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Jing County.

Tengda logistic center.

Ye Xiaochen came here to pick up the goods. Last time, he had ordered a batch of greenhouse thermal insulation from Taobao, and it has finally arrived today.

It was full 2600 square meters, the quantity was quite big, Ye Xiaochen fully loaded the sheets in his vehicle.

Just when Ye Xiaochen was getting inside the vehicle, he heard a voice behind him, "Elder brother Ye."

Ye Xiaochen turned back and saw Li Jiaren.

Last time, with Li Jiaren and others he had gone to Lin's private kitchen for eating. Li Jiaren runs a furniture store in the city and his assets were over ten million yuan.

Since the previous meal, the two had become familiar with each other and, several times Ye Xiaochen would send him his farm vegetables.

The relationship between them was good.

"So, it is brother Ren."

Ye Xiaochen looked at the person next to Li Jiaren, unexpectedly it was his cousin Chen Hao.

Chen Hao looked at Ye Xiaochen with astonishment.

How does Xiaochen know Li Jianren?

"Well, cousin, how are you?"

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly greeted him.

Chen hao's face was little stiff, but he quickly replied with a smile,  “Xiaochen, what are you doing here?"

"I bought some goods in online and came here to receive it."

Ye Xiaochen said.

"Haha, elder brother Ye, I did not think that you and Chen boss were cousins?"

Lin Jianren quickly recognized their relation.

Ye Xiaochen nodded,"Yes, my mother and my cousin's mother are sisters."

"Ha ha, so, it is our own people."

Lin Jianren with a smile on his serious face said to Chen Hao, "Chen boss, I promise you to the things what you said."

Chen Hao was first stunned, then he immediately became happy, he looked at Ye Xiaochen with very grateful eyes, Lin Jianren accepted only due to Ye XIaochen.

Otherwise, how could he promise so easily?He had tried to find Li Jiaren for several times, but the other person's attitude was always ambiguous.

His heart grew more and more surprised, how could Xiaochen and Li Jiaren know each other, and also their relationship was not shallow.

He was pleasantly surprised in his heart, but he felt more and more sorry towards Ye Xiaochen.

Till now he was feeling difficult to let go of last times matter and felt that he owed Ye Xiaochen.

It was just there was a tigress and he couldn't help it.

Ye Xiaochen didn't understand what was going between Li Jiaren and Chen Hao.

However, he was not a fool, he could see that his cousin had an important favor to ask Li Jiaren, and Li Jiaren did not promise him before, but suddenly seeing him, he gave him a face.

Chatting for a while, Li Jiaren suddenly said to Ye Xiaochen, "Elder brother Ye, when you are free to let's go to Lin's private kitchen?It will be my treat."

Ye XIaochen blushed with shame, how could he not know Li Jiaren's intention, still he could not all the time fancy to go and order in Lin's private kitchen.

Not only Li Jianren but Liu Fusheng, Xiu Jiao also encouraged to go to Lin's Private Kitchen.

However, Ye Xiaochen thought it was too expensive.

Although they said they would give the treat, Ye Xiaochen was also a person with self-respect, he couldn't always eat and drink for free.

"Brother Ren, otherwise, you come to the home, my mother is a good cook and will make sure it will be a great food."

Ye Xiaochen said.

He would serve them with immortal spring vegetables and super pickled vegetables, so it wouldn't let them down.


Li Jiaren was surprised, "Okay, say the time, we will come together to your house."

Chen Hao couldn't say even one word in between their conversation.

Chen Hao saw that his usual introverted cousin was speaking naturally.With Li Jiaren like such people, he was relaxed and calm. Suddenly, more he thought, more he felt there was a big change in his cousin, he was little unfamiliar to him.

"Brother Ren, cousin, I won't bother you, I am leaving first."

After chatting for a while, Ye Xiaochen said his goodbyes to the two people and entered the vehicle.

"Brother Ye, I'll call you afterward."

When Ye Xiaochen was leaving with the vehicle, Li Jiaren didn't forget to remind him.

"No problem."

Ye Xiaochen waved his hands and drove away from the logistics center.

Returning to the farm, Ye Xiaochen alone put all the insulation sheets into the tin house.

There were more than 100 rolls, he spent several hours, and was too tired to do anything.

After settling everything, Ye Xiaochen just wants to sit down and rest.

He looked at his cell phone and found that there were several orders.

"Well, that honest bandit has also ordered?"

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

He smiled, it seemed that this guy also got to know deliciousness of the pickled vegetables, and was willing to buy it.

This guy in order to prank his best friend, filled his best friend's pot mailing address, don’t know if he was regretting it now?"

After processing the orders, he did not go to deliver goods today.

He was very tired.

He switched on the air conditioner, lied down on the bed and messaged to Wang Xinyi through WeChat.

Wang Xinyi quickly replied.

Seeing the Wang Xinyi's reply there was sweet feeling in his heart.

This feeling was very wonderful, obviously, this was just a simple chat, the feeling was making him look forward, it was especially warm and good.

Although the two people didn't completely break the layer, there was no gap in between them, they were chatting in a relaxed manner.

Wang Xinyi also takes initiative and often sends messages, although they were about old topics, it was a lot of fun to talk about it.

After chatting for a while, Ye Xiaochen put down his phone and took out Shennong system introductory guide.

"Now, the incubation of the pollination bee egg has entered a critical moment and if nurtures, then necessary food needs to be prepared for the baby bee."

Ye Xiaochen said to himself.

The food of young bee could not be casually done, he must specially prepare it.

Originally, the best food for the young bee was provided by the pollination bee colony itself, which was the most comprehensive and was of the best quality.

It was impossible to find such food in the mortal world.

Ye Xiaochen could only make on his own.

Immortal spring water was a must.

The baby bee only eats honey, so honey was also necessary.

Just the nutrition of honey of the earth was certainly inferior heaven and there was no immortal qi in it.

Therefore, he must add some other things in it.

"The honey should be a pure honey, it can’t be impure, otherwise, it is difficult to make food, the honey that is bought in the market are mixed with sugar water."

Ye Xiaochen was in confusion.

Although some bee farms claim that honey could be taken on the scene, in fact, this honey is made in advance with honey like sugar, and then stir with honey spleen and put them into the hive.

As Long as someone comes to buy it, they would take out that.

So, going to bee farm and buying honey won't work.

"It seems that I can look honey only by myself."

Although autumn has already passed which was the best season to harvest honey, he could still be able to find bee colony.

This season' majority of vegetation blooming period has along finished.

The bees have already prepared honey for winter, so now bees should be having plenty of honey.

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