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Chapter 124: Chapter 124: Waking Up In Shock

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Hearing these words, Qing Qian wept miserably while constantly imagining the pain and suffering that Chen Chen had been going through for more than a decade.

‘He’s such a good person… but he got injured because of me!’

After thinking about that, Qing Qian wiped her tears and her gaze was full of determination.

“Junior Brother Chen, don’t worry, I will definitely send you to the Wuxin Clan!”

After muttering to herself, Qing Qian carried Chen Chen on her back and flew towards the distance.

After completely breaking away from the battlefield and realizing that the members of the Demon clan were no longer chasing them, Qing Qian took out a communication token.

“Father, I’ve escaped!”

An incredibly excited reply soon came from the other side of the communication token!

“Great! You actually escaped? That’s wonderful! Where are you now? I’ll go to meet you…”

At that point, he paused.

“Forget it, I’m seriously injured now and the people of the Wuxin clan won’t let me go out, so it’s better for me to guide you. Remember, you must be careful on the way.”


After giving that reply, Qing Qian put away the communication token.

Some time later, the sky gradually darkened.

Chen Chen, who was being carried on Qing Qian’s back, began to panic.

‘This Saintess is so nice. While flying, she even gave me some spiritual power.’

‘Foundation Establishment cultivators fly slow to begin with and now, she’s even slower.’

There were even several occasions where they almost plunged from the sky because of insufficient spiritual power to sustain the flying.

“Junior Brother Chen, don’t worry, you’ve saved my life, so I won’t abandon you!”

Qing Qian’s face turned pale and she took out an elixir from her storage ring and swallowed it.

At this moment, she was already struggling with a man on her back while she soared through the sky. Besides, she had previously had her mental state affected when she was in the Demon clan. Hence, she was physically and mentally exhausted.

The fact that she didn’t faint immediately meant that she was already very strong.

After regaining some spiritual power, Qing Qian tried to fly in the direction that she was instructed to but she was swaying in an unstable manner and was clearly relying on her determination to persist on.

Looking at the sweet but silly Qing Qian, Chen Chen felt a little guilty.

At the end of the day, he was still a good person, at least he thought so.

“When the turmoil between the two countries is settled, I will be a good person and never harm heaven and earth again!”

Chen Chen swore silently in his heart.

It was getting late at night.

Qing Qian finally stopped in the middle of a barren mountain range.

There wasn’t a single shoot of grass in the mountain range, which was dead silent. Qing Qian took out her communication token and said, “Father, I’m here.”

Hearing these words, Chen Chen’s heart dropped, and he slipped into a coma.

A few moments later, the aura in the air suddenly trembled, after which a light door suddenly appeared in the void, and a disciple wearing the costume of the Wuxin Clan came out of it.

Seeing that the successor of the Qingling clan was carrying a person on her back, the disciple of the Wuxin Clan frowned slightly and said coldly, “The Wuxin Clan does not accept any outsiders!”

Hearing this, Qing Qian hurriedly said, “He is someone from the Wuxin clan, code name 9-5-4-7. He has been lurking in the Demon clan, and this time he was also the one who saved me!”

The Wuxin Clan disciple was a bit hesitant after he heard that. The Wuxin Clan did plant a disciple in the Demon clan, but his information was absolutely confidential and even some elders did not know, not to mention him.

“He is really from the Wuxin clan. In order to save me, he did not hesitate to expose his identity, and was even seriously injured!” Qing Qian was so anxious that she was about to cry.

‘If the Wuxin clan does not allow Senior Brother Chen to enter, wouldn’t he die?’

Without hesitation, the Wuxin Clan disciple grabbed Chen Chen’s wrist and sensed something.

“His elixir field has been destroyed, that makes him useless. The Wuxin Clan doesn’t need a useless person!”

Qing Qian’s heart was chilly after she heard those words.

Rumor had it that most of the people of the Wuxin Clan were cold and ruthless, and now she had finally seen it for herself.

They wouldn’t hesitate to abandon a disciple once they were crippled, even if they had been in the clan for more than ten years!

“Senior Brother, please let me take him in and save my father’s life, I beg you. He saved my life after all!”

While speaking, Qing Qian took out a jade pendant from her storage ring, which was made up of mid-grade Spirit Stones that were carved with complicated patterns. At first glance, it seemed to be very valuable.

Looking at the jade pendant, that Wuxin Clan disciple chuckled gently and said, “Okay, but only for one day. Unless an elder comes to claim this disciple within a day, I will have to expel him.”

After saying this, he took the jade pendant and placed it on his waist before making way.

A person with a crippled elixir field wouldn’t cause an uproar in the Wuxin Clan.

Seeing this, Qing Qing hurriedly brought Chen Chen into the light door.

The light door then gradually disappeared, and the barren mountain range once again became silent again, as if it had never appeared before.

“The air in the Wuxin Clan is so fragrant!”

