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Chapter 1248: 1248
Chapter 1248 Kicked Out The Door Gu Nianzhi’s anger that was building up was finally vented after obtaining Song Jinning’s permission . She immediately found a template for a lawyer’s attorney contract from her cloud folder and sent it to Song Jinning . [ Nez Here ] : Ms . Song, sign the attorney contract, scan it, and send it to my email . The rest is up to me . Wait for my lawyer letter and court summon .

Song Jinning was very confident in Gu Nianzhi’s professionalism .

She replied immediately .

[ Ms . Song ] : Okay, I’ll sign it right away . Are you coming to Tunguska with Shaoheng? I can give it to you in person .

Gu Nianzhi: ” … ”

Damn it, she was so excited moments before that she forgot that Song Jinning was in Tunguska, Siberia, Russia, and not in the High Energy Physics Institute, in Huaxia Empire’s imperial capital .

Gu Nianzhi quickly typed in a series of small emojis with the words “happy . JPG” and sent them over .

In the Huaxia Empire, the Huo family’s mansion in the imperial capital’s military compound, Huo Guanchen coldly glared at Huo Xuenong, who was about to collapse, and said bluntly, “If you interfere with Shaoheng’s personal affairs again, I won’t go easy on you anymore . ”

Huo Xuenong had just been reprimanded by Song Jinning because of head nurse Zhang, so he was already fuming with rage . He threw his crutch to the ground, “You won’t go easy on me? What are you going to do about it?! I’m your father! Do you think you can have a future after throwing your own father under the bus? ! I think you, the director of the political department, will also be back-stabbed by others as well! ”

“Haha… ” Huo Guanchen laughed . “You’re my biological father, but I still have my biological mother . For the sake of my biological father, I’ve kept many things from the Xie family all these years . You didn’t think that just because I didn’t tell them all these years, I wasn’t aware, right? ”

Huo Xuenong shuddered at the mention of the Xie family . He actually didn’t dare use the excuse of being his father on Huo Guanchen anymore .

His eyes wandered, and he stammered, “Keep… Keep what secret? I’ve already told the Xie family that I’ve wronged your mother . What else do they want?”

“Do you think a simple apology is enough?” Huo Guanchen snorted, and Luo Jialan’s eyes darted around quickly . Huo Guanchen didn’t want her to eavesdrop, so he didn’t continue, and simply said, “I don’t know what they want, but I know that a few of my uncles are still alive . They had great relationships with my mother . When my mother passed away, they were so angry that they all fell sick . You know that . ”

Huo Xuenong: ” … ”

“I still have the same stance . You’ve already retired, so enjoy your retirement at home . No one will make things difficult for you . ” Huo Guanchen said coldly . “But if you want to meddle in other people’s affairs, think about whether you have the right or not . ”

His words were already very serious . Huo Xuenong was so angry that his face turned livid .

Luo Jialan quickly held his arm and said worriedly, “Grandfather, are you feeling unwell? Let’s go back to your room and call the doctor to check on you . ”

Huo Xuenong nodded weakly and closed his eyes .

Huo Guanchen stopped them . “Luo Jialan, you’re no longer a member of the Huo family . Besides, you have a lawsuit with my ex-wife . It’s not appropriate for you to stay here . Please pack your things and leave our house immediately . ”

She was living in his house and eating his food yet spending his family’s money to abuse his ex-wife and even wants to marry his son… Hehe, did she really think that he, Huo Guanchen, was that much of a dim-witted pushover?

Luo Jialan didn’t expect that Huo Guanchen, who had always doted on her, would be so merciless and disdainful of ger .

She couldn’t hold back her tears and said in a choked voice, “Uncle, aren’t you afraid of what my father from Heaven will think of you treating me like this?”

“Your father? Your father has nothing to do with me . ” Huo Guanchen had always doted on Luo Jialan because he thought she was his dead brother’s only child .

He doted on her because he was doing his brother a favor .

It was also because of the lawsuit last year that he realized that Luo Jialan, whom he had doted on for so many years, wasn’t his brother’s daughter at all .

