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A+ A- Chapter 69

The dish was put on the table.

After Lin Qiang and other people saw what was in the dish, they were directly dumbfounded.

Seven slices of cucumber.

Each slice of the cucumber was as thin as cicada’s wings.

“This, this is what you call the peerless delicacy?”

Wang Jiang rolled his eyes.

Although the aroma was really tempting, he didn’t think it was coming from this seven slices of cucumber.

“Old Hui, are you trying to entertain us with this cucumber?”

“Granted that it is cucumber, there should many pieces. Why there are so few pieces?”

“However, what is this smell, it’s so sweet and I feel my mouth watering.”

“Yes, I wasn’t hungry before, but now I feel like I can eat a whole pot of rice.”

Everyone was saying something.

“Hehe, what I meant by delicious delicacy was this cucumber.However, it was not a common cucumber, but should be called super pickled cucumber.”

Wang Pinghui said in a mysterious tone.

“Pickled cucumber?I say old hHui, do you think that we have not eaten pickled cucumber?In my family jar, there is enough to make you full.”

The young man with a dragon tattoo on his farm laughingly said.

“Oh, don’t you smell the aroma? Gee, have you ever smelled such sweet smell before? This smell is coming from the pickled cucumber.”

Wang Pinghui shook his head and smiled, then he stretched out chopsticks and picked a slice of cucumber and smelled it.His face revealed drunken feeling, then next moment he gently put into his mouth and chewed it.

An unspeakable taste filled his whole mouth, which was magnified by his taste buds.

Wang Pinghui’s face expression revealed intoxication look

“Damn, seeing your expression, as if you took some powder, do you need to be so exaggerating?”

(Tl: I think here powder might refer to drugs)

Lin Qiang couldn’t help but say.

“ No, no, no, it is one thousand times more wonderful than powder, ah, if you don’t want to eat it, don’t eat. You do not know, in order to treat you with such delicious pickled cucumber, how much psychologically I have struggled!”

Wang Pinghui narrowed his eyes and said.

“Well? “

Others were stunned.

“Then I’ll try.”

The young man with a dragon tattoo on his arm felt more and more hungry, he picked up a slice of the cucumber and put in in front of his nose, just from the smell his saliva was flowing out.

He didn’t think much and directly put it in his mouth.

There was an expression of horror on his face.

“How, is it not good?”

Other people asked.

“I ate too fast.”

The youth swallowed his saliva, he really ate too fast, when that unspeakable taste just broke out, he swallowed it down.

It was very memorable.

His eyes shone and he immediately looked at other slices of the cucumber in the plate.

Just as he was trying to reach it with his chopstick, other people had already reacted and stretched out their pair of chopsticks, in the blink of an eye, the plate completely became empty.


The young man directly burst out in the foul language and then stared at Wang Pinghui. ”Old do you have any more? Quickly take it out, your father do you want to be extremely greedy ?”

“No, really this was the last.”

Wang Pinghui said and shrugged his shoulders.

It just arrived yesterday and he has lots in his hands, however, he would be slowly enjoying it later.

After all, in one month he could only buy three packs!

At this moment, others were eating the slices of cucumber, and thei

r facial expression was not much different from the young man with a tattoo on his arm.

“Oh my god, what is this pickled cucumber! it is so delicious.”

“ Ah, after eating so delicious pickle, can I eat other dishes in the future?”

“Yes, now my mouth is full of pickled cucumber taste, I guess in future I will not have any appetite for other things.”

“Old Hui, where did you get this pickle?”

“Quickly, Tell me.”

Lin Qiang and other people with hot eyes looked at Wang Pinghui and hurriedly asked.

“How would I know it, you should ask Qianzi about it.”

When he saw that the people had taken his bait, he immediately said in a flat tone.

“Ask Qiangzi?”

The other people were amazed.What was the connection between this delicious pickle and Lin Qiang?

“Why ask me?I don’t know anything about it”

Lin Qiang’s head was filled with fog.

“Haha, Qianzi, just a few days ago I received a courier package, even when I didn’t buy anything from the net, inside it was the pickled vegetables.”

Wang Pinghu looked at Lin Qiang and laughed.

Lin Qiang was dumbfounded, he seemed to the thought of something and hurriedly asked, ” you mean, someone sent you this pickled vegetable through the post?”

“Yes, ah, I really don’t know which kind person has mailed this delicious pickled vegetable to me? Ah, it was really delicious.”

Wang Pinghui said with a face that would need a spanking

Lin Qiang’s eyes became red and he shouted with all of his strength, “What kind person! This was mailed to me, old Hui, return my pickled vegetable.”

He already understood that the super expensive pickle vegetable shop had really sent the pickled vegetable and it was very delicious.

He wanted to vomit the blood for writing old Hui’s address.

Just from the thought of the pickled vegetable which originally belonged to him was eaten by Wang Pinghui, he felt like the sky was collapsing.

Other became curious.

Under their inquiry, Wang Pinghui told the story.

“Haha, Qiangzi, you call this karma! By the way, old Hui, quickly say the shop address, I also want to buy few packages, this pickled vegetable is really good.”

Others became excited.

Since it was an online shop, it means it could be bought.

They also felt very happy to eat such delicious pickled vegetable.

Waiting until they looked at the information of the shop, they felt like to vomit blood, the price of the pickled vegetable was too expensive.

If they were not getting one pack for free, they might have been reluctant.

“Old Hui, the pack you got, return it to me.”

Lin Qiang was regretting because he lost a chance to get the free pack.

Three packs a month.

He had already ordered a packet for free, that means, he could only purchase two pack.

“ That can’t do”

Wang Pinghui flatly refused.

“ You ate the pack which I bought.”

Lin Qiang was anxious.

“That delivery was for me!”

Wang Pinghui saw Lin Qiang’s eyes become red, he felt it enjoyable.

“Brother Hui, can I buy it with money?”

Wang pInghui saw that Lin Qiang was not retreating and immediately said.

“No, no not at all.”

Wang Pinghui smirked.

After seeing this Lin Qiang didn’t dare to say anymore.

Lin Qiang knew there was no hope, he could only cry. Using the mobile phone, he opened Taobao and then ordered two packs.

He got heartache whenever he thought of the pickle vegetable pack he had missed.

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