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Chapter 156: Chapter 156: Extremely Stressed!

Seeing that the fireball was about to blast at the formation, a sword cut through the sky, chopping the fireball and causing it to explode in the air.

Xiao Wuyou retrieved the treasure and said coldly to the crowd of cultivators, “Don’t let them break the formation, or else the State of Jin will become a disgrace to the human race!”

Hearing these words, everyone’s expressions turned cold and solemn.

They were powerful figures in the State of Jin and naturally wouldn’t be easily frightened. After getting a grip on their emotions, they were all ready to fight.

At the same time, hundreds of streams of light in the sky were divided into several strands, coming towards the formation from five directions.

“Among the diabolic cultivators, eight are in the Nascent Soul realm, more than thirty are in the Golden Core realm, and the rest are all in the Foundation Establishment realm.”

Sensing the fluctuations above, Chen Chen seemed to slow down.

Although the other side had two more Nascent Soul realm cultivators than him, they had a lot fewer Golden Core realm cultivators, which meant that they had the power to fight.

More importantly, they had him, a supreme elite!

“As expected, I am the one who will turn the tide of battle.”

Chen Chen took a deep breath as the Omni Divine Blade poked out from his palm and let out a soft whimper.

That was the desire to kill!

Although the Omni Divine Blade now looked ice-clear, Chen Chen knew how it raged on the inside!

“Oh, I was startled! I thought a group of Nascent Soul realm had flown over,” Chen Chen said with a grin.

“Disciple, go block those few Golden Core realm demons!” Xiao Wuyou exclaimed anxiously from afar.

Chen Chen looked over, only to see four ferocious-looking Golden Core realm demons flying towards the army of low-ranking cultivators below, their eyes holding a murderous gaze.

Although the low-ranking soldiers below got into a formation, their cultivation levels were too low. They could manage fighting ordinary demonic beasts, but they would definitely be slaughtered if a few Golden Core realm demons really broke into their formation.

“Master really does not treat me as a disciple. He’s arranged for me to fight four Golden Core realm cultivators as soon as I’m up!” Chen Chen muttered to himself.

On the surface, he was only a Golden Core realm cultivator, and by right, he should not be assigned to fight a Golden Core realm demonic cultivator.

In fact, Xiao Wuyou was rather helpless too. Now, each Nascent Soul realm cultivator had an opponent to deal with, and the hundred Golden Core realm cultivators were all stalling the remaining demons.

However, there were still two Nascent Soul realm demons whom the group of Golden Core realm cultivators had to place most of their attention on. Hence, some Golden Core realm demons would have to free up their hands to slaughter the lower-ranking cultivators.

Among those who had yet to attack, the one he trusted most was his disciple.

Seeing that the few Golden Core realm demons were about to slaughter them, the golden-armored general below was speechless.

‘Didn’t I just offend the higher-up? Must they send me here to the sixteenth city?

‘Those few Nascent Soul realm cultivators can guard a city?’

The thought of it made him so grief-stricken that he immediately took out a life-preserving pill from his storage ring and swallowed it. In the next moment, his aura surged!

His aura instantly reached the peak of the Core Formation realm!

That was the life-saving treasure that he had bought with half of his assets. He was going to fight using his life today!

Just as he was about to go up to fight the enemy, a white-clothed figure appeared out of nowhere!

A ray of light from the blade slashed through and split the four Core Formation realm demon cultivators in two!


The golden-armored general was dumbfounded and subconsciously tried to pull the elixir out from his mouth. However, it was too late.


After cursing incoherently, the golden-armored general dashed towards the group of demonic beasts with incredible grief and fury, quickly creating a storm among the group of demonic beasts.

After Chen Chen casually beheaded four Golden Core realm demons, he did not delay, rushing towards the other Golden Core realm demons.

Having fought with elites for a year, he now felt that the Golden Core realm demons were just a bunch of stinky fish.

The Omni Divine Blade would split all weapons in half, including maces, rods, a machete, or a big shield.

Chen Chen walked on the battlefield leisurely. All demonic cultivators, be it those in the early stage or the peak of the Core Formation realm, could not fight it.

Everyone on the battlefield noticed Chen Chen’s figure.

His sword was too dazzling and eye-catching not to notice.

