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"Ye Xiaochen, the vegetables you have planted are very good, it can absolutely be included in the ranks of fine quality vegetables.But, I think that your current sales model is not good, it has completely buried your planter's talent, I suggest you to directly take premium product route"

Master Lin pondered for a moment and then said.

"Master Lin, I do have such an idea, but don't have any method"

Ye Xiaochen gave a bitter smile, but in his heart he was happy.He had the idea to ask about this, but now Master Lin himself has mentioned about this topic, it suddenly let him understand that Master Lin also wants to help him.

With the guidance of senior, he will surely able to take fewer detours.

"Actually I can give you a little advice about this, now the domestic market is giving more and more attention to the fine quality vegetables and it is no longer synonym with word special supply, it has started enter into the high-end consumer market and appears in the Premium Quality Vegetable Exhibition.As long as you can get into the Premium Quality Vegetable Exhibition and get the recognition from the high-end consumer, then your reputation will incredibly increase and you wouldn't have to worry about the problem of sales."

Master Lin said.

Ye Xiaochen's eyes lit up, he has no information about this, if Master Lin hadn't spoken about this, he would not know there was a thing like Premium Quality Vegetable Exhibition.

If he can go to this premium quality vegetable exhibition and promote his planted vegetables, then the effect will certainly be good.

"Master Lin, do I have the opportunity to attend this fine quality vegetable exhibition?"

Ye Xiaochen asked.

"I'm afraid you can’t-do it now, for a seller to participate in the premium quality vegetable exhibition they should need to have a ticket; usually only large farms, special farms can get tickets or need to get recommended by vegetable research unit of a certain rank."

Master Lin shook his head and said.

Ye Xiaochen nodded, since it is premium quality vegetable exhibition there should be a threshold, otherwise, any seller can enter, then it would become similar to vegetable market.

Now, he is thinking, what way can he get the entry ticket?

Should he look for Wang Shuisheng?

He is sheep city's richest person, but he may not have any contacts in this line, and Ye Xiaochen doesn't want to trouble his family.

Master Lin saw Ye Xiaochen's awkwardness, he immediately said "In fact, Premium Quality Vegetable Exhibition is just one channel for easier success, but there are other ways too. I am a chef and also know a lot of other chefs, your grown vegetables will definitely satisfy them, if there is opportunity, I will help you recommend"

"Master Lin, I am really thankful to you"

On Ye Xiaochen's face, there was an expression of happiness, Master Lin's cooking is strong and the chef he knows certainly will not be of ordinary rank.

"Ha-ha, it is easy for me.Moreover, you have solved a very big problem for me, in our Sheep city,there is almost no fine grade of vegetable farm, there are special farms, but it is difficult to find the fine grade vegetables,now you are supplying me fine grade vegetables,it can be considered a big advantage for me"

Master Lin said with a smile.

Finally, Ye Xiaochen picked the fruits and vegetable that Master Lin requires and loaded into the truck, with Master Lin he directly returned to Lin's private kitchen"

Back to the farm

After washing himself, Ye Xiaochen was lying on the bed and was chatting with wang Xinyi for some time through WeChat.

Wang Xinyi doesn't write much, she more looks at what Ye Xiaochen is sending, she occasionally replies with "Ah, good" and other simple phrases.

Ye Xiaochen gradually got some understanding of Wang Xinyi, she is a lonely girl who has sealed up her heart.

If it was not for Ye Xiaochen helping her cure tuberose, it would be difficult to open her heart.

Even so, Ye Xiaochen could feel there is a vague defense in her heart.

This defense is not intentional, but it is the manifestation of inner feeling for fear of getting hurt.

"I am going to sleep"

Ye Xiaochen looked at the last message of Wang Xinyi in WeChat.

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath, he kept the mobile beside and picked up the Shennong System Introduction Guide.

"Spirit cut-off, removes the immortal Qi of immortal plant without causing any destruction to the immortal plant itself and preserving the inherent nutritional elements"

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen saw a new knowledge, and couldn't help but slightly surprised, then instantly his face revealed the color of ecstasy.

"This is great, so there was a way"

He took a deep breath and felt very happy.

If he can grasp this Spirit cut-off method then, won't he be able to eat the planted immortal carrot?

The reason why immortal plants are inedible because there exist immortal Qi inside it which is tantamount to poison for the mortals, the body would not be able to bear it.

After removing the immortal Qi from it, the nutritional elements in it will certainly can't be compared with the common vegetables.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen carefully looked at it.

After a length of time of reading, he finally lifted his head and rubbed his eyes, his face revealed expression of tired.

"Ah, Spirit cut-off  is really difficult, and to completely remove the immortal Qi is almost impossible, can only reduce the proportion of immortal Qi in it"

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath and slightly frowned.

He still doesn’t know what harm will immortal Qi cause if mortal consumes it?

"But I should try"

Ye Xiaochen's eye showed the color of determination.

If it can be successful then the benefits will be very big.

In Shennong System Introduction Guide, there are some good methods to cut off immortal Qi, but over 99% of them are not suitable for the present situation.

"Spirit cut-off, one of the simplest methods, is to heating up at high temperature, once the temperature reaches a certain limit then the immortal Qi will become unstable and will gradually separate from the immortal plant forming a gaseous immortal Qi"

Ye Xiaochen thought aloud.

This method is not at all suitable, although the immortal Qi will get separated, but it is estimated the immortal plant’s nutrients will be destroyed.

"There is a more practical way that is to use a Spirit cut-off material as medium"

Ye Xiaochen's goal is the second method.

Spirit cut-off material

The immortal Qi absorption force is different in different materials.

The lesser the absorption force the more difficult is to do Spirit cut-off.

Spirit cut-off material is the medium is specially used to deal with removing immortal has a strong attraction towards the immortal Qi and in certain circumstances, it automatically separates immortal Qi from the immortal plant.

Ye Xiaochen needs to find such material.

"Do not know if there is any Spirit cut-off material on the earth?

He was unsure.

After all, the earth is the realm of mortals, it is normal if there is no Spirit cut-off material.

To find Spirit cut-off material from thousands of substance is like to find a needle in the haystack.

Fortunately, there are shortcuts to find Spirit cut-off material.

The Spirit cut-off material has particular characteristics, that is it creates a void special phenomenon.

Because Spirit cut-off material has great absorption towards the immortal Qi, so as long as Spirit cut-off material physically exist the place surrounding to the material will lose all its Qi and gets absorbed by the Spirit cut-off material.thus a large area becomes a land of no Qi.

"However, there is no immortal Qi on the earth, and definitely will not be able to find this void phenomenon, until I create the phenomenon by myself"

Ye Xiaochen was thinking in his mind.

He's got some ideas.

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