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Chapter 1247: 1247
1247 Mother-In-Law And Daughter-In-Law Can Conquer The World Together Luo Jialan held Huo Xuenong’s hand as she lowered her head . She looked shy and bashful on the surface, but in reality her heart was beating wildly .

Although Huo Shaoheng was a stubborn person who often acted his own way and never listened to his parents and family’s opinions regarding work, marriage was different .

No matter how powerful a person was, they had to obtain the consent of their elders first for marriage .

Huo Shaoheng was a soldier, so this was especially important to him .

Luo Jialan was certain of this, and this was why she put all her hopes and efforts on Huo Xuenong . She finally beguiled him into becoming very dissatisfied with Gu Nianzhi and agreed to act as a “cover” for Huo Shaoheng’s fake marriage .

Furthermore, Huo Shaoheng hadn’t been married for so many years and didn’t have a girlfriend . Luo Jialan felt that Huo Shaoheng was very concerned about the opinions of his family .

This was all because his family had set their sights too high . Ordinary people and ordinary families never interested his family, and that was why Huo Shaoheng hadn’t had a girlfriend for so many years .

Huo Shaoheng was at a loss for words . He supported his head with one hand and leaned his elbow against the car window . He said calmly, “Grandfather, if you want her to marry me, she has to go through a strict political review first . Do you think she can pass the political review?”

“Why can’t she pass it?” Huo Xuenong’s face darkened . “Do you think I don’t know what a political review is? I’ve been on the military’s Supreme Council for so many years and have my own connections . I’ll make sure she passes the political review . ”

“Okay, then I’ll make sure she doesn’t pass the political review . ” Huo Shaoheng didn’t want to waste any more time arguing with him . He hung up the phone and turned to send a message to Yin Shixiong .

[ Major General Huo ] : Investigate Luo Jialan’s identity and background . From the moment she was born until now, there must be no omissions .

Yin Shixiong saw the message and was baffled for a long time before he finally remembered that “Huo Jialan” was Major General Huo’s cousin!

She was the daughter of Major General Huo’s uncle . Of course, she was only his adopted daughter instead of his biological daughter .

Yin Shixiong had known Luo Jialan’s conduct during Song Jinning’s lawsuit, so naturally he felt disdainful towards her .

She was ungratefully biting the hand that fed her . That person was her own elder, and she had been unable to protect herself because she was sick .

A person like her with such low morals was despised by many people back then .

Yin Shixiong immediately replied: Yes, Chief .

When Gu Nianzhi heard Huo Shaoheng on the phone, she asked in confusion,” … Major General Huo, does this Luo Jialan person want to marry you? Who’s Luo Jialan?”

Huo Shaoheng didn’t want to hide it from Gu Nianzhi, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so direct with her over the phone .

He said indifferently, “Huo Jialan changed her name . She removed herself from my uncle’s household register and took her mother’s surname . ”

Gu Nianzhi snapped back to reality . Her entire body froze, and her eyes widened in anger . “She wants to marry you?! What right does she have?!”

How dare she covet her man? ! Was she trying to pick a fight?!

Gu Nianzhi clenched her fists . Her little face grew tense as she said with a blank expression, “I think she forgot that Ms . Song’s lawsuit isn’t over yet . ”

After Song Jinning sued Bai Jinyi, the case of Song Jinning being abused by Huo Jialan will be reviewed .

However, Huo Jialan was quick-witted and immediately followed Grandfather Huo to the Xie family in Europe to “relax” . After more than a year, the case was temporarily put on hold .

Huo Shaoheng rubbed her head and smiled . ” … We will have to trouble lawyer Gu to handle the lawsuit . ”

Gu Nianzhi was relieved .

Otherwise, everyone would think they can manipulate his family’s dim-witted demented elders to blackmail him . Do they really think that Huo Shaoheng wouldn’t dare lay hands onGrandfather Huo?

After Gu Nianzhi received Huo Shaoheng’s permission, she immediately said, “There are two plaintiffs in this case . One is grandmother’s estate fund, and they want to sue Luo Jialan for illegally occupying the Huo family’s property . The other is Ms . Song . ”

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Gu Nianzhi paused and said word by word, “I want to sue Luo Jialan for attempted murder on Ms . Song’s behalf!”


Haha, that charge was too light . It wouldn’t be nearly enough to teach her a lesson that will be unforgettable for the rest of her life .

Objectively speaking, Luo Jialan’s abuse of Song Jinning belonged to the category of domestic violence . According to the extent of the case, she can only be sentenced to a maximum of three years in prison . Moreover, because Song Jinning wasn’t tortured to death, it was considered mental abuse; therefore, it was very likely that she would not even serve jailtime . All she would receive is an official warning .

However, things will be different if she was charged with attempted murder . The maximum penalty could be the death penalty .

Gu Nianzhi had previously felt that sueing Luo Jialan for abuse was going too easy on her . Since Luo Jialan was still being unrepentant and even had the delusional desire to marry Huo Shaoheng to avoid being sued and pursued for money, Gu Nianzhi couldn’t be blamed for mercilessly destroying her starry-eyed delusion .

