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Both Ye Xiaochen and Liu Fusheng did not expect that when Master Lin became aware of their departure, he would actually follow them personally. He said that he really cannot wait and want to go to Ye Xiaochen's farm to look at his planted vegetables and fruits.

Originally, Ye Xiaochen wanted to say it is very late and it would be better to go tomorrow, but seeing the enthusiasm of Master Lin, he was not able to say those words.

Master Lin is very talkative, especially when it comes to food, he has unique insights and ideas.

"Ye Xiaochen, to speak, your kind of vegetables may not be perfect in terms of appearance, but the appearance is just one of the aspect, as the saying goes, ‘A material without its spirit’; colored and failed, is not a good vegetable.Now the environment pollution is too big, uses of different kinds of pesticides and other fertilizers have caused very big spiritual damage to the vegetables and fruits.The vegetables and fruits in order to adapt to the environment have gone through internal changes and in the process lost its authentic taste, in your planted vegetables I have felt that authentic taste."

Master Lin spoke the essential point, he smilingly asked, "I don't know, how were you able to keep the authentic taste of vegetables?"

When Ye Xiaochen listened to Master Lin's words, he deeply thought about it.

Although Master Lin did not explicitly mention about plant's consciousness, but he has started to touch it.The plant’s consciousness would be adapted to the changes in the external environment.In fact, it involves the seven abnormal problems in variations.

The car arrived at Taiping town.

"Brother Ye, tonight you have drunk too many alcohols, you do not take the motorcycle.I will drop you and Master Lin"

Liu Fusheng said.

"Brother Fu, do you see me as a person who has drunken lots of alcohol?"

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile

Liu Fusheng could only helplessly shake his head, he admires very much Ye Xiaochen's alcohol holding capacity.

Even after drinking so much of alcohol, there was no effect on him.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t cheat like him; by changing the wine with water.In fact, if he really drinks few cups of alcohol then with his alcohol drinking capacity he will surely be drunk on the spot.

Finally, Ye Xiaochen carried Master Lin on his bike and headed for Yunfeng village

By the time they reached the farm, it was more than seven o’clock in the evening.

Ye Xiaochen switched on all the lights around the farm.

"Didn't expect that your farm will be so big?"

Master Lin was astonished.

He thought that it would be impossible to grow like that authentic vegetable in big scale.

It isn't that there are no authentic vegetables, but they are rare, especially the supplies.Moreover, the scale is small and require very harsh conditions for planting.

To grow authentic vegetables of this scale, the cost will surely be not low!

No wonder Master Lin was surprised.

He has been to special farms where every vegetable is carefully taken care, any kind of individual contact is strictly prohibited.

"It's not very big"

Ye Xiaochen did not understand the meaning of Master Lin.

His farm is not big, it can only be considered a small farm.In the big farm, it is common to have several hundreds of greenhouse.

The big farm has land of thousands of acres area.

If the farm reaches that level, then it could not be handled by three or five people.

He's been in confusion where should he expand farm or not?

After all his farm has secret "immortal land".If he really invites some people then after some time, it will always reveal some clues.

And the farm cannot be expanded without inviting people.

But Master Lin's appearance, let him find a different answer, why not try for premium product route?

If his grown vegetables are sold more than ten times the normal price or even hundred times, will he still be afraid of not able to make money?

Master lin is his best opportunity to take the premium product route.

Regarding Ye Xiaochen's answer, Master Lin will only consider it as modest.

Next, Master Lin went in and out of the greenhouse.

He looked at different kind of fruits and vegetables.

"Well, this cucumber looks good, whether it is the size of length or degree of tenderness, it is very moderate and the taste is also better than last time.the color is unique and spirit is also good.Even if I have gone to several farm suppliers, like this kind of cucumber cannot be cultivated."

Master Lin randomly picked a cucumber, he did not wash it and ate it.

He gave high praise.

He even tasted other types of vegetables, although it is not cooked, but from the raw taste, he could get more clear and delicate taste of the vegetables itself, which are not covered by different types of ingredients.

After watching all fruits and vegetables, Master Lin could only sigh.

He had previously thought that Ye Xiaochen farm will have only small part of fine quality vegetables, but now it seems that he has underestimated this young man.

A farm full of fine quality vegetables, he really wonders how this young man was able to cultivate it?

From the conditions of the farm, it looks common, there is not much difference from the ordinary farm greenhouse, but in such a crude condition he was able to cultivate the fine quality of vegetables.

Now, Master Lin is more and more curious about Ye Xiaochen.

"Ye Xiaochen, your grown vegetables are better than I imagined, you decide the price. these are the list of vegetables  which I require every day"

Master Lin did not hesitate and directly made the decision, he handed over the list which he has already prepared.

Ye Xiaochen took the list and glanced at it, adding all the vegetables and fruits it would be around 100 kg.

He pondered for a bit, then took out the pen and wrote the prices on the list.

After finishing he handed over the list to Master Lin.

When Master Lin saw the price on the list, he was extremely surprised, it is not because the price Ye Xiaochen wrote is too high, but it was too low.

"Ye Xiaochen, didn't I say that I will buy your vegetables more than ten times the original price, but you…"

Master Lin thought it was incredible

How could such fine quality of vegetables be sold at such low price?

"Master Lin, it is not that I don't want sell in high price, but I can’t-do it not now"

Ye Xiaochen said the truth with a bitter smile.

He is selling the vegetables at the normal price because there is a reason, now his vegetables are mainly supplied to Sheep city supermarket and restaurant, the prices are not high.

So, for a short period of time, until the contract ends, he can't raise the price unilaterally.

Now the price of vegetables is not high, it is necessary to treat others as equal and he can't discriminate against others.Although if he raises the price, Master Lin will certainly agree with it.

But, he can’t-do this.

He is an honest kind of character, he does not like to scheme.

Moreover, he has other thoughts, his premium vegetable plans require the assistance of Master Lin.

Therefore he is showing goodwill towards Master Lin.

When Master Lin listened to Ye Xiaochen's explanation, he was slightly surprised.he certainly knew that Ye Xiaochen would be having different sales channels and possible the price may not be high.

He didn't care about buying at a high price as he thinks it's worth it.

But he didn’t expect Ye Xiaochen to be an honest man.

Suddenly, his heart was moved, and the impression of Ye Xiaochen become it is rare to meet such honest young man,

In his heart there was thought, he couldn't let such young man get buried in planting fine quality vegetables.

Perhaps, he can help him.

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