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Chapter 123: 123: Often Cheats Honest People

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Seeing that the successor of the Qingling Clan had woken up, Chen Chen suddenly exclaimed, “I think it’s better to send this successor to the front of the formation to be hung up and beaten!”


Hearing those words, the weirdos unanimously turned to look at Chen Chen with shock in their eyes.

‘What the hell did he just say?’

Although they were not good people, the most they wanted to do was threaten Qing Heng with his daughter’s life. But Chen Chen…

‘Damn it! He’s not human at all!’

At this moment, Qing Qian finally understood where she was, and when she heard Chen Chen’s words, she was almost frightened to death, tears uncontrollably rolling down her cheeks.

“Junior division master… We may be from the demon clan, but we should still be human,” said one of the Demon clan elders while adjusting the strip of cloth around his body.

“Human? A battle between two armies requires despicable means. You people are too soft-hearted. Since I caught this person, you should follow my instructions and give Qing Heng a warning before the battle tomorrow.” Chen Chen continued coldly, “If he does not obey, his daughter will be hung in front of the two armies to be whipped! Even if he gives in, we must do so to let him know the consequences of offending the Demon clan!”

After hearing his words, the members of the Demon clan subconsciously moved further away from him.

‘This Junior division master is too scary… I’d better stay further away from him.’

At this moment, Qing Qian almost fainted.

It was midnight.

Qing Qian was locked in a certain military camp with her spiritual power sealed.

Thinking about what she was about to face tomorrow, Qing Qian could not help but burst into tears. At this moment, she wished that she could just die, so that she wouldn’t have to bear the humiliation.

Looking at the black shadows that flashed outside from time to time, Qing Qian was desperate and hopeless. At this point in time, she couldn’t even move anymore, let alone kill herself.

She knew how much her father doted on her, and if the Demon clan really subjected her to such humiliating mistreatment and issued such a shameless threat, her father would definitely subdue and lose the battle.

Their loss would be all because of her then.

Thinking of this, Qing Qian became more and more uncomfortable, and deep down, her hatred for the Demon clan intensified.

‘The Demon clan is a bunch of inhumane bastards, and the masked junior division master is a huge villain!’

Meanwhile, Chen Chen secretly tried to contact his master in the Tianyun Clan.

Now that he had completely gained the trust of the Demon clan, he could occasionally make trips to places a few kilometers away without anyone bothering him.

“Master, go help the White Tiger Clan and a few other clans attract a few more Nascent Soul realm powerhouses from the Wuxin Cla as much as possible tomorrow.”

After he sent that message, Xiao Wuyou soon responded.

“Yes, but when will you be able to escape from the Demon clan?”

Chen Chen stayed silent for a while, his expression gradually turning solemn. He answered, “Master, now that the two states are in turmoil, for the Tianyun Clan to survive in the cracks, we must use part of the power of the Demon clan. I’m not talented, but I’m willing to wait for an opportunity to act in the Demon clan. I want to seek hope for the Tianyun Clan!”

“Disciple… You…” Xiao Wuyou was extremely touched.

“Master, don’t go on. The Tianyun Clan is my home, and for the sake of our clan, I have no regrets!”

After saying those words, Chen Chen put away the messenger token and slowly walked towards the camp, looking sorrowful and miserable.

“System, who is the most righteous in a 30-meter radius?” Chen Chen asked while walking towards the base camp.

“In the tent six meters to the left…”


“Bullshit!” Chen Chen was ashamed and infuriated. After spitting some out saliva, he ducked into the largest tent.

Soon, the bigwigs of the Demon clan began exclaiming in awe and amazement.

The next day, things went just as he had expected.

As soon as the Demon clan issued that shameless threat and let Qing Qian show her face, the entire Qingling Clan panicked. Qing Heng, the Core Formation realm clan master, got so furious that he was on the verge of vomiting blood.

However, no matter how angry he was, he didn’t dare fight the Demon clan with all his might. If his daughter was hung up and beaten, then he might as well die.

The Qingling Clan resisted passively with dejection, and regardless of how hard they fought, their efforts were futile. After fighting for a short while, the city walls were broken by the Demon clan and they fought while retreating. Half a day later, even the Qingling Clan ended up in the hands of the Demon clan.

Qing Heng, the clan master of the Qingling Clan, managed to escape under the escort of a group of Wuxin Clan cultivators.

