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Chapter 170: Chapter 170: The Tribulation of the Human Race

The spiritual energy in the Haoran Sword Pool was extremely rich, and it was several times stronger than the Earth Spirit Crystal of the Wuxin Clan. Its degree of purity was much stronger than the Earth Spirit Crystal too.

Hence, even though Chen Chen let himself go and absorbed everything at full power, there were no changes done to the Haoran Sword Pool.

He even suspected that he would ascend right on the spot if the entire Haoran Sword Pool was sucked dry.


Seemingly sensing the presence of a large number of divine weapons around, Chen Chen’s wrist emitted a sword sound! Next, the Omni Divine Blade suddenly flew out and plunged into the sword pool.

The other swords in the pool appeared to have detected the foreign sword, and all instantly trembled violently.

When Chen Chen saw this scene, he was shocked, and before he could retrieve the Omni Divine Blade, hundreds of swords in the entire pond emitted an astonishing sword intent simultaneously!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Chen Chen, who was sitting in the middle of the sword pool, was immediately injured by the sword intent. There were more than a dozen wounds all over his body.

Chen Chen inhaled sharply.

Chen Chen was in so much pain that he gasped, and the Omni Divine Blade hurriedly returned to his wrist, as if it had nothing to do with everything.

“Look what you’ve done!”

Chen Chen cursed softly as the wounds on his body began to recover at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

However, the Sword Qi in the Haoran Sword Pool had no intention of dissipating, leaving several wounds on Chen Chen’s body from time to time.

Chen Chen wanted to cry but could only regard it as a means for tempering his body.

“Since I’ve come in once, I’ll go all out!”

One would tend to lose track of time during cultivation.

Before he knew it, more than ten days had passed.

In his spare time, Chen Chen would say a few words to Xia Xishuang through the transmission token.

In the past, he used to only say one or two sentences to her, but now, it increased to three or four.

The topic of conversation also expanded from cultivation to all other aspects.

“Is this the feeling of puppy love?”

Chen Chen’s heart was filled with sweet joy, and he automatically ignored his past life.

What past life? He is originally a native of this world!

Nowadays, whenever he was injured by Sword Qi, he could alleviate the pain just by talking to Xia Xishuang for a few minutes.

The feeling was so wonderful that it made him wish he could go out now, stand next to Xia Xishuang, and ask the system to see if he was in love.

“Chen Chen, the demons are back again, I’m going to rush to the front line.”

Late at night.

Chen Chen looked at the communication token in his hand quietly, and after a long time, he replied, “Be careful.”

After putting away the token, Chen Chen took the initiative to summon the Omni Divine Blade. The Sword Qi in the Haoran Sword Pool once again overflowed.

Some time passed.

The entire Haoran Sword Pool trembled violently, as if a catastrophic earthquake had occurred. Chen Chen sat in the middle of the pool with his eyes full of worry.

The tremor lasted for several hours.

“The demons are aggressive, most of them have retreated after being attacked by the Haoran Sword Clan, but there are still many demons who have crossed the second line of defense and entered the human frontier. Chen Chen, cultivate well, I am afraid that this time the human race and the demon race will have a once-in-thousand-year war. Only with great strength can you protect yourself in this chaotic and tumultuous world.”

The communication token in his hand lit up again.

Xia Xishuang said a long paragraph of words, which was rather rare of her. Chen Chen took a deep breath and colorful light surrounded his body.

From the time he entered the path of cultivation until today, he had never been so serious about cultivation.

At this moment, his Qi cultivation level had already reached the late stage of the Core Formation realm and was about to step into the peak Core Formation realm.

“Chen Chen, the opportunity to enter the Haoran Sword Pool is rare. Don’t worry about what’s going on outside, I will try my best and take care of your master and the State of Jin cultivators for you.”

“Life in this world is really difficult.”

Chen Chen sighed deeply and closed his eyes. At this moment, the wounds on his body all seemed to have become a lot less painful but his mood was getting more and more complicated.

Reaching the peak of the Core Formation realm from the late stage was a long and arduous process, but his body refinement cultivation level had been advancing by leaps and bounds these days, and he was about to enter the late Core Formation realm stage.

This meditation retreat lasted for quite a few days.


In the world outside, the humans and demons fought, and the severity of the battle was much more intense than before.