“Is the successor of the Tianyun Clan that strong!?!”

“No wonder he’s so rich!”

“I doubt Xiao Wuyou will stay in his position as the clan master for long. His disciple is too incredible!”

Hearing these comments, Xiao Wuyou’s forehead was dripping with cold sweat, as he didn’t expect his disciple to be that terrifying!

That made him feel really pressurized!

Since he was under great pressure, the force he applied increased and the pressure on the mid-stage Nascent Soul realm demon who fought with him also became greater.

Of course, he also noticed the eye-catching presence on the battlefield. However, what did that have to do with him?

‘Is there a chain reaction?’

Thinking of this, he yelled, “Hu Xing! Go and kill that human genius!”

After he finished speaking, a Nascent Soul realm demon surrounded by a group of Golden Core realm cultivators hollered furiously and flew towards Chen Chen after suffering two hard blows.

Chen Chen heard the word genius and immediately knew that he was referring to him. Hence, he didn’t hesitate at all and thrust his sword forward, which collided violently with the three-meter giant blade in Hu Xing’s hand!


With a loud boom, there was immediately a hole in the giant blade.

Hu Xing was furious to hear his words, and before he could react, Chen Chen had already swung his sword while mocking him at the same time.

“And you call yourself a Nascent Soul realm cultivator.”

Hu Xing was infuriated, and he roared into the sky before transforming into a giant tiger that was tens of meters long and seven to eight meters tall!

He then smacked Chen Chen’s head with his claw!

The sharp claws, which were engulfed in ethereality, cut through the air with a sharp whistle!

Chen Chen raised his sword to block it but was blasted dozens of meters away. However, one of Hu Xing’s nails was also severed.

“Can this sword of yours break spiritual power?”

Hu Xing looked at his claw, his lantern-sized eyes filled with shock.

No matter how strong a treasure might be, there was still a limit. However, the sword in Chen Chen’s hand was simply outrageous. Not only did it have a powerful power of frost, it could break spiritual power too!

Chen Chen laughed but did not say anything. If he had obtained the Omni Divine Blade long ago, he wouldn’t have to try to snatch the Wind-Breaking Cone.

‘What’s so difficult about breaking spiritual power?’

That battle had built his confidence.

Ordinary cultivators in the early Nascent Soul realm stage would mostly be a little stronger than Jiang Ran.

However, after the battle with Jiang Ran, he broke through a tier of body refinement and saw a huge increase in his abilities. Besides, body refinement seemed to be much more hidden than Qi refinement. He was casting it at will and it would remain inconspicuous as long as his body did not emit any light.

However, he felt that it was extremely impressive.

“It’s just breaking spiritual energy. There’s nothing too strange about it. Come on, fight with me!” Chen Chen bellowed, taking the initiative to charge towards the Nascent Soul realm powerhouse.

The State of Jin cultivators were already in a state of confusion and panic at this moment.

The power of the successor of the Tianyun Clan had far exceeded their imagination.

To them, it was impossible for a Golden Core realm cultivator and a Nascent Soul realm cultivator to fight toe-to-toe against each other.

Chen Chen was secretly pleased to have been noticed by the crowd.

He felt that his “city status” was constantly rising.

Whenever he swung his sword, a voice seemed to ring in his head.

“City status + 1”

“City status + 1”

Less than 15 minutes later, Chen Chen struggled to catch up with Hu Xing with all his might. He then swung his sword, which emitted a light of about four or five meters, thus severing Hu Xing’s large tiger head.

“A Nascent Soul realm powerhouse is only capable of this much,” Chen Chen sighed and took out the demon elixir belonging to Hu Xing.

Looking at the intense battle with the demons below, he took a deep breath while his body emitted a subtle, colorful light. In the next moment, spiritual energy from thousands of meters around him surged into his body.


Chen Chen landed on the ground, exhaled a breath of turbid air, and then menacingly thrust the Omni Divine Blade into the ground!

He then called out a name that he thought was impressive!

“Take my strike, the Ten Thousand Tribulation Transcendence Soul Breaker!”


Hundreds of thunderbolts crashed downwards from above the demons, turning them into ashes.

At this moment, the golden-armored general’s medicinal effects had yet to subside and he could only slash about in the sky to vent his disgruntlement.

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