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Chapter 145: Chapter 145: Birth of The Divine Blade

Hearing this, Chen Chen’s gaze froze, and he held onto the storage ring.

There was a silk book and some random items in there.

Chen Chen took out the silk book and began to read it carefully.

“What you said that day has enlightened me but unfortunately, it’s really difficult to be heartless and unfeeling.

“Little friend, if you can see this silk book, it means that I have already fallen, I did not expect that I would not be able to escape this fate after all.”

Seeing this, Chen Chen secretly sighed.

The words of a dying man were usually kind. The Wuxin Clan ancestor had finally called him little friend.

‘Little friend? He probably wishes he can smack me dead, but for the sake of the Wuxin Clan, this peak Nascent Soul realm cultivator has decided to bear with it.’

Shaking his head, Chen Chen continued to read further.

“That incident that occurred more than 10 years ago has indeed nothing to do with the Wuxin Clan. Back then, Zhou Renlong reached the Essence Soul realm and I panicked, so I had no choice but to go to Great Xia to seek a way to step into the Essence Soul realm.

“By chance, I met His Highness King Jiang of the Grand Xia Dynasty, who saw the peculiarities of my cultivation method and requested I raise an evil creature in the Wuxin Clan.

“Immortal cultivators and diabolic cultivators are all permitted by the human race, but the evil method of obtaining power by killing others on a large scale is forbidden by the people.

“However, I knew that since His Highness King Jiang made such a request, I would die if I didn’t agree to it. Hence, I had no choice but to concede to his request.

“His Majesty was overjoyed and agreed to do something for me. My first thought, of course, was to let him help me break through to the Essence Soul realm, but it’s not that easy. Even he couldn’t help me.

“So I could only make the request to weaken the power of the State of Zhou Demon Clan. My request was readily accepted by His Highness, King Jiang, and after discussing it with him, I quickly came up with a plan.

“At that time, there was friction between the humans and the demons. King Jiang had a high status and authority, so he easily killed the Demon clan and even labeled the most outstanding member as a wimp who was afraid of battling.

“Because he and I both knew that if we gave a simple reason for why he had died in battle, Zhou Renlong may not go to investigate carefully. However, Zhou Renlong certainly could not tolerate the label of being terrified of battling.

“The reality is the same as we thought. After Zhou Renlong stepped into the Essence Soul realm, he immediately headed to Great Xia to find out information from various parties.”

“The humans had set a rule to prohibit the four dynasties from interfering in the internal affairs of the kingdoms. However, when Zhou Renlong arrived at Great Xia, King Jiang could kill him easily.

“However, he was the leader of a country after all, and he couldn’t kill anyone at will. In the end, he sentenced Zhou Renlong to a punishment of being sealed for a hundred years.

“Then, I took a coffin back to the Wuxin Clan. The evil creature in the coffin is called the Yin Fiend Corpse Puppet, which grows by absorbing the negative emotions of people and needs to warm up in the Wuxin Clan for a hundred years.

“On the day it comes out, it needs to absorb the blood of a million people to condense the true body. If an expert or authoritative figure of the human race finds this heretical evil creature, even King Jiang will certainly be punished.

“However, after that, the Yin Fiend Corpse Puppet was destroyed in the explosion. I told His Highness about this.

“If I die, it must be the doing of someone sent by King Jiang.

“Hah, I don’t blame anyone. I just hope that you and the other Demon clans will keep your promises and spare the Wuxin Clan.”

“As for the other things inside this storage ring, they are all evidence that King Jiang has kept an evil thing in the Wuxin Clan, so you should know what to do with it after you get it.

“Signed, The Wuxin Clan Ancestor.”

After reading the letter, Chen Chen’s face was a little sullen.

He then took out the transmission token from his storage ring and thoroughly informed Zhou Renlong of the matter.

Zhou Renlong stayed silent for a long time after receiving the news, and only after a long period of time did he respond, “Let the Wuxin Clan off and destroy them again in ten years’ time.”

Chen Chen was not surprised to hear that answer.

Zhou Renlong was not an unscrupulous man. Instead, he was rather heroic.

If not, he would not have been locked up there.


Inside the mountain of the first division of the Demon clan, Zhou Renlong heaved a long sigh of relief, as if a boulder had been lifted off of his shoulders.

“It really is the doing of King Jiang. Hah! This old thief is actually rearing an evil object.”

A green-clothed old man at the side was treating the wound on Zhou Renlong’s shoulder, and after hearing Zhou Renlong’s words, he interjected, “He punished you to be trapped here for a hundred years, but this chain is destroying the vitality in your body the whole time. Even if you can break free after a hundred years, I’m afraid you will have lost all your cultivation.”

“Well, I have you here,” Zhou Renlong said with a smile.

The old man in green before him was none other than Qing Yan, the division master of the medicine division, the 36th division of the Demon Clan, whom he saved by accident when he went to the Great Xia.

