They were following Lao Hei for the sake of establishing their careers, not to kill each other. Once Lao Hei gave some unreliable orders, the cohesion of this group of demons would rapidly decline.

“What do we do?”

Various thoughts flashed past Chen Chen’s mind one after another. The strength he maintained now was probably enough for him to deal with only one Demon Emperor, even after joining forces with the State of Zhou Demon Clan.

After pondering for a moment, he received a message from Yu Qiong via a communication token. She was urging him to rush and immediately leave the State of Jin, just as Xia Xishuang said earlier.

Chen Chen could only smile bitterly.

When people are in different positions, their vision and perspectives would be different.

Be it Yu Qiong or Xia Xishuang, both of them grew up as nobles, and thus, they would naturally look at things from the perspective of the entire human race.

From the perspective of the interests of the entire human race, it was indeed appropriate to strategically abandon some smaller states.

However, being a native of the State of Jin, he couldn’t forgivably allow himself to do it…

“Kid, do you want to follow the fate of that fool Ding Yi? Let me tell you, Ding Yi has at least been famous for a long time. If he dies, the upper echelons of the human race will consider the influence and then find someone to avenge him. However, if you die, I’m afraid no one will avenge you!”

Yu Qiong’s furious admonishment came from the communication token again.

Hearing this, Chen Chen considered some serious thoughts before laughing out loud.

He was confident that if he truly died, Xia Xishuang would avenge him.

Besides, there was also Zhang Ji, who was far away in the Seven Lethal Demon Clan. He reckoned that Zhang Ji would devotedly take revenge for him.

Knowing that there would be two people to avenge him if he died, he was serene.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen replied, “Master, I’m afraid I won’t have time to personally escort Senior Brothers back to your place but don’t worry, I’ll find a time to let them leave while I’m fighting the Demon Emperor. They should be safer that way. By the way, there’s one more thing I didn’t tell you, I have a certain herb that you specifically desire. I forgot to tell you about it before.”

“Good! Very good! Chen Chen, are you deliberately trying to enrage me!?! I…”

Considering that she was a demure lady, Yu Qiong decided not to curse.

Chen Chen shelved the communication token gleefully before looking solemn.

“Pass down the order to gather the civilians from all the cities of the State of Jin and close in towards Wufeng City.”

With that order, the thousands of cultivators gathered on Mount Wufeng immediately began to carry out the orders.

Chen Chen then sent a message to Lao Hei after receiving the order.

“Lao Hei, take your people with you and attack the State of Jin. Whether the civilians of the State of Jin can have a place in this world or not will depend on you, the Black Pig Demon Emperor.”

At the same time, thousands of diabolic cultivators dressed in black were fighting with tens of thousands of demons at the border of Qi and Wei, causing chaos to erupt in the area within a 50-kilometer radius.

From time to time, there would be corpses falling from the air and onto the battlefield. The battle scene was very murderous.

However, the more murderous the battlefield became, the higher the morale of the diabolic cultivators. The demons were gradually unable to resist.

There was a lone figure standing behind the diabolic cultivators, exuding an intense evil aura that affected the entire battlefield.

Even if the disciples of diabolism died on the battlefield, their evil aura would allow them to continue to fight for nearly 15 minutes.

Space surrounded the figure, and a single young man was standing behind him distractedly with a shifty gaze.

A few moments later, tens of thousands of demons were suppressed by the diabolic cultivators to the point of being unable to retaliate while some cries of reluctance conveyed from the distant demon clouds.

“Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord, you just wait!”

“Once my cultivation level goes up one more level, I will chop off your head for a wine cup!”

The Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord’s face remained unchanged even after hearing those words. In his opinion, it was just the clamoring of the incompetent ones.

Seeing that he had already won a big victory, he suddenly said, “Zhang Ji, you want to return to the State of Jin?”

The young man behind him was naturally Zhang Ji who fell to his knees after hearing his master’s words.

“Master, the State of Jin is my hometown, and there’s no reason that I should wait for the State of Jin to be doomed before retaliating! Taking revenge is for the sake of pleasure and gaining peace of mind. However, will those who have died feel anything?”

Zhang Ji’s tone was solemn. Ever since he joined the clan, his strength had suddenly improved rapidly. Apart from that, he had a few encounters in the Southern Border and had also entered the Nascent Soul realm a few months ago.

Now that he was cultivating body refinement and had cultivated some evil aura, ordinary Nascent Soul realm cultivators were no match for him, even though he was only at the early-stage Nascent Soul realm.

Gratitude was all to the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord in front of him.

Logically speaking, he shouldn’t be leaving his benefactor now that there was a great war.

‘However, the State of Jin is now in danger… Big Brother is still there. If I don’t return, I’d be frustrating him and that land as well.’

The Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord sighed gently when he heard that.

Zhang Ji was his only disciple and the only person he was close to.

As someone with a Baneful Body, he had jinxed to death most of the people who were close to him. His strength was so terrifying that even his master died in the Thunder Tribulation.

Zhang Ji was the only one who wouldn’t get jinxed to death by him.

He had finally found someone he could jive with and thus, he saw Zhang Ji as one of his own too.

Now that Zhang Ji wanted to return to his hometown, he shouldn’t have prevented him, but it was desperately dangerous in the State of Jin…

“Master, we, the diabolic cultivators, have to be sincere to our hearts!” Zhang Ji exclaimed sobbingly, pressing his forehead against the ground.

The face of the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord suddenly stiffened, but there was a trace of tenderness.

“Go ahead then. Bring some Demon-Slayer Guards with you. The battle is urgent, I can only help you so far.”

“Thank you so much, Master!”

Zhang Ji was extremely touched. After kowtowing several times, he quickly stood up and turned around to leave.

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