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Chapter 157: Chapter 157: Poverty Has Limited My Imagination

After slashing seven or eight times, the golden-armored general collapsed onto the ground and began spitting out foam.

There would definitely be side effects if he wanted to force things, and now the side effects had started to kick in.

Seeing this, Chen Chen was shocked. He was the leader of a group of low-ranking cultivators below, and hence, must not die.

With that thought in mind, he immediately leaned over to help the golden-armored general get up.

“Are- Are you okay?”

The golden-armored general was spitting foam with a grave expression, but he couldn’t say anything. However, he was cursing in his heart.

‘If you had struck earlier, I wouldn’t have ended up in such a plight! Now you’re asking me if I’m okay? I lost half of my fortune for nothing and I even have to suffer the side effects of this pill. How can I be alright?!’

Seeing the miserable look in the general’s eyes, Chen Chen immediately understood what was going on.

Speaking solemnly, he said, “Brother, I understand what you mean. Don’t worry, we will definitely guard the Sixteenth City!”

After saying that, Chen Chen left the golden-armored general behind and flew up into the sky once again.

The golden-armored general continued to lie on the ground while spitting foam.

Chen Chen hovered high in the sky, the demonic cultivators no longer daring to look at him.

‘This person is really insane. Despite being at the Golden Core realm, he killed a Nascent Soul realm cultivator. This is totally unheard of!’

Even the few remaining Nascent Soul realm demons were a little scared, let alone them.

They were just as intelligent as the humans, and naturally knew what it meant.

Only the leader of the middle Nascent Soul realm demons began to brainstorm.

To be honest, they did not originally intend to attack the Sixteenth City. They came here mainly to restrain and prevent the cultivators of the Sixteenth City from going out and providing support.

The real focus of their target was actually another city.

However, who would have thought that the Sixteenth City would be so weak?! There were only six Nascent Soul realm cultivators!

When he discovered this, he was shocked. Their strength was so weak, even those who were responsible for restraint would be able to break through.

Who would have thought that there would be such a change?!

However, even then, the Sixteenth City was still weak in his opinion. So what if they only had seven Nascent Soul realm cultivators? Other cities had more than ten Nascent Soul realm cultivators!

‘Next time, focus on attacking the Sixteenth City, and kill this human elite too. We will concede for now and let them be smug for a while.’

With that thought in mind, the Nascent Soul realm demon yelled, “The human race is powerful! Let’s retreat!”

After hearing his order, all the demons retreated into the miasma at the same time, no hesitation present. The State of Jin cultivators chased after them and killed a few more Core Formation realm demons before they gave up and returned to the city.

After obtaining that great victory, most of them had a high morale and began clearing their battle spoils.

However, there were also people who wept.

Although the demons had suffered heavy losses during the battle, several State of Jin cultivators who were in the Core Formation realm had also died.

Chen Chen silently returned to the city while the surrounding people subconsciously avoided him.

Before this battle, everyone treated him as a slightly impressive nobody, but now, they had to treat him as a Nascent Soul realm powerhouse.

After all, he was terrifyingly powerful, managing to slash a Nascent Soul realm cultivator at the Golden Core realm.

As long as he did not fall, others would probably have to look up to him.

Thinking of this, there were even a number of cultivators who smiled deferentially.

“The successor’s cultivation level is unparalleled! We admire you!”

“Exactly! Rumor has it that the Demon Clan’s Junior Clan Master Zhang Chen took down the Wuxin Clan with his own strength. I can tell that the successor is not weaker than him!”

Hearing those ingratiating words of flattery, Chen Chen subconsciously wanted to laugh. However, the aroma from the transmission token in the storage ring, which had gradually dissipated, lit up once again.

“Is there something wrong?”

Those four short words sounded like a simple question full of concern between ordinary friends.

However, those words were heartwarming to Chen Chen, who had just experienced a tough battle.

The warmth also dispelled the arrogance and pride in his heart.

Compared to the elites of the great clans, his cultivation level was still a bit inferior, and he knew that he needed to work a little harder to catch up with them.

“It’s no big deal, don’t worry,” Chen Chen answered aloofly before looking at the State of Jin cultivators with a solemn expression.

“Go to nearby cities and see what kind of enemies they are facing.”

If he had given orders to that group of cultivators prior to this, they would have scoffed at him in disdain, but now, his status within the city was comparable to that of a Nascent Soul realm powerhouse. Hence, as soon as he issued that order, two people beside him flew off in the direction of the Great Wall.

