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"Let’s first try buying one."

Ye Xiaochen did not hesitate, and directly bought one seed of the wind immortal grass.

The seed was small, not much bigger than the sesame seed, and its whole body was black.

He looked again at the method of planting the wind immortal grass.

"Wind immortal grass belongs to the water attribute immortal plants, fortunately, this kind of immortal grass has Spirit transformation Characteristic, even if it does not have water attribute environment, it could still grow, but the growing speed will be very slow."

After looking carefully at the seed, Ye Xiaochen couldn't help but breath a sigh of relief.

Ten millions of immortal plants, each of them have different characteristics.

Like immortal carrots, immortal radish, all belong to non-attribute immortal plants, as long as there was immortal soil, it could be planted.

Immortal beans were divided into many types according to the different attribute; like immortal yellow bean belongs to soil attribute, immortal red bean belongs to fire attribute. They require a specific environment for growth.

The immortal red beans could only grow in the fire environment, otherwise, it won't take root and grow at all.

This kind of immortal plant which requires the help of external environments attribute belongs to non-transformation immortal plant types.

What was Spirit transformation? It was to have the ability to automatically convert non-attribute immortal qi into their own attribute immortal qi.

Like the Fusang tree, it belongs to this kind.

The wind immortal tree also belongs to this kind.

Because of this, the value of Spirit transformation was higher than the non-transformation type.

As for the non-attribute immortal plants, they belong to the lowest kind of immortal plants.

Like immortal carrots, immortal radish, in addition, to take it as food, there was almost no other use for them.

Thinking till here, Ye Xiaochen put the wind immortal grass seed into the boiler and let it soak in the immortal medicinal liquid.

After finishing all this, he took a sigh of relief, then he picked the Shennong system introduction guide and started to read it again, wanting to get more information about the wind immortal grass.

Only with more detail could he be able to cultivate it better.

This concerns with whether he can treat Wang Xinyi's ear problem or not, he cannot be careless in this matter.

He looked at it for a long time

Ye Xiaochen yawned and suddenly felt sleepy. He picked up the phone and saw that it was already 1:00 am.

"Hey, there is notification in the WeChat?"

He was surprised, he opened the WeChat and saw it was from Li Tingting.

Looking at the time, it has already been more than two hours.

He couldn’t help but wryly smile, he didn't expect to notice. He guessed that the other side has already fallen asleep, and now sending WeChat would be meaningless.

However, he still sent a reply, he said that he was busy and did not see information, he was sorry about it and so on.

The next morning Li Tingting woke up and saw there was a message from Ye Xiaochen, she couldn’t help lightly snort, he let her wait for so long time, so she was very resentful for it.

"I'll let you wait first."

Li Tingting decided to revenge and did not rush to reply.

She would wait for Ye Xaicohen to text her again.

Ye Xiaochen naturally does not know about Li Tingting’s thought. After getting up in the morning, he forgot about sending a message to Li Tingting.

He was busy with picking up vegetables and fruits and Delivering it to Yang market, then on the way, he went to Wang Xinyi.

It was afternoon when he got back to the farm.

He had lunch at Wang Shusheng's villa again.

However, Wang Shuisheng was not at home, Wang Xinyi personally cooked for him. Ye Xiaochen was in happiness!

At home, he was still thinking about the scene in Wang Shuisheng's villa, two people sitting face to face and eating ….

The only regret was the food cooked by Wang Xinyi was really bad, in rice, there was more water and was almost like porridge.

As for the vegetables, there was too much salt in it.

Anyway, it was still great for a girl who has never cooked before.

At least she was willing to cook for him.

That was enough.

In the afternoon, Ye Xiaochen was busy with planting all the immortal radish seeds and immortal bean seeds in the immortal land.

Like the previous time, he did the same thing, he put green manure for some seed, fertilizers for some seed and nothing for some seeds.

Because every time there were lots of radish leaves and immortal bean sprouts were left, it was best for making green manure.

The previous planting experience has shown that the effect of green manure on this immortal plants was very good.

When Ye Xiaochen was planting, he left a small piece of the area of immortal land free, especially to use it for planting the wind immortal grass.

As the wind immortal grass also has the seizing property, the other immortal plants need to be far from it.

Fortunately, now Ye Xiaochen has five immortal lands, his choice was very large.

Not easy!

Looking at the things he had accumulated for the past few months, he felt a sense of pride.

He looked at the twenty-six seedlings of immortal beans planted in the other side.

They were already full of bean pods.

Nevertheless, the difference could be seen, the immortal beans bought from the store looked better.

The seeds of the immortal yellow beans have deteriorated after planting, with yield decreased by at least a quarter and the bean pods were also less.

So he still has to buy the seeds from the store. Unless he improves the seeds from his own planting, otherwise, it was not worth it.

However, this was a long time process. If he always relies on the store, then he wouldn’t be able to live up to Shennong name.

One day he has to become self-sufficient.

Suddenly, his mobile phone rang up, he took out to look. It was from Li Jiaren.

He remembered about the things he talked with Li Jiaren last time.

After being very busy, he forgot about it.

Obviously, Li Jiaren has asked how he thinks about it.

In fact, Ye Xiaochen felt that working with them was not a bad thing.

However, the division of interest was important.

He has little experience in business, and naturally, he was not an opponent of Li Jiaren. He said he would consider, but in fact, it was also his strategy. As long as he does not agree, they won't be able to carry out their plans.

In this way, the initiative was in his hands.

Of Course, it was necessary to talk to them about it once.

Ye Xaicohen immediately pressed the answer button and had a lot of talk about cooperation with Li Jiaren.

"Brother Li, let’s talk about it in two days."

Li Jiaren listened to Ye Xiaochen talks and was surprised. He immediately said, "Great, brother Ye, I will inform others, the time is set for tomorrow, as for the venue, it will be Lin's private restaurant."


Ye Xiaochen didn't say much.

The two chatted for a while and then hung the phone.

Ye Xiaochen shook his head, not knowing what would happen at tomorrow's meeting.

He was a bit nervous. He was not very good at business.

However, there is always a first time.

As he was thinking, he suddenly remembered a crucial thing.

He had not yet contacted Li Tingting.

Contacting with Li Tingting cannot be dragged, he should make some progress.

Immediately, he sent a message.

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