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"Does Mr. Ye Xiaochen wants to lit this oil smeared tree with a cigarette lighter?"

Li Yang couldn't help asking.

Burning the Fusang tree, would it really work?

Won't the whole the will burn down and turn to dust?

It was a crazy idea.

Fusang tree was a national treasure.

Once it was burned, who would take the responsibility?

If it was decaying naturally, nothing could be done about it, but now Ye Xiaochen wants to burn the Fusang tree.

A sane person would definitely not agree.

"If I am not going to lit, what will I do with lighter and oil?"

Ye Xiaochen saw the expressions of the crowd, he could not help but smile and said: "In fact, you don’t' have to worry about it, the fire will not burn the Fusang tree"

"It's a tree, not aa iron"

Academician Yang's face almost burning with anger

Other people don't know whether they should laugh or cry.

Li Tingting suddenly felt, should she really believe in Ye Xiaochen?

"Mr. Li, you decide. If you don't want me to lit the tree, I will leave now.i have spent a lot of money on this medicine. You have to compensate me for that."

Ye Xiaochen shrugged his shoulders.

Igniting the Fusang tree could be considered really frightening.

It was a pity he couldn't get a piece of Fusang tree.

If Li Yang was really unwilling, then he as no choice.

This Fusang tree was a national treasure. He can't grab it, as he still doesn't have such ability.

Li Yang was hesitating.

His heart was in turmoil.

He really wanted to save the Fusang tree!

However, if he let Ye  Xiaochen do his work, won't Fusang tree would burn to ashes?

Won’t he become a national criminal?

"Ye Xiaochen, can you guarantee it?"

Li Yang suddenly looked at Ye Xiaochen and asked in a serious voice

Li Tingting was really surprised and looked at her grandfather. She knows his personality.

After the Mawangdui tomb excavation, only Grandfather insisted that this Li Cang's tomb was not the original tomb.

Who believed him at that time?

Finally, Grandfather studied archaeology alone for more than a decade before finally excavating the real tomb.

She wanted to stop her grandfather, after all, it was a too big risk.

However, when she wanted to open her mouth, she couldn't open and looked at Ye Xiaochen with a strange feeling that she should believe him once.

"Guarantee. Well, I can give you a guarantee, the question is whether are you ready to believe in me or not."

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

"Ye Xiaochen, I have to remind you that this Fusang tree is a national treasure.if it burns to ashes, you will be held responsible. Of Course, including me, this is not something you can afford."

Li Yang said in a serious tone.

This was not a small matter.

It was something that was related to the future.

For this Fusang tree, even the central government attaches importance to it.

Otherwise, how could top Chinese botanist like Academician come here in person?

"Director Li, are you really going to believe him?"

Academician Yang said with a frown. He was puzzled.

This method obviously does not conform to scientific common sense, he wondered why Li Yang was agreeing?

"For us archaeologist, the value of the antiques is not in itself, but the past and history it carries. If we do not study it, it is just a dead object, then what will be the value of  the antique?"

Li Yang was emotional and said, "If as Mr.Ye Xiaochen Said, the dead tree would decay into ashes, then I would rather try and bear the blame. I will give anything for the chance of the tree's survival."

"All right, since director Li has agreed, I will also agree. if there really happen an accident, we will take the blame together."

After hearing Li Yang's words, Academician Yang was in awe.

Li Yang was made in the pursuit of researching cultural relics.

Academician Yang was as crazy as for plants.

Otherwise, he wouldn't be having today's achievement.

In that case, why not take the gamble?

If he wins the bet, they could keep the unique Fusang tree?

If they lost the bet?

Who cares.

The other people on the scene were silent.

Of course, they were not going to stop them.

As even Li Yang and Academician YAng have agreed, it would be useless to stop.

Jiang Ping looked at Li Yang and Academician Yang, he wanted to say something, but he didn’t open his mouth.

"I am also willing to bear the responsibility."

Zhang Keqin suddenly opened his mouth and said.

He really believes in Ye Xiaochen's ability.

"I also agree."

Li Tingting summoned the courage inside her and said.

She was feeling that Ye Xiaochen could really cure the Fusang tree.

It was really a strange intuition.

"You guys?"

Ye Xiaochen was a little surprised, he did not expect that Li Yang would have such courage.

He would rather lose his future and reputation instead of not trying it.

What surprised him more was the decisive response of Academician Yang.

It seems that he really underestimated these old-timers.

He was suddenly touched by their feeling.

"Thanks for your trust. I will not let it down."

Ye Xiaochen's face became serious.

Now, he was burdened with a heavy responsibility of not only saving Fusang tree but also Li Yang’s trust.

Soon, president Jiang Ping went out and brought the lighter inside the glasshouse.


Ye took a deep breath and took the lighter. Under the eyes of the crowd, he walked under the Fusang tree.

Even if he has 100 percent success, he was still under the pressure.


The fire didn't come out.

"President Jiang, please fill the glasshouse with oxygen."

Ye Xiaochen shook his head looked at President Jiang Ping.

Everyone's heart was in stop, waiting for YE Xiaochen to lit the oil.

Suddenly when they heard Ye Xiaochen word it was like coming out of the dream.

The oxygen concentration in the glasshouse was too low to even lit a lighter, let alone igniting the Fusang tree.


Without any hesitation, Jiang Ping ran out of the glasshouse again.

After some time, Ye Xiaochen took off his oxygen mask.

He took a breath, there was no difference from outside.

When other saw him, they also took off their oxygen mask.


Finally, flame came out from lighter.

Ye Xiaochen first lit a piece of paper and put it under the Fusang tree.

Quickly, the thick oil on Fusang tree started igniting.

In the blink of the eye, the fire rose and covered the whole tree.

The flame was very strange, it was in purple color.

The people in the room were very tensed.

Li Yang and Academician Yang's eyes with concentration were staring at Fusang tree.

It was related to their future reputation.

Although, when they made the decision they were determined, in fact, they were very nervous.

The oil on the Fusang tree was burning without a sound and was covered with the purple flame.

After a few minutes, the purple flame faded away.

It was not going to continue to burn?

Many people were shocked.

The fire was very big, though it was caused due to oil, the wood should have still been burning.

However, currently, the tree was not burning?

What does it mean?

It means that that Fusang tree was really not afraid of fire!

What was more strange they found some changes in the Fusang tree. Before, the reddish color on it was very bleak, but now it was red like a burning copper.

They were surprised.

This Fusang tree was really amazing.

Li Yang, Academician Yang, Zhang keqin, and Li Tingting were secretly relieved, they knew that their bet was right.

Immediately, they were pleasantly surprised.

What does it mean?

It means that Ye Xiaochen's method was effective.

In any case, the Fusang tree didn't burn as Ye Xiaochen said.

"Mr. Ye Xiaochen, what should we do next?"

There was a change in Director Li's tone, there was a vague expectation in it.

Everyone was looking at him.

Without saying any word, Ye Xiaochen walked towards the Fusang tree and gently touched it.

Other people’s face quickly changed, the Fusang tree was just ignited, the temperature should be very high. Wouldn’t the human get burned?

However, Ye Xiaochen didn't feel anything.

He closed his eyes.

Released his spirit.

Tried to communicate with Fusang tree's awareness.

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