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Chapter 171: Chapter 171: My Turn to Debut


At the bottom of the sword pool, there was indeed a small talisman formation.

It was Chen Chen’s first time seeing a Teleportation Formation. After a moment of hesitation, he placed a few middle-grade Spirit Stones in the depression of the formation, and soon, the formation began to emit light.

At the same time, a strong suction force had spread out from the formation.

Chen Chen’s expression changed, and he took out bottles from the storage ring and filled them with some spiritual liquid. In the next moment, the suction force suddenly increased its strength several times and swallowed him whole.

Before Chen Chen could react, the scene in front of him changed from that of the Haoran Sword Pool to a dilapidated underground palace.

There was no light in the underground palace, which was extremely shabby. He had no idea how long it had been since someone visited the area.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen searched around for a while and discovered that there was no exit. After hesitating for some time, he summoned the Omni Divine Blade and made it charge upwards.

There was a thunderous explosion!

Chen Chen flew on his sword and blasted a huge hole in the underground palace before breaking through!

The sky outside was still blue, and the miasma had dissipated, but Chen Chen’s expression seemed a bit embarrassed because there were hundreds of demons next to him. They were all glaring at him with shock written all over their faces!

There were also a few demons that he had blown up into the sky but hadn’t landed yet at this point.


After a few muffled thuds, several demons that had been sent flying into the sky landed on the ground. They were no longer breathing.

“Human cultivators, attack!”

A rough voice echoed through the space where the demons were, and hundreds of demons immediately got riled up as they flocked towards Chen Chen.

A few beams of sword light appeared.

In a few seconds, hundreds of demons were turned into corpses that were strewn all over the ground.

The strongest of those demons were only at the Core Formation realm. To Chen Chen, they were no different from small fries who could be killed easily by the Omni Divine Blade.

After killing this group of demons, Chen Chen did not delay and flew directly towards the Great Wall.

The location of the underground palace should be in the large area of miasma between the second line of defense and the Haoran Sword Clan.

The truth was just as he thought. After flying 500 kilometers south, he saw the Great Wall.

However, it had now been ruined, and there were battle traces everywhere. There were even numerous corpses of cultivators that hadn’t been cleaned up yet and thus were emitting a foul odor.


Looking at this melancholic scene, Chen Chen sighed, and with a wave of his hand, several spiritual fires flew out and burned the corpses of the human cultivators into ashes.

At this moment, another gust of demonic wind blew over in the distance. Sensing the powerful pressure, Chen Chen immediately flew over the Great Wall towards the Great Xia frontier.

Now, the most urgent thing he wanted to do was, of course, to return to the State of Jin. However, it was no longer the human frontier. Chen Chen knew that the journey probably would not be very smooth.

The reality was the same as he had expected.

However, after flying in the air for less than 15 minutes, a large bunch of demons started chasing him.

“Kill that human cultivator!”

“There is a leak, it seems to be an expert, kill him!”

Feeling a powerful pressure behind him, Chen Chen’s face turned sullen.

The demons seemed to be extremely sensitive to the aura of humans, and even though he had restrained his aura, the demons could still quickly discover his whereabouts.

At this moment, there were already five or six Nascent Soul realm and hundreds of Golden Core realm demonic cultivators behind him.

Besides, as they rallied, more and more demonic cultivators joined the pursuit. There were even many demonic cultivators who suddenly appeared in front of him to intercept.

“We can’t go on like this. We will end up alarming the Essence Soul realm demons sooner or later. By then, we will die.”

Chen Chen murmured, getting more and more impatient.

However, his gaze soon lit up, and in the next second, he flew directly towards the ground and landed in the depths of some dense forest.

He opened the Little Carefree Immortal Palace where the little morning glory was singing while Little Yellow was nowhere to be found. Chen Chen reckoned that it should be hiding in the soil and playing while Green Bean was spacing out beside the spiritual spring.

Lao Hei, on the other hand, was still lying in the tree and sleeping.

According to Lao Hei, the scary scent of Green Bean disturbed its sleep, which was why it had to climb the tree to fall asleep.

Scanning the crowd of little demon cubs, Chen Chen finally fixed his gaze on Lao Hei.

It couldn’t be helped because the other three were too special and eye-catching. At this point, the ordinary Lao Hei seemed to have a purpose.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen yelled, “Lao Hei! Help!”

Hearing this cry, Lao Hei was so frightened that he fell off the tree.

“What’s wrong? Since when is it my turn to save your life?”

“Cut the crap, it’s not like you haven’t saved me before! I believe in you, you can definitely do it!”

Moments later, a large group of demons landed on the ground while sniffing around in the surrounding area.

They did not find any humans, but they found a black and tacky pig spirit.

“Pig spirit, have you seen a human cultivator passing by here?”

The leading late-stage Nascent Soul realm demonic cultivator asked when he saw Lao Hei.

“I have, he flew towards that direction. I was no match for him, so I didn’t stop him.”

Lao Hei pointed his hoof in a random direction with his eyes full of sincerity.

The demonic cultivator who was leading the group did not immediately continue the chase. Instead, he sniffed again, and his expression became icy cold. “You smell like a human!”

As soon as he said that, a few dog spirits appeared and started sniffing at Lao Hei. Soon, they managed to locate the Little Carefree Immortal Palace.

Chen Chen, who was hiding in the Little Carefree Immortal Palace, was rather astonished as he wondered, ‘How sharp must their sense of smell be that they can even smell this!?!’

As expected, the few dog spirits carefully sniffed once, before saying with certainty, “This pig spirit has some storage equipment that humans are hiding in. It should be a demonic beast hide bag or something.”

As soon as he said that, the eyes of hundreds of demonic cultivators glared at Lao Hei in unison with great killing intent.

Lao Hei did not panic and simply answered calmly, “You discovered that too.”

After saying the words, Lao Hei swung his foot and Chen Chen was thrown out.

However, at this time, Chen Chen’s clothes were ragged, and he looked half-dead, as if he would die with the slightest touch.

“This is?”

The group of demonic cultivators looked at each other, all a bit puzzled.

Although he was human too, they felt that he did not seem to be the same one who had been flying and escaping just now.

“This is a human pet I caught, I kept it around to play with occasionally. See how soft his hair is. I like to rub his head hard to relieve boredom sometimes.”

Right after making the remark, Lao Hei rubbed Chen Chen’s head hard and seemed to derive great pleasure from it.

“You’re rebelling!”

Chen Chen cursed. ‘Lao Hei is definitely taking revenge against me! I’ve merely hit him on a few occasions. Must he be so vengeful?’

‘How dare you rub my head? Just you wait!’

When the leading Nascent Soul realm demonic cultivator saw this, he also rubbed Chen Chen’s head too, only to find that it was really comfortable!

However, now was not the time to care about this issue. The important thing at hand was to deal with the fleeing human cultivator. Hence, the Nascent Soul realm demonic cultivator’s expression instantly became serious again.

“Pig spirit, come along with me to join the pursuit! You are an earth pig, you can have a Core Formation realm cultivation level. I believe you are quite competent. Regardless of whether we can catch up with that human cultivator or not, follow me later.”

The Nascent Soul realm demonic cultivator then flew up into the sky without waiting for Lao Hei’s response.

Seeing this, Lao Hei had no choice but to put Chen Chen away and follow closely.

In the beginning, it was a little worried, but as it flew, it sensed the powerful force that Chen Chen transmitted to it.

That gave it some confidence as its gaze lit up too.

“I used to watch Chen Chen pretend to be impressive, but this time, it’s my turn. Hehe!”

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