The old ancestor of the Haoran Sword Clan, who was always guarding the peak of the Haoran Sword Clan, seemed to have sensed something at this point, and there was deep sorrow and helplessness in his eyes.

He just received the news that the line of defense of the Spirit Void Sword Clan guarding the western border of the human race had been broken through and millions of demons attacked the humans. If the Haoran Sword Clan was still stranded on the northern border, it probably wouldn’t take long before the human race would become a demon’s playground.

“I didn’t expect that a Demon God bloodline would be born in the demon race, and the eight kingdoms have all chosen to join them. This is truly a tribulation of the human race that is unprecedented in 10,000 years.”

After letting out a long sigh, the old ancestor of the Haoran Sword Clan looked into the distance, and his voice spread throughout the Haoran Sword Clan.

“This is the tribulation of the human race, and the western frontier has fallen. The Haoran Sword Clan is hereby withdrawing from the northern frontier and returning to the back frontier to protect the human race.”

As soon as the voice came out, a large number of cries were immediately spread from within the Haoran Sword Clan.

The Haoran Sword Clan had been established for 10,000 years, and although the clan had been captured by the demons, it was recovered within a few days.

However, if they were gone now… they didn’t know when it would return.

Regardless of how the Haoran Sword Clan cultivators felt, what must go still has to go. Soon, the two huge swords standing near the Haoran Sword Clan’s mountain gate trembled before ascending to the sky and remaining still in front of the mountain gate.

The group of disciples and elders boarded the giant swords after seeing them.

Xia Xishuang, who was standing among the crowd, gritted her teeth tightly and took out the communication token to send several messages before flying to the giant sword.

Some time passed.

Chen Chen woke up from his meditation, and his aura had already become several times stronger. When he opened and closed his eyes, lightning would flash.

The surrounding Sword Qi that was shot on his body had all been deflected off by the golden light.

“My Qi Refinement and Body Refinement cultivation levels have reached the Major Perfection of the Core Formation realm.”

Chen Chen took a deep breath.

“Come back.”

After he muttered, the Omni Divine Blade inserted in the sword pool let out a soft chant and returned to Chen Chen’s body. Compared to before, the Omni Divine Blade that had absorbed the surrounding divine sword intent was even sharper.

Chen Chen stood up and took out the two communication tokens. The first one belonged to Master Xiao Wuyou.

“Disciple, the human frontier has fallen. I’m afraid that the State of Jin cannot be spared. We are going to return to the State of Jin first. Xishuang is accompanying us along the way, don’t worry.”

“After you come out of meditation, you have to be very careful.”

After putting away this communication token, Chen Chen took out the second token, which was naturally Xia Xishuang’s, only to see that there were more than ten messages.

“The demons are powerful, I’m afraid this battle will be a bit difficult.”

“I killed three Nascent Soul realm cultivators today. How is your cultivation going?”

“I vaguely have an ominous hunch. If anything unfortunate happens to the Haoran Sword Clan, you mustn’t come out. The Haoran Sword Pool is the secret realm established by the first-generation Clan Master of the Haoran Sword Clan, who has already ascended to become the Haoran Sword Immortal. Without the secret realm token, even the demons can’t break through no matter how strong and powerful they are.”

“Today, we have killed four Nascent Soul realm demons. You should be in seclusion now, right? I hope you can successfully break through the realm.”

“All the cultivators of the Haoran Sword Clan are going to evacuate the clan. Chen Chen, the entrances and exits of the secret realm are all blocked by me, but there is a secret transmission array at the bottom of the pool that can lead straight to 50 kilometers away.”

“Now that the Haoran Sword Clan has been evacuated, you can cultivate in the secret realm for a longer period of time. When you want to go out, you can leave through the teleportation formation.”

“Chen Chen, the day you go out, you might realize that we have already fallen. Remember to pay attention to your safety… Take care, you and I will meet again someday.”

Looking at this paragraph of information, Chen Chen smiled and put away the token with a glint in his eyes.

He wanted to step into the Nascent Soul realm, whether it was Qi Refinement or Body Refinement. It was not something that could be achieved by simply absorbing spiritual energy, so there was no point for him to stay there.

Looking at the Haoran Sword Pool, Chen Chen bowed and then dived to the bottom.

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