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In Shashi City, China cultural relic research library.

Li Tingting was looking for a book in the bookshelf.

Suddenly, her mobile vibrated. She took it out, quickly entered the password in one hand and opened WeChat.

Seeing it was from Ye Xiaocehn, her mouth corners slightly rose up, she softly snorted "After a long time replying in WeChat, forget it. This young lady is very generous, I will forgive you this time."

She has no thought of giving cold treatment to Ye Xiaochen, if the other side disappears, then she would die of depression.

She was heartbroken, in order to wait for the reply in WeChat.

"Yes, what is the matter?"

With her back against the bookshelf, she quickly sent the text message.

On the other side, Ye Xiaochen saw Li Tingting's message and immediately replied, "Am I disturbing you?"

"You say the matter, this young lady is very busy…"

Li Tingting typed the message and was about to send, but suddenly she shook her head and hurriedly delete the line and retyped, "No, I was tired from reading and wanted to take a break. What are you doing? "

"I have just finished planting the vegetables."

Ye Xiaochen replied.

"Planting vegetables? Are there fields where you live?"

Li Tingting was very surprised.

She has been living in the city from an early age, so she doesn't know much about the situation in the countryside, even after studying archaeology and often following his grandfather around different archaeological sites.

"Of course. I'm in the countryside and there are lots of lands. Currently, I am running a farm.."

When Ye Xiaochen saw Li Tingting's reply, he couldn’t help but laugh.

"No, you are running a farm? Aren't you a botanist? Why are you planting vegetables and not doing research?"

Li Tingting was very curious about Ye Xiaochen.

So young and has a high achievement in the field of botany.

It was not something which could be only achieved through talent. It also requires lots of hard work.

This was true for every expert in the industry.

Just take the example of herself, her family background was good, her grandfather was a senior archaeologist and she was very interested in this field. She majored in archaeology and now after graduation, she was doing archaeological research with her grandfather.

Despite her superior archaeological environment, she still has so much to learn

"Who said I am a botanist? My main business is farming. I am a farmer"

Ye Xiaochen replied.


Li Tingting couldn’t help laughing.

The two people gradually began to chat.

"You're lying, a general undergraduate course student, did not do graduation in any botany related field and relying on farming became a self-taught genius, you are deceiving whom!"

When Li Tingting saw Ye Xiaochen's message, she thought Ye Xiaochen was fooling her.

"Well, I will tell you the truth. I was the top scorer in the southern science college entrance examination, then I went to Peking University. Afterward went to Cambridge University and studied in the branch of agricultural sciences as a postgraduate student… "

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes, immediately his fingers started typing and soon he sent a large paragraph of text.

In the library, Li Tingting couldn't help but cover her mouth to suppress her laughter. She didn't believe it. This was obviously made up.

"You continue to brag."

Li Tingting send the message.

"Look at you, I said so much you didn't believe, in that case, whatever I say you will not believe, what do you want me to say?"

Ye Xiaochen helplessly replied.

"Do not say that, by the way, I heard from my grandfather that Academician Yang and other experts are going to visit you and have an exchange in the field of botany. Have you received any news from them?"

Li Tingting changed the subject.

Able to make so many top botanical experts take initiative to ask for advice, such treatment is unique in the world.

If it was found out that Academician Yang and others went down for inspection, just to see a young man and ask for his advice, then I am afraid that it would shock the whole world.

When she thinks of this scene, there was a kind of impulse to go over and look at the man who has left such a deep influence in her heart. How many top botanist would come to the door for his advice and talk together and joke?

Unfortunately, she was in the field of archaeology, and the field of the plant was totally different and not related to each other!

In her heart, there was some helplessness. If she had chosen a plant field at the beginning?

Perhaps, she could have openly found him.

"No. They didn't tell me anything."

Ye Xiaochen replied.

Academician Yang and others were coming for him, he felt helplessness.

They were coming with so big fanfare to find him, won’t this put him on fire?

Can't you guys keep a low profile?

It was now widely known that the top botanical experts  were coming to visit, do not know how many people would be acting once they hear the news

At this time, if Academician Yang and others come to find him, could he be able to maintain low key?


Their first chat was over, Li Tingting sent a message that she was busy with something.

Ye Xiaochen wanted to ask about the pendant, but he thought it was better to stabilize first.

Jing County.

This meeting was held for only one purpose, that was to strive for the experts’ group to come to Jing county and inspect their agricultural construction.

This was a great opportunity to promote Jing County.

Jing County was not an agricultural county, but on the agricultural machinery, it was considered leading among other cities.

Now Jing County was doing wide publicity advertisements and wrote slogans to create a strong agricultural machinery county.

The Yang City belongs to the prefecture-level city of the province, under its jurisdiction there was three districts, two small cities, and two counties.

On the economic strength, the Jing county was not that outstanding.

Therefore, it was not easy to bring the group of experts in the county for inspection.

Although the county government had already sent the first team, now the competition was too fierce.

Each county and city were showing their special talents.

Finally, after the decision, the deputy county head personally led the team to Yang city to launch out a series of operational activities.

Those who followed the team not only contained the people from government department but also were some leading figures in other fields.

For example, the boss of the industrial and commercial sector, the chairman of the private school; in a word as long as there were people with some power, even if it had nothing to do with botany, wanted to squeeze in.

In this way, a spectacular team went to Yang city.

And such team was not only in the Jing county but was also in other counties and cities of the Yang city.

The expert group composed of Academician and other top botanist were still inspecting the Xiang city.

They were suffering, as the Xiang city head had taken great pains to retain them for a few days.

Academician Yang and others were absent-minded, their hearts were already on the Yang city.

The welcoming team of Yang city had already arrived.

Xiang city in order to retain the experts’ group tried various measure and prevented the working team of the Yang city to contact the expert group, just like anti-spy.

Wherever the working team of Yang city went, there would be someone of Xiang city's to closely supervise them. The Xiang city's government also kept the experts schedule highly confidential. It was just like cat and mouse.

It was very difficult to prevent the working group of Yang city to meet experts group.

Moreover, the expert group also wanted to leave early.

In this way, the Yang city' team and experts group meeting were inevitable.

Very quickly, the experts’ group made a decision and immediately followed Yang City team and headed for the yang city.

The Xiang city's people were very angry, they couldn't wait to expel this yang city's working group.

Especially, there were many companies and institutions who spent a great amount of money to obtain the quota for preliminary inspection, but because of the working team, the experts did not come.

The bosses of these company and institution were literally vomiting blood.

Of course, they couldn't pin their anger on the experts’ group and they didn’t have the guts to do so!

They hated Yang city!

In this way, the hatred between the Yang city and the Xiang city hatred was so confusing that was forged because of experts groups inspection.

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