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Chapter 119: Chapter 119: The Galaxy Is The Goal

“I’ve caught the successor of the Tianyun Clan!”

That Wuxin Clan was extremely excited. He roared before he could even touch Zhang Ji.


At this moment, there was a loud thud in the sky and a handsome young man who was wearing a mask, suddenly appeared and stepped on him.

The Wuxin Clan disciple didn’t even have time to react at all as he was soon stomped on and he started flying everywhere with his arms flailing about.

“Who are you!?!”

Looking at the strange masked man who suddenly appeared, the few Wuxin Clan disciples hollered furiously with wary eyes.

“I’m the newly appointed junior division master of the first division of the demon clan. I specially came here to take a look at the elites of the State of Jin but I didn’t expect it to be a bunch of imbeciles.”

Chen Chen said coldly to Zhang Ji, ignoring the people who were asking questions.

“Newly appointed Junior division master?” the Wuxin Clan disciples’ eyes glistened.

‘The junior division master of the second division of the demon clan killed the new king of the State of Jin, how impressive will the junior division master of the first division be!?!’

At the thought of this, everyone was filled with fear.

Zhang Ji looked at the masked man in black in extreme astonishment!

‘This fancy entrance is so similar to Brother Chen Chen’s!’

‘However, Brother Chen Chen is openly pompous and is self-aware too. This man in black front of me seems to be completely unaware and he clearly is secretly pompous.’

‘Could he be…’

Before he could think about it, the masked man in black spoke again.

“As long as you are still alive, the struggle does not stop. As long as you are still alive, there is still hope.”

Although the masked man in black was looking at the sky when he said that, Zhang Ji understood that he was speaking to himself. Deep down, he also confirmed the identity of the masked man in black in front of him.

‘It’s Brother Chen Chen!’

‘I didn’t expect Brother to save me again!’

“What are all of you waiting for!?! Hit him! If you don’t catch Chen Chen, all of you must die!” the two Nascent Soul realm powerhouses of the Wuxin clan roared in exasperation when they saw that the disciples were not doing anything.

In a fight of two against three, they wouldn’t be able to last for long. If they ran away then, the remaining Wuxin Clan disciples would only have to die.

The group of Wuxin Clan disciples below instantly understood the situation that they were in. Ignoring the identity of the masked man in black, they swarmed over immediately.

Looking at the group of Foundation Establishment realm disciples, Chen Chen humphed coldly and struck his fist out to send them flying.

At this moment, a few of the Core Formation realm powerhouses had already rushed over and attacked Chen Chen with all their might.


With a loud and muffled thud, Chen Chen was sent flying before colliding into Zhang Ji.

Before Zhang Ji could react, he was blasted dozens of meters away together with the wheelchair.

However, when he landed, the severe pain that he imagined didn’t appear again for some reason. However, the wheelchair was blasted into pieces.

“How dare a Core Formation expert strike at a junior like me? How shameless!”

Chen Chen got up and turned around to scurry away without even looking at Zhang Ji.

Looking at Chen Chen’s back, Zhang Ji had a complicated expression because he could sense that there was something more in his arms at this moment.

The few Core Formation elders looked at each other in dismay, unsure if it was better to catch Zhang Ji or the masked man in black.

Before they could decide, a worried cry came out from the sky!

“Junior division master! Are you alright?!”

“Yes, I’m fine, you two go ahead. You’d better kill those two scoundrels from the Wuxin Clan! These nobodies can’t harm me!”

Chen Chen yelled as he chased after the Foundation Establishment disciples of the Wuxin Clan. Soon, he had already beaten them up and smashed them into pieces with his own strength.

The two Nascent Soul realm powerhouses of the Wuxin Clan in the air immediately moved quickly when they saw that their opponent was genuinely worried.

If they caught Chen Chen, there would be a chance for the situation to be turned around but if they caught the junior division master, it would affect the situation of the two countries.

The junior division master of the demon clan was indeed extremely strong as it would be effortless for him to attack the Foundation Establishment cultivators. He was obviously an elite who must be valued by the Demon clan.