“Now that the battle has ended, go get some rest. However, you must be ready for battle at all times to prevent the demons from counterattacking!” Xiao Wuyou ordered.

The crowd retreated one after another upon hearing the words.

After the crowd left, Xiao Wuyou looked at Chen Chen with a grateful expression.

His disciple had given him too many surprises, even making him feel the same sense of oppression he had when he was young and competing with the elites of other clans.

“Disciple, how do you feel about this battle?” Xiao Wuyou asked.

“We are still too weak,” Chen Chen sighed. Having experienced this battle, he could not help but miss the Demon clan.

Although the State of Zhou Demon Clan only had three more Nascent Soul realm powerhouses than his team, the Demon clan members each had their own strengths. With mutual cooperation, the combat power they showed was far from what the State of Jin cultivators could compare to right now.

More importantly, the Demon clan cultivators trusted each other and their teammates to fight and cover for them.

On the other hand, the State of Jin cultivators were in disarray as they fought their own battles.

To be honest, this group of State of Jin cultivators may not be the Demon Clan’s match even if their manpower was doubled.

Of course, the prerequisite was to eliminate him, the elite.

“What can we do then? The State of Jin… Is mediocre.”

Xiao Wuyou frowned with a miserable expression.

“Master, that supply point actually has a Spirit Cannon for guarding a city for sale in the supply point. It costs 5,000 middle-grade Spirit Stones and it costs about 200 middle-grade Spirit Stones per output,” Chen Chen said as his eyes glistened.

However, Xiao Wuyou shook his head and said, “There are similar items in the Demon clan’s Weapons Division, but the power is weaker. This thing can be used to attack ordinary demonic beasts, but powerful demon cultivators will dodge it, so it seems a little pointless.”

“Buy a few dozen and fire them at the same time. We’ll see if they can dodge that,” Chen Chen said coldly.

Hearing this, Xiao Wuyou gasped.

‘This is not just about battling, but a massive consumption of Spirit Stones!’

His disciple, who had randomly given him dozens of storage rings, was the only one who could come up with it!

Xiao Wuyou did not continue, so Chen Chen explained, “This Protective Array may be majestic but the defense is too weak, and we have to set up an additional array in front of the city wall.”

Hearing this suggestion, Xiao Wuyou nevertheless shook his head.

“Generally, the range of the array is limited. It can only block a few kilometers near the entrance of the city. The demonic cultivators will turn to attack the walls of other cities. The Sixteenth City is responsible for the line of defense, which is about 50 kilometers long, and we can only shift the battlefield…”

“Lay 20 arrays to protect the lines of defense of the Sixteenth City,” Chen Chen said while waving his hand.

Xiao Wuyou was speechless.

Indeed, poverty had limited his imagination. The world in the eyes of a tycoon was completely different from the world he was seeing!

After a long silence, Xiao Wuyou had a look of melancholy on his face.

“Disciple, you robbed the treasure vault of the Wuxin Clan. I know you have enough wealth, but you’d be suffering a loss if you pay for it alone.”

“If you ask everyone to help pay, they might not agree to it… Besides, they can’t afford to pay either…”

Chen Chen smiled and raised his eyebrow, commenting, “They can’t afford it? Get them to sell themselves!”

Xiao Wuyou was speechless.

‘Who would agree to that? My disciple can actually come up with this! We’re all cultivators who have integrity!’

At this moment, the two cultivators who scouted the situation also came back with pale faces.

“Successor… The Fifteenth City is fighting hard now! I watched from afar. The Demon clan sent out ten Nascent Soul realm demon cultivators!”

“The situation is very similar in the Seventeenth City. Although there are only nine Nascent Soul realm demonic cultivators, there are nearly a hundred at the Golden Core realm stage!”

Hearing this answer, Xiao Wuyou’s expression became very solemn.

If this kind of attack struck Sixteenth City, it would probably be destroyed.

Chen Chen shook his head seriously and said, “No, you are wrong, the Fifteenth City and the Seventeenth City are facing an attack by more than fifteen Nascent Soul realm demons! We will probably face such an attack in the future as well!”


The two looked at each other with dumbfounded expressions, and before they could react, a pile of Spirit Stones appeared in front of them.

“Do you know what to say when you meet the others? How many Nascent Soul realm cultivators are there?”

“Yes. More than fifteen, we can’t count them all at once,” the pair said in unison.

Chen Chen smiled in relief, while Xiao Wuyou, who was at the side, felt his face twitch.

‘This disciple… He is scaring all the State of Jin cultivators…’

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