However, the Demon clan did not have any reservations. They simply rushed to the place where the fifth division, the Weapons Division, was fighting a battle with the Divine Blade Clan.

The Divine Blade Clan was supported by the Wuxin Clan, and its loyalty to the Wuxin Clan far exceeded that of the Qingling Clan. In fact, it could be considered the right arm of the Wuxin Clan, and the battle here was the most intense.

After noticing the movement of the Demon clan, the cultivators of the Wuxin Clan who had originally assisted the Qingling Clan also moved north to support the Divine Blade Clan.

Meanwhile, in a remote corner of the battlefield, a man with a hideous mask was slowly approaching the successor of the Qingling Clan, his eyes extremely cold and ruthless.

“As the junior division master of the first division of the Demon clan, I must do what I say, and since I said that I would strip you naked and hang you up to be beaten, I will honor my word!”

Looking at the masked man who was slowly approaching her, the Qingling Clan’s successor wept incessantly, even having an emotional breakdown.


The masked man’s laughter was increasingly wicked, but at this moment, a white shadow suddenly flashed past them and crashed into the masked man with a loud boom, sending the masked man flying dozens of meters away!

Immediately afterwards, the white figure carried the Qingling Clan’s successor away without saying a single word, disappearing into the distance in no time.

“Take chase!” the masked man yelled loudly. Soon, a bunch of Demon clan members were chasing after them.

After being rescued all of a sudden, the Qingling Clan’s successor couldn’t come to terms with what was going on, feeling as if she was dreaming. Looking at the aloof young man who had rescued her, she couldn’t help but ask softly, “Who… Who are you?”

“My real name is Chen Ji, code name 9-5-4-2-7!”

“Huh? Code name, what does that mean?” The Qingling Clan’s successor, Qing Qian, asked in confusion.

“Since childhood, I have worshipped the Wuxin Clan and lurked in the Demon clan for more than ten years!”

“Are you from the Wuxin Clan?” Qing Qian asked with joy and surprise, as if she had seen a ray of light in the endless darkness.

Looking at the silly Qingling Clan successor, Chen Chen felt guilty.

‘I’m too unethical, I actually cheated an honest person!’

“Ah, I did it all for the sake of the clan,” Chen Chen nodded seriously after comforting himself quietly.

It couldn’t be helped, since the headquarters of the Wuxin Clan had always been a mystery and there were rumors that they were in the secret realm. Rumor also had it that there was an invisibility array around the Wuxin Clan.

Even the disciples of the Wuxin Clan who were outside would need the guidance to the location of the clan.

Hence, he had to deceive Qing Qian at this time.

“Yes, I am an undercover agent of the Wuxin Clan lurking in the Demon clan. You are kind and you often save people, so I really couldn’t bear to see you suffering this humiliation. I had to save you, even at the risk of exposing my identity!”

Seeing the look of determination on Chen Chen’s face, Qing Qian was extremely touched.

In this world, there were villains like the masked man, but there were also kind Samaritans like this young man in front of her.

It restored her confidence in this world.


Before she could thank him, a palm shot out from the distance and struck her in the back!

“Be careful!” Chen Chen yelled, shielding her while his face suddenly turned pale and he vomited fresh blood.

“Are… Are you okay?”

“I… I’m fine. Leave, quickly!” Chen Chen hollered before increasing his pace.

The demon clan disciple stopped chasing too, simply watching them leave.

The masked man took off his mask, only to see that it was Yuan Qingtian.

“Why do you keep doing such fancy things? You scared her and then had her rescued. What are you thinking?”

Shaking his head, Yuan Qingtian concealed himself in the void.

On the other hand, after Chen Chen escaped with Qing Qian, he spat out a large mouthful of blood once again, which was actually the result of some fake medicine in order to create the illusion of being injured.

“Chen Ji… What is happening to you? Don’t scare me!” Qing Qian’s heart was in turmoil as she constantly channeled vitality into Chen Chen’s body, all to no avail.

Seeing this scene, Qing Qian was filled with self-reproach and remorse. If not for the sake of defending her from that strike of the palm, how could the determined young man who had been lurking in the Demon clan for more than ten years be so seriously injured?

“Saintess… Stop wasting your spiritual energy. That strike has already shattered my elixir field and the spiritual energy is surging in my body. I may not live long. Ah, I really want to go back to the clan and tell Master that I didn’t embarrass him…”

After murmuring these last words, Chen Chen rolled his eyes and fainted.

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