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Immortal field, in the shed.

Ye Xiaochen was lying in the bamboo chair with his eyes closed, it seemed like he was sleeping.

There was an air conditioner in the tin house, which could provide cooling for a long time, but the air blowing from it was unpleasant and was not naturally cool like in the Immortal field.

So, he prefers to stay in the Immortal field.

Ye Xiaochen felt that he was like the two dogs, reluctant to leave the scope of Immortal field.

Now, the seeds of Immortal carrots and Immortal Yellow has taken root and sprouted.

As for the old three yellow Immortal beans, they have covered bean pods, they looked quite plump.

He has spent some time counting the number of bean pods.The best Immortal Yellow bean plant had was 68 bean pods

The leat one had more than 40, and adding up all it was about 160 bean pods, if taken three beans in one bean pods then it would be more than five hundred beans.

Wouldn't it be five hundred Immortal Yuan if one bean was one Immortal Yuan?

However, Ye Xiaochen knew that it would not be the case, the quality of beans bought from the Store was very good, and planted Immortal yellow beans and couldn't be compared with it.

"Even if it buys ten Immortal beans for an Immortal Yuan, I can get around sixty Immortal Yuan."

Ye Xiaochen thought about it and felt that the margin was still very large.

He was looking forward to it.

Earning Immortal Yuan takes times.

"It's already mid-August, and even if I make 80,000 Yuan a month, I will probably won't have more than 400,000 Yuan on the hands before the New Year, and that is still if I spend as low as possible."

Ye Xiaochen pondered.

The speed of making money was still too slow.

In fact, his current income for an average person was incredibly horrible, even a white collar elite’s monthly income would be 30,000, which was very high.

If he had just started the farm, then his dream would be to earn tens of thousands Yuan a month and be satisfied.

But now, as his income was getting higher and higher, it was harder to satisfy.

Humans were like this, there was no end to the desire.

"Moreover, now it is beginning of autumn, next will be fall and then it will be winter, there will be a big impact on the planting of vegetables, and it is going to take a lot of money to transform the sheds."

Ye Xiaochen knows that the temperature would be too low in the winter, which would have a great influence on the sheds vegetables.Currently, the sheds were not perfect enough and they do not have heat insulation function.

It was best to use the heating equipment such as a heater, air conditioner, and radiator.

It was just that these heating devices were very expensive, Ye Xiaochen simply does not have the condition to buy now.

This method was simply abandoned.

Ye Xiaochen was ready to use the traditional method of insulation, such as installing high powered bulbs in the shed.

Certainly, the electricity consumption would not be low, but compared with buying thermal insulation devices, it was more economical.

In addition to, he was preparing to order a batch of insulation sheets from the internet, so when there was snowy weather, the sheet could be covered on the shed, which will maintain the temperature and prevent it from falling too low.

Even this heat insulation method, the cost would not be low.

Ye Xiaochen took phone opened Taobao and began to search the heat insulators.

There was lots of information.

The quality of layers was not in line.

Ye Xiaochen chose the shops with large purchases and good reviews.

Of course, there was no absolute assurance on the quality, nowadays there were too many false things, it was hard to tell it was real or sham, simply making people unable to make sense at what they were looking at.

It was just the people were that way, the sales were more, then assurance of quality was bigger, even if suffers loss, it would continue.

Ye Xiaochen was just a layman and he couldn't escape from this idea.

"These store sales are good, let's look at it."

Ye Xiaochen entered the online store.

Heat insulators were mainly bought based on the area that was per square meter some cost.

The sheet was three-four meters long, and five-six meter wide, the price range was from eight to thirteen yan.

Ye Xiaochen's shed was not particularly standard, it was four meters wide and fifteen meters long, the area was about sixty square meters.

The area of the roof would not be this much, after all the roof was in a curved shape, so the area would be around 100 square meters.

If he calculates for more than twenty big sheds, then he was going need to more than two thousand insulation sheets.

At this rate, even the thinnest would be close to 20,000.

The good one will be not less than 30,000

Ye Xiaochen felt again himself very poor.

However, he couldn't do anything about it

He contacted the shop and hoped there could be a reduction in price.

After repeated bargaining, the price was finally determined at  7.50 Yuan per meter, he bought more than 2500 four layered insulation sheets the shop also offered one hundred six layers of insulation sheet, it would send things by mail.

On the spot, Ye Xiaochen paid the bill through Alipay.

It was eighteen thousand and seven hundred Yuan.

He mainly bought four layers, because the area was in the southern province, the temperature rarely drops below 0 degrees, even if it falls, it would be minus two or three degrees and it won't be for long.

It wasn't for air having humidity, there was no need for insulation sheets, he could just use something cheaper.

Seeing the remaining balance after the large cut, Ye Xiaochen felt painful.

"Damn, I want to make more and more money"

Ye Xiaochen cried out in his heart.

He began to think, what was the best method to make money?

The premium product vegetable method was currently not available, and would not happen in a short time,

Even if the contract expires, it was impossible to raise the price directly.

There was always a process.

There was no reason to directly raise the price, even if they give  face because of Wang Shuisheng, they won't even pay any attention towards Ye Xiaochen

At that time, he was afraid that another problem would occur.

Unless….the vegetables he grew became very famous and the route of premium product vegetables was opened up, then even abandoning the usual distribution channel would be a logical step.

"It is really troublesome"

Ye Xiaochen sighed with emotion.

"Perhaps, I can start something else”

Ye Xiaochen began to think in diverse.

Suddenly, he hit his forehead, damn last time he treated old peng’s white wax bonsai tree, he could have taken treatment fee.

It was normal to charge hundreds of thousand for treating expensive plants.

Forget it.The past was past.

Also, Ye Xiaochen has thin skin and was embarrassed to ask for it.

"By the way, didn't I get a magical pickle jar?If I use the Immortal spring vegetables and Immortal spring water to make pickles, then can it be used for selling?"

Ye Xiaochen suddenly got an idea.

The Immortal spring vegetables were very delicious, and making pickle using the magical pickle jar, certainly wouldn't taste bad.

This was equivalent to processing vegetables.

"Well, let's just try it first, and see how pickles from the magical pickle jar taste."

Ye Xiaochen soon made the decision.

Because of being watered by the water of Immortal spring, the Immortal spring vegetables already contain some amount of Immortal QI, and it was safe to eat, making a pickle from this was best.

Besides, he was still having the water of Immortal spring

In order to earn money, those planted Immortal plants could be taken slow.

Making big and big money.

Ye Xiaochen was such a common person.

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