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Let's just do it.

Ye Xiaochen turned around and began to pick some Immortal spring beans, Immortal spring cucumber, Immortal spring chili.

First' let's start with these three.

After picking, he washed it and dried it by putting under the sun.


In front of Immortal spring.

Ye Xiaochen took out the Magical Pickle Jar.

Opened the lid of the Magical Pickle Jar.

It was so clean that it didn't require to wash.

Ye Xiaochen then connected the water outlet pipe and put it in the jar, then started to release the water.

The Magical Pickle Jar has a special effect, that was, it would not let Immortal Qi dissipate from the water.

Waiting until the water of the Immortal spring in the jar had been filled half, Ye Xiaochen threw some dried beans, cucumber, and chilies into the water.

And then added two packets of salts.

Originally, it was best when used the Immortal salt, however, mortals couldn't be able to eat Immortal salt, so he could only use common salt.

After setting up everything, Ye Xiaochen closed the lid of the jar.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen saw that all the lines on the Magical Pickle Jar lit up.

"It is really magical."

Ye Xiaochen was amazed.

The function of the magical jar automatically activates after closing the lid.

To work, Magical Pickle Jar must have the Immortal Qi.

The Qi from the Immortal spring water and Immortal spring vegetables were the energy that drives the Magical Pickle Jar.

"According to the instructions, the Magical Pickle Jar can turn raw material into a pickle in 24 hours."

Ye Xiaochen was looking forward to it.

Just when he was thinking something, his cell phone rang.He checked the phone, it was from Fang Yuan.

"Ye Xiaochen. I'll tell you a good news."

The sound of Fag Yuan came from the phone.

"What is the good news? Tell me."

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

"The global seed company would like to see you and wants to thank you for solving the problem of the company."

Fang Yuan said.

"Fang Yuan, is there any benefits?"

Ye Xiaochen was startled and then curiously asked.

He suddenly remembered that he had solved such a big problem for the global seed company, shouldn’t he collect money?

Although he just did this just to help Fang Yuan, it was two different things!

Currently, he was short of money!

"The benefits? Well it should be, probably…are you free?If you are, then I will come with someone directly."

Fang Yuan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

"Okay, when you get here, call me"

Ye Xiaochen thought for awhile, he still has to give Fang Yuan face, and the other party was ready to come to his door, so he could not refuse it.

Taiping Town.The tea house where the last time entertained professor Zhang.

Ye Xiaochen saw the people from the global company.

Two women and three men.

The first woman was probably in her thirties, she had black eyes and was wearing professional dress. She looked smart and capable.

Quickly, Ye Xiaochen got to know the woman's name Su Yuan, she was the head of public relation department in the global company.

The other four were Su Yuan's assistant, the rest were the technical staff of the global company.

After giving a polite greeting, Su Yuan curiously asked, "Mr.Ye, have to say an embarrassing thing, we are not afraid of you to laugh at us.So, far none of our professional researchers have figured out the principle of Mr.Ye's salt water method ."

The salt water method deemed simple, but its principle of action was not clear.

This shows the astonishing level of Ye Xiaochen.

The global company has lots of senior researchers and lot of them were expert level professors, and still, it was laughable that they were not able to understand the salt water principle.

"Haha, miss Su, actually I also found this method by chance, and I am also not clear about its principle."

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

Nonsense, the principle was not only complex, it has astonishing value, it couldn't be casually said out!

Su Yuan was smart, she naturally did not believe what Ye Xiaochen said.

This was obviously a secret.

However, this was normal.Knowledge was money.

"Mr.Ye really liked to joke, if this could be casually found out by chance, then our global company could find it.If Mr. Ye is willing, we hope to hire you as a special technology adviser, the annual salary will be 1 million yuan, with a premium apartment and a luxury car."

Su Yuan smiled and threw a huge temptation.

There was a sound of swallowing saliva, Ye Xiaochen looked past and saw Fang Yuan, his eyes were in disbelief.

It was no wonder that only a top technical staff would have this treatment!

Ye Xiaochen also securely gulped, this temptation was not ordinary, if it was before, he would have hundred percent agreed on it.

However, the problem was, he was now tied with Shennong system!

His foundation was the farm, and if he leaves the farm, he would be unworthy of being a Shennong.

After a difficult decision, Ye Xiaochen politely refused.

Su Yuan's was surprised, such a generous treatment could not move Ye Xiaochen?

Such treatment only a selected few people have in the global company and all of them were company's treasure.

Fang Yuan couldn't help but ask, "Xiaochen, you are unable to leave your farm?why?"

" I am very used to freedom, and if I eat company's food I will be uncomfortable and then I will resign."

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

In fact, he doesn't want to work in a company at all, just go home and be a farmer, if there was no Shennong system, now he would still be worried about the sales of the vegetables.

Fang Yuan was speechless.

"We respect Mr.Ye's choice, but the door of the company will always be open to Mr.Ye."

Su Yuan was little disappointed.

However, she knows, that Ye Xiaochen like such capable man would be resolute and would not give up on the farm.

"Ha-ha, if such a day come, I will certainly join."

Ye Xiaochen said with a faint smile.

He felt he was doing good.

"In order to thanks, Mr.Ye' contribution to our global company.Our global company, from now on is willing to provide all seeds for Mr.Ye Xiacohen's farm, as long as the seeds are in promotion store of a global company, you can get seeds any time."

Su Yuan stood up.

Ye Xiaochen was slightly surprised, damn, what will I do with seeds, the seeds are worth how much, I want cash!

However, he has just now installed force, he couldn't directly ask for money, so he kept indifference on his face.

However, his heart was depressed.

Alas, the thin skin people were in loss!

Forget it, let it seeds, in a long-term would be able to save a small money on seeds.

"Xiaochen, how can you be so silly?Can you earn a million from you farm if you work hard for a year?"

After Su Yuan and other people left tea house, Fang Yuan whispered to Ye Xiaochen.

"Who says I can't?"

Ye Xiaochen looked at Fang Yuan and laughed.

"You are awesome."

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes.

Suddenly, he felt as if he was getting to know Ye Xiaochen for the first time, and couldn't see through him.

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