Although suing Luo Jialan for “attempted murder” was more difficult than suing her for “abuse”, if it wasn’t difficult, how could it show that Gu Nianzhi had deep understanding of the law?

Gu Nianzhi smirked wickedly .

Huo Shaoheng curled his lips and looked at her sparkling eyes .

He loved it when Gu Nianzhi ambitiously showed off her talents . No matter how she was on the inside, she would be his most beloved darling…

“Yes, I’ll get the executor of the Estate Fund to sign the permit for you . As for Ms . Song, can you handle it yourself?” Huo Shaoheng asked her, then he sent a text message to Song Jinning to see if she could make calls over the wifi .

As far as he knew, Song Jinning was already in the isolated Birch forest in Tunguska, Siberia .

Song Jinning immediately replied to his message: What is it?

Huo Shaoheng breathed a sigh of relief and replied: Nianzhi will send you a message .

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Because Vladimir was listening attentively to their conversation, Huo Shaoheng did not want to reveal too much about his family matters in front of outsiders .

Gu Nianzhi also opened Song Jinning’s chat box on Wechat and sent her a message .

[ Nianzi Zaizi ] : Ms . Song, I have something to discuss with you . I hope you’ll agree to it .

Song Jinning was shocked by her courteous and diplomatic tone, and quickly replied .

[ Ms . Song ] : What’s wrong? Is it really little Nianzhi? Has her account been hacked?

[ Nianzi Zaizi ] : . .

[ Nianzi Zaizi ] : It’s like this . Luo Jialan, who used to go by the name Huo Jialan, convinced Grandfather Huo to marry Major General Huo in my place .

Song Jinning: Furious . JPG . What did you say?! That old dim-witted two-timing jackass who cheated on his wife and contributed to her death wants Huo Jialan to marry my son?! Nianzhi, wait a minute, I can’t take this!

Song Jinning switched out of and opened her contact list on her phone . She found Huo Guanchen’s number and called him .

She thought that Huo Xuenong dared to bring it up because that jerk Huo Guanchen came up with the idea .

Huo Guanchen was glaring at Huo Xuenong . “How could you say that to Shaoheng?! I already said I don’t agree!”

Huo Guanchen heard his phone ring again . He thought it was Huo Shaoheng calling, but when he looked down, it was actually Song Jinning . He immediately connected the call .

Before he could say anything, Song Jinning’s angry voicesounded from the phone . “Huo Guanchen! If you interfere with my son’s marriage again, I’ll make Shaoheng leave the Huo family too! ”

Huo Guanchen smiled wryly . ” … I didn’t agree . Don’t worry, they won’t be able to get past me . ”

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Song Jinning: ” … ”

“You didn’t agree? The old man acted on his own?”

“What do you think? I’m not even satisfied with Nianzhi . Do you think I’ll be satisfied with Luo Jialan?” Huo Guanchen lowered his voice to comfort Song Jinning . “Jinning, don’t be angry . I’ll never let Luo Jialan marry Shaoheng . ”

Song Jinning pondered for a moment and said, “Is the old man here? Let me talk to the old man . ”

“Yes, Luo Jialan is here too . ” Huo Guanchen saw that Luo Jialan and Huo Xuenong’s eyes were gleaming as if they wanted to leave, so he simply pressed the speakerphone and handed the phone to Huo Xuenong, “Speak, it’s Jinning . I’ve turned on the speakerphone, so everyone can hear . ”

Huo Xuenong saw that he couldn’t dodge the bullet anymore, so he coughed and said, “Jinning, the thing is, you…”

“Don’t talk like that, Grandfather Huo . We’re not close . ” Song Jinning was furious . “Head nurse Zhang is waiting for you in prison . Do you want to reunite with her in prison?!”

These words rubbed salt on Huo Xuenong’s wound, so he was furious . ” … How dare you talk to me like that?!”

Knowing that Huo Guanchen had turned on the speakerphone, Song Jinning ignored him and spoke to Luo Jialan, “And you, Luo Jialan . We haven’t settled the score yet . Do you think that I’m as senile as Grandfather Huo? Have you forgotten what you’ve done to me?!”

Luo Jialan was so scared that she started to tremble . She stood next to Huo Xuenong as she said in a trembling voice, “Grandfather, I didn’t mean to do that . I did it to avenge my mother…”

“How can a person who doesn’t even save her own mother avenge her own mother? Luo Jialan, not everyone is your mother, who still has to spoil and coax you no matter how outrageous you are . ” Song Jinning said coldly, “I won’t say anything further . Just wait for my lawyer’s letter . ”

Song Jinning hung up the phone and immediately sent a message to Gu Nianzhi .

[ Ms . Song ] : Little Nianzhi, I have full authority to entrust you as my lawyer . You can sue Luo Jialan however you want .

Is there anything in this world that they can’t do? A lawsuit that they can’t fight?

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