On the other hand, Chen Chen was protected by a group of Tianyun Clan disciples but in contrast, the junior division master of the Demon clan was not protected by anyone.

At the thought of that, the elder of the Wuxin Clan yelled loudly, “Catch that junior division master of the Demon clan first! Anyone who can catch him will be rewarded with 10,000 Spirit Stones!”

As soon as his orders were issued, three or four Core Formation realm powerhouses surrounded Chen Chen.

“You people are bullying the weak that you have outnumbered. Bye!”

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen shouted, turned around and ran away quickly.

The few Core Formation powerhouses of the Wuxin Clan were chasing after them, and soon, the group disappeared into the distance.

The two people in the sky, Zhou Feng and Zhou Shan, were worried and subconsciously wanted to have one of them go rescue them.

However, at this moment, the two Nascent Soul realm powerhouses of the Wuxin Clan were going all out as they were full of energy. They managed to hold the two of them and Xiao Wuyou back.

Zhang Ji was soon brought to a safe place below.

“Successor, let’s go out and guard, and help the other senior disciples too!” A few inner clan disciples immediately scurried out again after settling Zhang Ji down.

Soon, Zhang Ji was left alone on this side of the territory.

Zhang Ji silently took out the item in his arms, which was a storage ring that was wrapped in a piece of paper.

After opening the note, he saw that it was the handwriting of Chen Chen.

“Zhang Ji, I found a good cultivation method in the Demon clan that will allow one to cultivate the Heaven Seizing Immortality Technique without an elixir field.”

“To practice this method, you need to plunder Heavenly Luck and internalize it. Simply put, it is the absorption of heavenly treasures.”

“I’ve read and found out that the more treasures you absorb, the more powerful you will be. In fact, and even each breakthrough of cultivation level requires specific heavenly treasures.”

“Well, I don’t lack any treasures so rest assured and cultivate well. You don’t have to worry about anything, the stuff in this storage ring is enough for you to cultivate to become as powerful as me.”

“Zhang Ji, you’re a lucky man, being under my wing me has limited your development. Now that I’m in the demon clan, you can let yourself go. Go become stronger and embark on a path of your own. Remember, our future goal is the galaxy!”

Looking at this short message, Zhang Ji was moved to tears.

‘Brother is in so much danger in the demon clan but he’s still thinking about me at such a juncture. He even gave me such a powerful legacy.’

‘Besides… he even chose to risk his life to give the storage ring to me in front of the Nascent Soul realm powerhouses just now. For that, he even went so far as to take a blow from a Core Formation powerhouse!’

‘This brotherhood…’

Zhang Ji wiped his tears and imagined the various hardships Chen Chen suffered, only to feel extremely touched. He couldn’t help but silently vow.

‘From now on, I must be a supreme powerhouse and be above all! Even if you have to suffer a lot, I will resort to all means!’

‘Only then can I repay Brother’s kindness!’

On the other hand, Chen Chen ran out five or six thousand meters away and he gradually slowed down. In the end, he even turned around to face the few Core Formation powerhouses who were chasing after him.

“Three early-stage Core Formation realm cultivators? You guys have belittled me.”

Chen Chen smiled calmly.

The Core Formation cultivator was horrified when he saw how composed Chen Chen was.

An ominous feeling surged in his heart and he wondered, ‘Could we have fallen into the trap?’

“Who are you? Are you the junior division master of the first division of the demon clan!?”

Chen Chen shook his head and chuckled. “No, I’m not only the junior division master of the first division of the demon clan, I’m also the future Clan Master of the Demon clan, and the King of the State of Chen! Aren’t I impressive!?!”

“King of the State of Chen?” The Core Formation cultivators were confused because they hadn’t heard of such a place before.

“Oh, I have decided to change the name of my country to the State of Chen after I unify the State of Jin and the State of Zhou in the future, what do you think? Does it sound good?” Chen Chen explained.

Their faces were flushed after hearing it!

They had seen shameless people before but not any ones that were as shameless as Chen Chen!

Just as they were boiling with fury and placing their attention on the shameless man in front of them, a figure suddenly appeared in the void with a bright beam of light!

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