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Chapter 218: The Calamity Of the Southern Region

“The Void Spirit Clan is getting worse by the day, it can’t even keep an eye on a single person.”

Within a large city in the Western Border, the Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan looked at an intelligence report in her hand and sighed deeply because she had expected better.

Half a day ago, the human elite, Ding Yi who had an innate spirit body, was ambushed at the Qi Kingdom where he killed himself after four hours of an intense battle.

Although he had killed thousands of demons and two ordinary Demon Emperors, he failed to utterly slay the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor and Berserk Lion Demon Emperor.

He had fallen into a trap and was abruptly tortured to death.

Despite the Void Spirit’s Clan’s knowledge about the untimely demise of Ding Yi’s family, they failed to watch over Ding Yi. Hence, they had significant responsibility to bear.

Xia Xishuang, who was at the side, fell silent when she heard about that.

Putting aside the mighty figures of the Void Refinement realm, there were less than ten humans with innate spirit bodies. Now that one had fallen, there would probably be an upheaval within the entire human race.

The demons would outrightly extend arrogance and obstinance too.

“Xishuang, be overly cautious about your safety during this time. The demonic crimes of the Berserk Lion Demon Emperor and the Crimson Fox Demon Emperor have been granted and delineated by that Demon God. Now, many have been stimulated to follow their robust deeds coveting power. I am afraid that there might be demons scheming against you too.”

The Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan looked at her disciple and said despondently.

Xia Xishuang nodded and asked, “Master, did the Clan Master send anyone to avenge Senior Brother Ding Yi?”

“He sent the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord,” the Saintess said, her voice turned lethargic as she seemed to be somewhat disgusted with the person she had just mentioned.

Hearing that it was the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord, Xia Xishuang heaved a sigh of relief.

The Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord was the future helmsman of the Seven Lethal Demon Clan whose status was comparable to that of the Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan. However, he was far more famous than her.

It was because he was ferocious, possessing a Baneful Body. When he was born, there was so much evil aura around him that he ended up being a jinx to his family who died because of him. Afterward, he began cultivating, but his path of cultivation was full of bloodshed. He was known as the most ruthless person among all cultivators of the Void Refinement realm and below.

He was initially in charge of guarding the southern border. But now, their only choice is to transfer him elsewhere.

However, he would be able to suppress the Berserk Lion Demon Emperor and Crimson Fox Demon Emperor.

‘Maybe, this is what Senior Brother Ding Yi wants to see…’

The upper echelons of the human race didn’t quite value the small vassal states. Of course, it was mainly because they didn’t have the time to focus some of their attention on them.

Hence, she thought that she had to remind Chen Chen a few more times… It would be best if he left the State of Jin.

“Chen Chen, take your Senior Brothers with you and come back here to refine elixirs.”

In Mount Wufeng, Chen Shan looked at the message transmitted by Yu Qiong with a bitter expression.

He was aware of some of the things that happened during the war between the two races in the past few days.

In particular, the people in the two small vassal states of Qi and Wei had been slaughtered by the demons while the demons in other places had begun to follow suit.

Chen Chen could feel that even some of the random demons who used to be small fries lurking in the State of Jin, had become a bit more arrogant these days.

However, despite this, not many human cultivators came to support such a small vassal state like the State of Jin.

At the end of the day, the essence of the entire human race was in the four major frontiers. In the situation of insufficient manpower, the vassal states would have no choice but to be abandoned.

“Master, I’ll send someone to escort Senior Brothers back to the clan. The State of Jin is my hometown, after all, I can’t leave just like that.”

As a loyal and righteous person, Chen Chen wouldn’t leave his Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters in the lurch, especially now that they were facing danger. Hence, he had no choice but to proceed.

As for the matter of alchemy…

Since he had given them the materials, they could just stay in the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan and refine elixirs.

Once they were done refining, they could just deliver some to him. Wouldn’t that be the same?

“No, I can’t trust anyone but you!” Yu Qiong quickly replied furiously.

Chen Chen was silent. ‘Do I deserve to be that reliable?’

However, a disciple could not outrightly refuse his master’s request. The fastest way to get to the Eastern Border from here would be to travel using a flying boat, which would take him two days to and fro.

He could afford to delay for two days.

Thinking about this, Chen Chen went to the ancient Cave Abode to persuade his Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters.

