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After taking out a large bowl of pickled vegetables, Ye Xiaochen put the Magical Pickle Jar back in the storage space, and then hurriedly ran towards home.

He has been drooling all the way to home.

He couldn't help it. The fragrance was too strong.

Hui Sao's Home.

"Why did you cook chicken again?"

Ye Weilong said to Hui while frowning.

He was very picky about meat, he only eats beef and doesn't like to eat pork, chicken, fish or mutton.

His whole body was as thin as a vine.

Hui Sao was about to say something.

Suddenly, a figure ran past outside the house, followed by the two people smelled an indescribable fragrance.

"What smell is this?"

Ye Weilong sniffed and felt that his saliva was quickly flowing out from his mouth.

The meal which was originally unappetizing suddenly gave birth to an intense hunger feeling.

"Yes, why is it so fragrant?"

Hui Sao was also surprised.

"Just now, didn't the figure seemed like of Ye Xiaochen?”

He stood up and went out to look, but could only see the back of Ye Xiaochen, however, the fragrance has become more and more distinct.

He couldn't control.

Ye Weilong felt very hungry, and immediately under the astonished eyes of Hui Sao began to eat quickly.

Even the chicken that he normally doesn't like to eat, unexpectedly he wolfed it down all.

However, Hui Sao didn't think too much, because she also suddenly felt very hungry.

"What is this good smell?"

Ye Xiaochen just returned home with pickled vegetables, his father's nose was very strong, he just sniffed and was surprised to see the dish on Ye Xiaochen's hand.

"Beans, chilies, and cucumbers?"

The mother also smelled.

She saw several vegetables in the bowl, it looked like as if they were raw and did not have any traces of being marinated.

Neither of them could tell that it was a pickle.

It was just the smell of the pickled vegetables that surprised them.

"Hey, father, mother, there is a good thing. This is the special super pickled vegetables."

Ye Xiaochen said.

"I’ll'' try one."

Father was a foodie, he couldn't help himself and immediately using his hand took out a chili.

The chili was red and looked raw.

Father with a little hesitation took a bite.

The juice from the gaps in chili gave richer scent.

The house was full of incense.

"Good, good…"

Father couldn't continue to speak and wolfed down.

When he finished eating a chili, he had intoxicated look on his face.

Mother also couldn't help but take a bite.

"How is it?"


"It is very delicious."

"Son, do you have more?"

"Son, how did you made this pickled vegetables?"

"Yes, it doesn't look like a pickle."

"I didn't expect this to be so good."

After mother and father finished eating, their face was showing expression of wanting more and looked at Ye Xiaochen.

The large bowl of pickled vegetables, Ye Xiaochen didn't even eat, because he had already eaten some on the farm.

Although he wanted to eat very much, he swallowed his saliva and endured, this was still pickled vegetables, it couldn't be eaten too much.

"Mother, father. No."

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

"Boy, you must be having it. Don't hide it"

Father didn't believe him.

"Father, even if I have, you can't eat everything at once, this is pickled vegetables, eating too much may cause you diarrhea."

Ye Xiaochen said.

"Well, that's true, but how did you make it? It's too good. Did you use improved vegetables?"

Father asked him.

The improved vegetable he was referring to was naturally Immortal spring vegetables.

Ye Xiaochen made an excuse that he got a special improved seed through a friend, so those vegetable were this tasty.

His father believed him.

"Old lady, you quickly use the improved vegetable and make some pickled vegetables, this boy technique he couldn’t be able to make so delicious pickled vegetables, yours will certainly taste better."

Father quickly said to the mother.

"That is for sure. I'll do it tomorrow."

His mother was confident.

Speaking of pickled vegetables, she has decades of experience in making it, which was more than her novice son got.

Ye Xiaochen was laughing inside his heart, your son was not good enough, but he has the weapon Magical Pickle Jar!

Since the pickled vegetables were so delicious and coupled with cheating artifact the Magical Pickle Jar which could make it in one day, the pickled vegetables would work as a way to fortune.

How should he sell this pickled vegetables?

Go to the street and let the pedestrian taste it for free?

That was a good idea.

But then this method would reduce the class!

Unless if there was a storefront.

Also, he doesn't have time, should he invite someone?

Forget it. Opening a shop requires money and also need to pay a salary for the person.

In the early stage, it would take time to promote pickled vegetables.

The most important thing was he couldn't produce too much pickle if the shop was opened, perhaps he would not be able to meet the demand.

And how about the price?

Such delicious pickled vegetables should not be sold for a low price.

Should he set a high price?

Then, maybe nobody would want to buy it.

"It is out of the question, the price must be high. After all, the pickled vegetable production is slow, and to earn a lot of fortune, it will depend on the pricing. My super delicious pickled vegetables are delicious, as long as someone has tasted it, then even if the price is higher, they will certainly buy, on earth, there are many rich people."

After much deliberation, Ye Xiaochen finally made a decision.

As for the method of sales, he chose to open a shop in Taobao.

Originally, opening the micro shop was the best.

However, the micro shop needs a variety of management and promotions.

Taobao shops were different, after opening store, even if he doesn’t manage it would not be a problem.

After some preparation and spending three days of time, he opened his shop in Taobao.

The name of the shop was Ye's super pickled vegetables.

During this three days of time, in addition to opening shop in Taobao, he also packed some pickled vegetables.

He had an initial sales promotion plan, it was very simple, as long as delivery charges were paid, he would send a free packet of pickled vegetable.

Of course, there was the only little amount of pickled vegetables, one bean, one cucumber and one chill.

Every pack was same

It couldn’t be said Ye Xiaochen was stingy, as this pickled vegetable was really too precious.

Ye Xiaochen made 100 packages of free pickled vegetables, he used a kind of pressure line bag.

There was label on it and it was written "Ye's pickled vegetables"

It was very simple.

He wanted to have better packaging, but the condition was limited.

After opening the shop, he quickly uploaded the videos and wrote product descriptions.

As for the store decoration, he was too lazy about it.

It was troublesome.

He doesn't want to take time in doing it.

Finally, the price was set, Ye Xiaochen made the first package for free, as long as delivery charges were paid a pack of pickled vegetables would be delivered.

As for the second package, there was more amount of pickled vegetables and price was 180 Yuan, and the third package was for 28,800yuan, in a month there was a limit of only three packages.

Ye Xiaochen was very confident of his pickles sales plan.

As long as someone buys it, then after eating it, they would be tempted buy it a second time, third time.

After everything was completed, he waited for the customer to order it.

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