The two of them had a very cordial relationship at first sight. If not for Qing Yan, his current cultivation would have regressed to the Nascent Soul realm long ago.

“Heh, I’ll do my best.”

Qing Yan said he would do his best, but his eyes were full of a sense of pride, obviously extremely confident in his own medical skills.

The junior division master of the medicine division, on the other hand, hid behind him, watching timidly as Qing Yan treated the wounds.

“Sheng Fan, you are also a member of the Demon Clan, don’t be so timid all the time. In terms of ability, you’re not inferior to other junior division masters.”

Qing Yan could not help but chide him when he saw how timid his disciple was.

The little boy didn’t say anything, but his eyes were full of remorse.

At this moment, Zhou Renlong’s expression suddenly changed. Next, he abruptly stretched out his hand, and in the next second, a big hole was formed in the air above the mountain. A huge two-meter-long sword with a domineering might darted over and plunged into the ground in front of him.


The giant sword landed, trembling and emitting a powerful aura that began to spread. The entire mountain space began vibrating too.

Looking at the giant sword, Zhou Renlong’s face was covered in astonishment. He muttered, “This Omni Divine Gold actually digested all the divinity in advance and became a magic treasure… Just how much did that kid Zhang Chen feed it? The power is so terrifying!”

Qing Yan clucked his tongue in amazement and said, “This thing is already somewhat beyond the realm of magic treasures. It’s a pity that it has no soul, or it would be a spiritual treasure.”

“Spiritual treasure? Zhang Chen, that kid… He really…” Zhou Renlong was speechless. Even his treasure was not at the level of spiritual treasures, and yet a disciple had managed to accomplish it. How rare!

Seeing that the mountain space was about to collapse, Zhou Renlong stretched out his hand to hold the giant sword in his hand.


The buzzing got even louder, and before Zhou Renlong could react, the giant sword had transformed into a halberd.

In the next moment, it turned into a large sword, and then a giant sword.

“The Omni Divine Blade is really amazing!” A trace of envy flashed through Zhou Renlong’s eyes. That was the name he could give it because it kept changing.


Before he could laugh, several barbs suddenly emerged from the hilt of the giant sword, directly piercing through his palm.

Blood gushed out, and before the blood landed on the ground, it turned into ice. When it hit the ground, it suddenly ignited once again. In the end, it turned into ashes.

Zhou Renlong hurriedly let go of the giant sword and used his spiritual energy to protect it. At this moment, his face was sullen, and he couldn’t help but curse, “What exactly did this kid Zhang Chen feed the Omni Divine Gold? There are ice attributes and fire attributes. In addition to exorcising evil, it also has spirit sealing and other attributes!”


The Omni Divine Blade was suppressed in mid-air by the spiritual energy, but the tip of the sword was pointing in the direction of the State of Jin.

Qing Yan saw this and treated the wounds on Zhou Renlong’s hands. He then smiled and asked, “Why bother touching such a spiritual artifact? Look how eager it is to go to the State of Jin. Maybe it has detected its master.”

“That kid Zhang Chen is in trouble? Don’t keep nagging all the time, nearly all the strongest people of the Demon clan are around him. What difficulties can he face?” Zhou Renlong asked angrily while being stunned.

However, as he said that, the Omni Divine Blade trembled again, seemingly wanting to break through and fly to the State of Jin.

Seeing this scene, Qing Yan couldn’t laugh anymore as he muttered, “I was just making a casual remark… But now it seems to be a real possibility. A personal treasure is connected to one’s bloodline and shares a telepathic connection with its master.”

Hearing this, Zhou Renlong got even angrier and cursed, “Even if it is true, what can we do? All the experts of the Demon Clan are away in battle. Who else can go to help him? As for this supreme treasure, no one can send it over to him either.”

“No, there is someone. Sheng Fan, go and hold that sword,” Qing Yan looked at his disciple and instructed him.

Hearing his words, Sheng Fan carefully grabbed the hilt of the sword and the Omni Divine Blade immediately stopped trembling before quietening down.

“Sheng Fan, go ahead and deliver this sword to your Senior Brother,” Qing Yan said indifferently, ignoring Zhou Renlong’s astonishment.

“Yes! Master!” Sheng Fan answered, and the Universal Divine Blade seemed to understand the meaning of those words. Surprisingly, it was directly attached to him.

“This… This!” Zhou Renlong was dumbfounded. He couldn’t even suppress that treasure, let alone a child.

“Clan Master, do you really think he is a child? Sheng Fan is a ginseng doll, without a trace of menace in his body. He won’t be rejected by the treasure, unlike you.

“As for the issue regarding safety, you don’t have to worry. This child was chased and hunted by countless powerful people all day long before he transformed, but nothing has happened. His Earth Escape technique has long been perfected.”

As soon as Qing Yan said that, the junior division master of the medicine division department spun around and disappeared in the same place with the Omni Divine Blade.

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