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Chapter 118: Chapter 118: Will Not Stop Until The End

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“Sending all cultivators whose statuses of cultivation are above Foundation Establishment realm is unreasonable, even if they were fighting the demon clan!”

Xiao Wuyou stood alone outside the array, facing the two giant boats fearlessly.

Looking at Xiao Wuyou, who was in the mid-stage of the Nascent Soul realm, the beardless old man sneered, “Xiao Wuyou, do you really think you can do whatever you want just because you have stepped into the Nascent Soul realm? I’m telling you, the Green Dragon clan master has also reached the Nascent Soul realm, but so what? He’s dead now. Originally, the Wuxin Clan had some patience with your clan, but now our patience has been exhausted! If you don’t submit these individuals in half a day, you and all the disciples in your clan shall die!”

After he said that, another old man came out of the other giant boat, one whose status of cultivation was also at the Nascent Soul realm.

Looking at the two Nascent Soul realm powerhouses in front of him, both from the Wuxin Clan, Xiao Wuyou’s face took on a grave and somber expression.

‘I can flee if I want to, but what’s going to happen to the clan?’

All of a sudden, he became conflicted and hesitant.

“Senior Brother, you are from the State of Jin. Have you seen that Chen Chen before? What kind of a person is he? The elders in the clan weren’t very clear about him.”

On the way to the Tianyun Clan, Yuan Qingtian curiously asked about Chen Chen.

Hearing this, Chen Chen sighed.

He said solemnly, “He has an excellent aura and he’s full of vigor, so that’s self-explanatory. Most importantly, his aptitude is wonderful! His status of cultivation is profound and far beyond those of ordinary successors! In addition, the person is also resolute; he once killed the elite who ranked second on the elite ranking of the State of Jin! If I must evaluate him… I can only describe him as an elite who’s favored by Heaven. Perhaps I’m the only one in the younger generation of the current demon clan who can contend with him.”

Hearing these comments, Yuan Qingtian’s expression became grave, but his eyes were full of ambition and a great fighting spirit.

Even Zhou Feng and Zhou Shan’s expressions became serious.

Fortunately, they had picked up a junior division master from the State of Jin. Otherwise, who else would be able to suppress and contend with the successor of the Tianyun Clan in the future?

“Junior division master, don’t underestimate yourself. You have now reached the early stage of the Golden Core realm; that Chen Chen is way below that. He shouldn’t be a match for you at all.” Zhou Feng reminded him.

Chen Chen sighed softly, while his gaze became profound and he murmured softly, “Ten days ago, I was just an ordinary person. Ah, who knows anything about the wonderful encounters of life?”

Hearing this, Zhou Shan and Zhou Feng fell silent, as they found it reasonable.

The group of people were flying on Zhou Feng’s treasure, which was extremely fast, soon reaching the depths of the State of Jin.

Looking at the halberd beneath his feet, Chen Chen’s heart was full of envy.

Qi training cultivators all wanted to have a treasure that uniquely belonged to themselves, but in order to do so, they had to reach the Golden Core realm. On the other hand, the body refinement cultivators had to reach the Nascent Soul realm.

However, he was a bit short on each, and he didn’t know when he would be able to form a treasure.

While thinking about these problems, he got closer and closer to the Tianyun Clan. At that moment, the halberd suddenly stopped and Zhou Feng’s face became sullen.

“Junior division master, there’s a fight over at the Tianyun Clan, and the Wuxin Clan seems to have sent two Anti-Hatred Battle Boats. Do we go over?”

Hearing this, Chen Chen’s heart was filled with anxiety, but he stayed calm on the surface, as if he was planning something.

“The Wuxin Clan is really anxious because the White Tiger Clan, Vermilion Bird Clan, and Black Tortoise Clan are united. The Wuxin Clan has decided to wipe them out, so they have to start with the Tianyun Clan. This is our opportunity.”

“What do we do?”

“Go and teach the Wuxin Clan a lesson. If we can take the opportunity to kill one or two of the Wuxin Clan’s Nascent Soul realm cultivators, that would be great,” Chen Chen stated calmly.

Hearing his words, Zhou Feng was not doubtful at all. In fact, there was even a murderous aura in his eyes as the halberd under his feet suddenly accelerated. In just a moment, it flew thousands of meters away, and the two black giant boats appeared in front of Chen Chen.

‘Zhou Feng and Zhou Shan’s range of perception are about 4,000 meters,’ Chen Chen thought, silently recalling the figure.

At the moment, the Tianyun Clan was already in chaos. Xiao Wuyou was battling two Nascent Soul realm powerhouses at the same time, and although he didn’t have an upper hand, he did not seem to show any signs of retreating.

In addition to the few Nascent Soul realm powerhouses, there were also many Golden Core powerhouses in the battle, such as Elder Zhao, who had escorted Chen Chen to the capital.

Besides that, the two huge black boats were bombarding the mountain protection formation and a group of Tianyun Clan disciples with low cultivation levels were looking at the scene from the inside the array, their faces pale.