Only then did Luo Jialan realize that in order to successfully marry Huo Shaoheng, she had to remove herself from the Huo family’s household register and dissociate herself from Huo Guanyuan . She even changed her name to Luo Jialan, following her mother’s surname .

She thought that these efforts would clear the obstacles perventing her from marrying Huo Shaoheng .

However, Huo Guanchen’s reaction was unexpected .

Luo Jialan looked at Huo Guanchen with a conflicted expression, and asked him again, “Are you really that heartless? I’ve been a part of this family for more than 20 years . I was born a member of the Huo family . Are you really going to kick me out?”

Huo Guanchen was even more disgusted by these words .

” … You say that you were born a member of the Huo family and have always thought of yourself as a member of the Huo family, but how could you come up with such a shady idea such as marrying your own cousin? … Tell me, how do you think of yourself as a member of the Huo family … —— Keep you here?… if we keep you here, our family wouldn’t be at peace . You’ll drive a wedge between our father and son relationship, and our family will be separated… ! ”

Huo Guanchen rarely said such harsh words, but Luo Jialan’s actions had stepped on his bottom line .

If only Song Jinning and Huo Guanyuan were involved, Huo Guanchen could still bite the bullet . However, since Luo Jialan dared to involve his son in her scheme and tried to put his son in a disadvantageous position, he absolutely couldn’t tolerate it .

At Huo Guanchen’s age, love and affection weren’t as important as the relationship between father and son .

Besides, he had already lost Song Jinning . How could he lose Huo Shaoheng too?

Luo Jialan was so embarrassed by Huo Guanchen’s words that she burst into tears, and said, “Are you trying to make fun of me? When I said I was a member of the Huo family, I meant that I had always thought of myself as a member of the Huo family . But I’m not related to Shaoheng by blood . Why can’t I marry him? If my father was still alive, he would definitely agree! You’re bullying me because I don’t have parents!”

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“Hehe… ” Huo Guanchen kicked the coffee table in the middle of the living room in frustration . “If my big brother was still alive and knew that you were abusing… Song Jinning,don’t you think he would beat you to death? ! ”

Luo Jialan didn’t know how hot-tempered his big brother was and how sturdy he was, but Huo Guanchen knew it all too well .

His brother, Huo Guanyuan, had been the champion of the Army’s grand tournament when he was 20 years old . He had carried flags for the army multiple times .

Not only was his marksmanship accurate, but he could operate all kinds of weapons . He also knew how to fly fighter jets and tanks . He also excelled in hand-to-hand combat .

In one of the Army’s grand tournaments, he had fought with a national martial arts champion in the ring and nearly strangled him to death during a grapple .

Huo Guanchen had always looked up to this big brother .

Later, he gave birth to his own son, Huo Shaoheng . He realized that his son’s talent rivaled that of his big brother’s, and even surpassed him . Putting meticulous effort into raising him strictly, he had placed all his hopes on Huo Shaoheng, and he had never been as kind and pleasant to him like an ordinary father would . He wanted nothing more than for him to surpass his big brother as soon as possible . .

However, before his son could grow up, his older brother passed away .

From the day his older brother died, Huo Guanchen truly started to mature to bear the burden of his family . He also took good care of his older brother’s wife and daughter .

“No way! My father cares about me the most! He would never hit me because of another woman! ” Deep inside, Luo Jialan also yearned for her father’s love .

However, when she was young, always on missions, Huo Guanyuan was away from home all year round .

Luo Jialan’s impression of him was very vague, but that didn’t stop her from treating Huo Guanyuan as her father .

Moreover, Huo Guanyuan was really good to her . His will stated that half of his assets would go to her mother, Luo Xinxue .

After Luo Xinxue passed away, all of this fell into Luo Jialan’s hands .

After so many years, the proceeds had long since become a considerable fortune .

Last year, Song Jinning had suddenly recovered from her illness and sued Bai Jinyi into getting jailtime .

It was also revealed that Luo Jialan wasn’t Huo Guanyuan’s biological daughter . At that time, she initially wanted to leave the Huo family with her own funds and start her own family to live on her own .

