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Chapter 146: Chapter 146: I’ve Rebelled Before

“This matter is over. Let’s go back to the Demon Clan.”

After informing Zhou Renlong of the news, Chen Chen resolutely made up his mind.

As for the Wuxin Clan cultivators who had been captured, he would take them back and lock them up to teach them a lesson for some time before he considered releasing them.

“Junior Clan Master, is it so urgent?” Zhou Feng asked with some surprise.

With a grim and somber expression, Chen Chen said, “The Wuxin Clan ancestor’s death is fishy. I think we shouldn’t stay here too long.”

“Okay,” Zhou Feng frowned slightly, finding there to be something fishy about the death of the Wuxin Clan ancestor too.

The Demon clan came quickly and retreated quickly, and only when a group of people completely disappeared in the distance did the civilians in the capital of the State of Jin completely snap back to their senses.

They did not expect that the people of the Demon clan would keep to their promise of not taking a single thing.

Gu Qingcheng was the only one who was displeased, upset over the fact that the plaque at the entrance of the Floral Moon House had been taken away.

On the way back to the Demon clan, Chen Chen flew in the front, with the group of the junior division masters behind him. For some reason, he felt gloomy.

The Wuxin Clan ancestor’s words were definitely mostly true, but he couldn’t believe them entirely, especially the part where he said that he was forced into doing all that.

Chen Chen did not believe that he was that kind.

Besides, the Wuxin Clan ancestor had also briefly mentioned the matter regarding the Yin Fiend Corpse Puppet, not going into detail.

God knows if he had spread the word that Chen Chen had destroyed the Yin Fiend Corpse Puppet.

‘That old thief. If not for the sake of Tianyun Clan, I would definitely persuade the clan master to destroy the Wuxin Clan now,’ Chen Chen secretly cursed. ‘If that bullshit King Jiang decides to blame someone, what if the Demon clan can’t sustain for ten years? Wouldn’t the Wuxin Clan rise again by then?

‘Of course, all this has nothing to do with me. After ten years, I will be invincible. Besides, I’m the successor of the Tianyun Clan, not a member of the Demon clan. Hehe!”

Chen Chen’s mind was filled with random thoughts, and he could not help but smile.

Several junior division masters behind him were bragging to a few Golden Core realm powerhouses.

“I’m telling you, the Clan Master of the Divine Blade Clan is a half-step Nascent Soul realm cultivator! His strength is so strong that it’s terrifying! He might even be able to compete with a Nascent Soul realm cultivator!”

“Ugh! I’m just average, I hit him seven or eight times. My success is mainly because of Junior Clan Master’s good leadership.”

The group talked while flying and soon arrived above a mountain range.

However, at that moment, there was a sudden change in the situation!

A fog suddenly appeared and intense spiritual energy rose upwards from the ground. Before they could react, they had entered the fog.

Looking at the situation in front of him, Chen Chen’s heart sank.

Due to his cultivation level, natural fog could not block his vision at all. The thick fog had to be man-made.

‘Is revenge coming soon?’ he wondered.

Chen Chen kept his guard up and yelled, “Everyone, come here!”

Soon, a group of junior division masters gathered by his side.

However, a group of Golden Core realm cultivators and Nascent Soul realm cultivators of the Demon clan were nowhere to be found.

“Follow me down,” Chen Chen said coldly before slowly falling towards the bottom. However, after falling for a long time, he still didn’t touch the ground.

‘What a powerful illusory array,’ Chen Chen cursed in his heart, finally withdrawing his spiritual power.

In the end, he realized that he had been sent flying into the air by the spiritual power.


When he landed on the ground, Chen Chen regained a sense of direction.

The surrounding group of junior division masters also fell to the ground at this juncture, looking nervously at the thick fog around them.

“Senior Brother, what should we do?” Yuan Qingtian looked at Chen Chen, his gaze grave.

“Everyone, follow me! Don’t get lost!” Chen Chen instructed loudly.

Hearing his words, the junior division masters immediately stayed close to Chen Chen.

“System, which side has weaker spiritual energy?”

“Fifty meters to the left.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen’s heart was a little more at ease. At this moment, the system did not tell him the direction in terms of north, south, east or west, which was quite considerate and understanding of it.

Chen Chen waved his fist to make sure that it was his left hand, then started walking to the left.

“System, which side has lesser spiritual energy?”

“Fifty meters ahead on the right.”

Following the system’s guidance, Chen Chen slowly led the crowd.

However, in the next moment, the situation suddenly changed as a human figure appeared not far away, followed by a shocking Sword Qi with some killing intent that surged towards Chen Chen.

“So powerful!”

Sensing the strength of the Sword Qi, Chen Chen could not help but marvel and exclaim in awe.

At this moment, he couldn’t care less. His Qi Refinement realm exploded at the same time and majestic spiritual Qi directly met the sword Qi.


With an explosive sound, Chen Chen was blasted backwards several steps and an excruciating pain spread from his palm.

Looking at the blood dripping from his hand, Chen Chen’s gaze was grave to the extreme.