At that moment, there was a violent sound, and the Mountain Protection Array collapsed.

The cultivators of the Wuxin Clan on the flying boat saw this and rushed out while wailing. A Golden Core cultivator, who was taking the lead, even shouted out loud, “Capture the successor of the Tianyun Clan, Chen Chen!”

Indeed, there was a “Chen Chen” among the group of disciples.

“Chen Chen” was as pale as snow and was seated on a wheelchair, looking as if he was severely injured. Sun Tiangang and several inner clan disciples whose statuses of cultivation were at the Foundation Establishment cultivation stood beside him to ensure his safety.

The disciples of both clans soon exchanged blows. Compared to the disciples of the Wuxin Clan, the disciples of the Tianyun Clan were much weaker. If it wasn’t for a few inner disciples holding up the line up front, the disciples from the Tianyun Clan would have been defeated in no time.


However, just a few seconds later, a violent sound came from the sky and a black flying boat was pierced through by a black halberd. The spiritual power above it suddenly dimmed.

Seeing this scene, the two Nascent Soul realm powerhouses who were fighting with Xiao Wuyou were incredibly furious, shouting, “Xiao Wuyou! You colluded with the demon clan!”

Xiao Wuyou’s face turned red and he exclaimed in a deep voice, “Collude with the demon clan? You people have obviously lured the demon clan members here!”

After saying this, Xiao Wuyou was embarrassed. He had become much more thick-skinned after taking Chen Chen in as his disciple.

At this time, Zhou Shan and Zhou Feng had already launched an attack on the Wuxin Clan’s two Nascent Soul realm powerhouses.

Both of them were ruthless people. They attacked immediately, not saying anything.

The two Nascent Soul realm cultivators originally had an easy time fighting Xiao Wuyou alone, but now, they were outnumbered and had lost the upper hand.

However, they were relieved to find out that there were not many people from the demon clan. They sighed once again and yelled to the Wuxin Clan disciples below, “Quick, catch the successor of the Tianyun Clan!”

Everyone knew that Xiao Wuyou had gone to the demon clan alone to avenge Chen Chen.

Hence, in their opinion, as long as they controlled Chen Chen, the successor of the Tianyun Clan, Xiao Wuyou would unite with them to deal with the two Nascent Soul realm powerhouses who had suddenly appeared with the demon clan. They would naturally achieve victory then.

They were just making a casual remark when they said that Xiao Wuyou had colluded with the demon clan. Perhaps, if he had really done so, a larger number of demon clan disciples would have jumped out at this moment.

Seeing this, the group of Wuxin Clan disciples below all knew that the situation was urgent, becoming fearless in the face of death. Soon, a few of them came close to “Chen Chen.”

Sitting in a wheelchair, “Chen Chen” saw this scene, but his expression didn’t change at all.

Hidden under the mask, Zhang Ji looked at the chaotic sky and muttered to himself, “Brother, there is only so much I can do for you.”

Late at night the day before yesterday, the Clan Master came to him to inform him that Chen Chen was trapped in the demon clan, and in order to completely eliminate the suspicions of the people in the demon clan, Chen Chen had to appear together with the Tianyun Clan.

Since he had come to cultivate immortality together with Chen Chen, he definitely knew him well, and knew he was trustworthy too. Besides, his physical figure was similar to that of Chen Chen’s. Hence, he was the best candidate for impersonating Chen Chen.

Looking at the mask handed over to him by the clan master, he did not hesitate in the slightest.

He was extremely joyous, excited over the fact that he could still help Chen Chen despite his status of cultivation having been ruined.

In the past two days, he had met many people using Chen Chen’s identity and sensed the immense pressure. Hence, he tried his best to imitate Chen Chen’s mannerisms and behavior.

He did it so well, not many people in the clan could tell the difference.

Besides, it was all for Chen Chen’s safety. No one knew if there were any moles from the demon clan within the Tianyun Clan.

He initially only had to keep up with the act for a few days, but to his surprise, a huge battle occurred.

Seeing Sun Tiangang being blasted away, a ferocious-looking Wuxin Clan disciple rushed towards him.

Zhang Ji closed his eyes, recalling the first time he had met Chen Chen.

They were on the Black Wind Cliff, and Chen Chen had saved him by jumping off of the cliff to attract the attention of his pursuers.

In Shichuan County, Chen Chen wiped out the largest family in the county with his own abilities, saving Zhang Ji’s family in the process.

In the Tianyun Clan, Chen Chen took great care of him, secretly giving him heavenly treasures and Spirit Stones every now and then. He even used some tricks to allow him to become the disciple of the Alchemy Elder.

In the national capital, Chen Chen risked his life to go to the Floral Moon House overnight and kill Qi Bufan, who was ranked second among the elites, just to avenge him.

Thinking about these things, Zhang Ji suddenly smiled. The Wuxin Clan disciples near him no longer seemed as terrifying as they did before.

‘I’ve found a confidant in this life; what more can I ask for?

‘It will be worth it, even if I die right now.’

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