Chen Chen took a deep breath and her expression gradually turned evil.

The interior of the Wuxin Clan was like a palace with countless buildings. In terms of floor space alone, it would probably more than twice the Tianyun Clan!

Most importantly, the spiritual energy there was also extremely dense, far beyond the Tianyun Clan and national.

“System, is there anything of great value nearby?”

“Yes, three meters to your left, there are Spirit Stone bricks!”


As Chen Chen walked, he asked the system questions and realized that there were treasures everywhere in the Wuxin Clan, which made him begin to feel excited.

He let his master Xiao Wuyou help the White Tiger clan and several other clans, and instructed the demon clan’s army to go north to exert pressure on the Divine Blade Clan. Now, the Wuxin Clan had nine Nascent Soul realm powerhouses out on the battlefield!

Before this, the Wuxin Clan had a total of eight Nascent Soul realm powerhouses which people knew of.

That also meant that it was likely that there were no Nascent Soul existences in the clan anymore.

The strong protective arrays of the sect also gave them enough confidence to send all Nascent Soul powerhouses!

If Chen Chen was correct, the barrier of the clan’s protective array would be at least five or six times stronger than that of the Qingling Clan’s, which even the Nascent Soul realm powerhouses could not break through!

Besides, there was also a concealment formation outside, which completely hid the Wuxin Clan.

“Where on earth did this Wuxin clan get so many Spirit Stones to maintain such a formation all year round?”

Chen Chen marveled in his heart, and the next thing he knew, Qing Qing had already carried him to a courtyard.

The entrance of this courtyard was guarded by a Core Formation powerhouse who made Chen Chen nervous.

“Obedient daughter!”

As soon as they reached the compound, Qing Heng came out and burst into tears when he saw that Qing Qian was unharmed. God knows what kind of emotion he felt when he heard that threat from the Demon clan.

If not for his high cultivation level, he would have probably slipped into obsession immediately.

“Father… this Junior Brother rescued me. Can you see if there’s a way to save him?” Qing Qian asked pleadingly, pointing at Chen Chen.

Seeing this, Qing Heng’s expression turned bitter and she subconsciously looked at the Core Formation cultivator of the Wuxin Clan who was standing at the door. He said softly, “I’m seriously injured, I can’t mobilize the spiritual energy in my body now!”

“How is this possible?” Qing Qian exclaimed in shock.

However, Qing Heng stopped talking and instead pulled her daughter into the house. She muttered, “The Wuxin Clan has sealed more than half of my cultivation level and they want me to hand over the Spirit Clearing Technique in one day…”

“What!?!” Qing Qian was astonished. ‘Doesn’t this mean that Father is being put on house arrest here!?’

Chen Chen, who had passed out, was also speechless. ‘He’s being put on house arrest and yet he asked his daughter to come over. This honest father is indeed not very bright.’

“The Qingling Clan has been occupied and long lost its value. The Wuxin Clan wants to snatch our ultimate technique and then continue to nurture cultivators who specialize in detoxification. That’s normal. After all, the Wuxin Clan has always been impartial and merciless.”

Qing Heng sighed and looked a little despondent.

In this chaotic world, clans like the Qingling Clan could survive only by attaching to strong clans, and the previous attachment to the Wuxin Clan was also a move made out of helplessness. They didn’t expect to be kicked away after being made use of.

However, after a moment, he was relieved again.

“My good daughter, it’s good that you’re okay. I was going to take the Spirit Clearing Technique with me into the coffin but since you’re alive, it’s not necessary. At most, we’ll give it to them and leave this place in the future to go elsewhere to help the world and save people.”

“I’ll follow your instructions, Father, please look at Junior Brother Chen!”

Although the Wuxin clan was vile, Qing Qian subconsciously dissociated Chen Chen who saved her from the Wuxin Clan.

Hearing this, Qing Heng began to take Chen Chen’s pulse and soon, he began to realize that there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with the man.

“He’s not seriously hurt, but his elixir field has been destroyed, and it may have impacted his internal organs. I have two wound recovery pills here, take them and rest, he should be fine!”

As he spoke, Qing Heng took out two pills from the medicine bottle he had with him and fed them to Chen Chen.

Seeing Chen Chen’s face gradually redden, Qing Qing looked a bit complicated.

‘The people of the Wuxin clan are so heartless, I wonder if this Junior Brother will get his master’s approval after meeting him.’

Thinking about this, she couldn’t help but feel a little heartbroken.

Late at night.

After being exhausted for an entire day, Qing Qian had already fallen asleep. Previously, Qing Heng had been worried about her and now that he was relieved, he finally slipped into deep slumber.

At this moment, Chen Chen suddenly woke up while being severely ill!

His gaze became extremely stern as he looked at a certain empty spot.

“Qingtian, stop hiding, it’s time to start, let’s work hard and not abduct anyone!”

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