The person who had struck should also be a half-step Nascent Soul realm cultivator but was several times stronger compared to Shangguan Jian!

He merely used the power of body refinement with the help of a group of junior division masters, and he was quite comfortable.

The man hiding in the dark with a sword forced him to use his full strength. He had even injured him!

Fortunately, the junior division masters were all watching the surroundings at the moment, and no one noticed that he still had his Qi cultivation.

‘It seems to be someone from Great Xia! There is no such strong half-step Nascent Soul realm cultivator in the two nations.’ Chen Chen thought in his heart, beginning to use the system in his mind to track for nearby half-step Nascent Soul realm powerhouses.

“Thirty-five meters to the right.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen did not alarm anyone. Instead, he silently shifted all his attention to that direction.

In the next second, another Sword Qi shot out from the right, but this time, Chen Chen was prepared and struck his fist.

At the same time, Shen Lin, the junior division master of the corpse refinement division in the crowd, also struck a blow in that direction.


There was a thunderous explosion!

This time, Chen Chen only took a few steps backwards, not injured this time.

“Senior Brother, my corpse can smell his location! Just focus on taking us out,” Shen Lin said when he came over, the two corpses behind him constantly sniffing their noses.

“Okay!” Chen Chen responded and continued to use the system to lead the way.

Shen Lin, on the other hand, kept reporting the location.

“A hundred steps to the left!”

“45 steps to the right!”

Whenever Shen Lin reported a direction, the crowd would focus all their attention on it. If there was an incoming attack, Chen Chen would resist most of it while the others share the burden. He surprisingly managed to shield them from the mysterious attacker.

“Hah! You people are really interesting…”

Light laughter came from the fog, followed by a long sword that shot out from the void and straight to Chen Chen.

The long sword was dazzling and the terrifying fluctuations on it made everyone present feel hopeless and desperate.

The Sword Qi alone was already so difficult to resist, how terrifying would the attack on the body be?

“You guys, stand back!” Chen Chen barked while the golden light on his body became incredibly rich!

He then attacked with both palms. However, the sword was extremely sharp and was only slightly deflected by the resistance.


With a muffled sound, the longsword pierced through Chen Chen’s abdomen and shot out from behind.

Chen Chen spat out a mouthful of blood, then took out seven or eight heavenly treasures from his storage ring and swallowed them without uttering another word.

“Atrocious! I’m in such a passive state!”

Before he swallowed the spiritual medicine, a shriek of horror came from behind him.

“Senior Brother, be careful!”

It was followed by the sound of a sharp blade entering his body.

Chen Chen looked back and saw a large hole in Shen Lin’s chest, with four corpses in front of him, all pierced by a sword.

Only then did the energy of the sword dissipate and return to the fog.

Shen Lin coughed and spat out a large mouthful of blood. His face, which was already pale, became even paler, making him look like a dead man.

Chen Chen subconsciously wanted to feed Shen Lin heavenly treasures, but the latter refused.

“Senior Brother, this thing is poisonous to members of the corpse refinement division. That person on the left… Is a hundred steps away.”

After saying that, Shen Lin’s body turned soft. Chen Chen immediately carried him on his back, no regard for the stench of his body.

The few corpses had their bodies pierced through, but they seemed to be unaffected, quietly following them.

“That person is about eighty steps to the right, Senior Brother…

“I’m dying… This Sword Qi has too much of a killing intent… It’s destroying my meridians… Leave quickly.”

Feeling the increasingly faint breath behind him, Chen Chen’s mood was somber. However, now was not the time to procrastinate. Under the guidance of the system, he ran wildly, and the group of junior division masters silently followed behind him.

Everyone was paying attention to the direction Shen Lin indicated, the atmosphere extremely depressing.

“Shen Lin, do you still have any wishes that have not been fulfilled? I will help you,” Chen Chen said, keeping his voice low.

“He… He is close, fifty steps behind…

“No… I don’t have any wishes. As a disciple of the Demon clan, I… I joined the corpse refinement division and kept my family, who had been slaughtered by the bandits, for more than a decade. I’ve done enough, I shall die without any regrets.”

“Shen Lin, we are going to come out of the illusory realm!”

Seeing the distant mountains and forests, Chen Chen’s eyes lit up and he flew out directly, as did the group of junior division masters behind him.

“Senior Brother, it’s an honor to fight alongside you. It’s just a pity… That I can’t watch you lead the Demon clan to another rise.”

After saying these words, Shen Lin took out a bottle from his arms and a wisp of smoke flew out.

At the same time, the spiritual light on the bodies of those walking corpses also suddenly dimmed, turning into ordinary corpses.

The fog reacted as soon as it touched the corpses, and in a moment, all four corpses had turned into dust.

At the same time, the weight on Chen Chen’s back vanished and the stench of a decomposing corpse was replaced by a mild fragrance.

Chen Chen arrived at the forest in the mountain with nothing on his back.

He turned around to see a figure slowly walking out of the fog, clad in a hemp robe and a longsword on his back, an indifferent expression on his face.

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