Gu Nianzhi had said that she would be held accountable for her mistreatment of Song Jinning and for taking back the funds left behind by the grandmother of the Xie family . That was why she had been so desparate .

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She couldn’t lose the funds, nor could she afford to get involved in a lawsuit . .

It was fortunate that the Zhang family had caused trouble at that time, and Grandfather Huo had been heartbroken, so she had the opportunity to take care of him and cajole him into going to Europe with her . She wanted to apologize to the Xie family and at the same time relax . .

She had been preparing for almost a year . She didn’t expect that not only would Song Jinning object, but Huo Guanchen, who had always treated her like his daughter, would also object!

“Hehe, whether my big brother will hit you or not depends on what you’ve done . My big brother is a person who keeps his work and his personal life separate . ” Huo Guanchen curled his lips in disdain, then he waved his hand and ordered, “Guards! Go up and collect all of Luo Jialan’s belongings and let her take them away . After five minutes, I don’t want to see this person or this person’s belongings in my house anymore . ”

“Yes, Sir! ”

Huo Guanchen’s guards, of course, only listened to Huo Guanchen’s orders .

“Uncle Huo, are you serious?” Luo Jialan’s face darkened . “I’ll ask you again . Are you really going to kick me out for Gu Nianzhi and Huo Shaoheng?”

Huo Guanchen didn’t answer her at all . He sat down on the sofa and didn’t even look up from the newspaper .

“I hope you won’t regret what you said today, ” Luo Jialan said harshly and ran up to pack her things .

Huo Xuenong wanted to stop Luo Jialan, but when he saw Huo Guanchen’s expression and thought about the Xie family, he was cowered so he simply retreated upstairs with his cane .

Five minutes later, five to six luggages of various sizes were thrown out of the Huo family’s door .

A guard drove over in a pickup truck and sent her and her boxes out of the military compound .

“Miss Luo, where are you going? ” The guard was still very polite to Luo Jialan .

Luo Jialan also had her own residence in the capital, but she didn’t want to go back now . She said stiffly, “Drop me off at the hotel nearby . ”

She arrogantly had the guard send all her luggage to the hotel room before saying, “Go back and tell your chief that I’ll still return to see my grandfather if I have the chance . ”

The guard scoffed and turned to leave without saying another word .

Luo Jialan was so infuriated by the guard that she almost fainted .

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She had just left the Huo family home, but these lowly soldiers were already giving her a hard time!

Gritting her teeth as she watched the guard leave, Luo Jialan snorted coldly and slammed the door shut with a loud bang .

The scenery on the highway from Moscow to Siberia was beautiful .

In early summer, everything grew and flowers bloomed .

Gu Nianzhi opened her eyes and looked at the scenery outside the window . She was in a great mood .

The car drove day and night until they arrived at Yekaterina Castle . This was a city named after Empress Yekaterina .

The surroundings were full of lush white birch forests . The sky was as blue as a transparent sapphire . In the distance, the forest was like a natural oil painting .

Gu Nianzhi stretched and said to Huo Shaoheng, who had just opened his eyes, “Good Morning . ”

The driver was snoring loudly in the front row . Vladimir, who was driving, glared at him in disgust . He was about to shake him to wake up when he suddenly caught a glimpse of a person in the Birch forest by the roadside .

With his years of professional KGB experience, Vladimir’s intuition told him that something was wrong .

But then he remembered that this was the KGB’s car . There were probably only a few people in Russia who dared to openly oppose the KGB?

Still considering whether to stop and find a place to eat breakfast or continue driving, Huo Shaoheng noticed the situation in the Birch forest by the roadside .

He was more vigilant than Vladimir .

He turned to take a look, then his pupils suddenly dilated . He quickly said in Russian, “Speed up! Get down!”

As a natural reflex, Vladimir stepped on the accelerator and slid down the car seat .

Huo Shaoheng rushed over and hugged Gu Nianzhi at the same time . They both laid down in the back seat .

Just then, a few dull gunshots came from the Birch forest .

The bullet was like a rapidly rotating probe . It instantly broke the bulletproof glass on the left side of the jeep, then flew out of the right window and pierced the entire jeep!

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