They had also received Yu Qiong’s message, so although they were reluctant to leave, they did not stubbornly insist on staying in the State of Jin.

However, it was already late, so they decided to wait until dawn before leaving.

It was getting late at night.

In a small city in the southern region of the State of Jin, there were only a few scattered lamps at this time.

The southern region was adjacent to the sea, and most of the people in the city fished for a living.

This small city by the sea did not get implicated in the battle between the humans and demons.

“Big Brother, did we make such a big detour just to exterminate this mortal city?”

Someone in the pitch-black gloomy clouds asked in confusion.

“We have to pass through another vassal state to reach the State of Jin from the Northern Domain. They’ve long caught wind of our plans and have taken precautions. Now that we have made a detour and arrived here, who will find out?”

The voice from the cloud gradually dissipated and a total of 5,000 or 6,000 demons landed on the beach.

Nearly a hundred demons from the Bear Demon Clan led them, which were all pitch black and obviously of the same kind.

Only the majestic one at the very front had white fur and was largely different from the rest.

However, all the demons looked at the white-furred demon with fear and respect.

“Everyone, scatter yourselves, and kill all the humans within a 500-meter radius. We have to first establish an absolute demon territory in this State of Jin before making further plans.”

The white-furred demon proclaimed an order, and the five to six thousand demons began flying in all directions, vanishing in no time.

The white-furred demon looked at the small city in the distance with zealousness in his eyes.

He was born in one of the branches of the lineage of the Heavenly Berserk Bear, which was one of the eight top demon races.

It was known as the Robust Giant Bear which was also considered superior among the demons.

However, his body had mutated while his bloodline was raised to the same level as the eight major demon races.

Among the entire demon race, he was a famous Demon Emperor.

However, his ambition was far beyond that.

The Berserk Lion Demon Emperor and Crimson Fox Demon Emperor who everyone feared now, were once just as famous as him. But due to the destruction of the two small states, they were greatly rewarded by the Demon God and were given the chance to have their bloodline improved.

Since those two Demon Emperors could do it, of course, he could do it too.

Hence, he set his sights on the State of Jin.

The State of Jin was a small vassal state that was isolated from the four frontiers, but there wasn’t a single Demon Emperor there. Moreover, there was a human with an innate spirit body.

It was the perfect place for his fame to soar high.

He bet that there must already be many Demon Emperors on their way to this small vassal state. He had merely arrived in advance.

“Big Brother, are you going to strike or do you want me to do it?”

A fellow member asked with a murderous tone.

The White Bear Demon Emperor licked his lips and said indifferently, “It’s just a small city, there’s no need to waste time, I will do it myself.”

As soon as he said that, the size of his body expanded by nearly a hundred times, after which, he slammed his giant palm against the city walls of that small city.


With a loud and startling sound, the walls of the small city immediately crumbled and collapsed while the massive impact spread towards the surroundings. In just a few moments, nearly half of the houses inside the small city were shattered into pieces.

A large number of mortals did not have time to react, they were crushed to death in their sleep.

The other half of the city was also affected by the shockwave. Soon, many families woke up and many people of all ages and gender panicked and dashed out from their houses, only to see the tragic state that the city was in. They were so frightened that they turned pale and shrieked incessantly.

As the White Bear Demon Emperor listened to the chaotic commotion, a bloodthirsty smile appeared on his face.

‘The majority of such an inferior race like humans can’t even cultivate. They’re fragile like paper.’

‘Yet, they’re occupying the same land as the demons.’


‘These fragile weaklings deserve to die.’

After muttering under his breath, the White Bear Demon Emperor struck with his palm again.

With a groundbreaking boom, the world fell completely silent.

The small city was completely reduced to ruins, and only a few fish boats docked on the sea were still intact. However, the owners of those boats will never return.

“Let’s go to the next place. We have to clear 500 kilometers before daybreak.”

The White Bear Demon Emperor spoke while he shrunk back to his original size before flying towards the depths of the State of Jin.

At the same time, thousands of demons embarked on a killing spree and wreaked havoc in the entire southern region in the State of Jin.

Some ordinary cities were easily destroyed by a few Essence Soul realm demons.

In just one night, hundreds of cities in the southern region of the State of Jin were wiped out along with several small clans. No one managed to escape.

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