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Chapter 230

Night .

Ye Xiaochen was appraising the new batch of harvested immortal radishes and immortal carrots .

Since the immortal land was upgraded to level 2, the immortal plant’s growth rate has increased a lot .

This batch of radishes was harvested by Dou Fanger .

With the presence of bean soldiers, Ye Xiaochen doesn’t need to do everything by himself .

“Well, I have a batch of immortal grapes, immortal grass, immortal yellow beans, immortal wheat . The other batch of immortal yellow beans and immortal red beans will soon mature . ”

Ye Xiaochen pondered about it .

It was a pity that these immortal plants were still stuck at ten circle patterns, and haven’t reached lower grade .

He knew this was a bottleneck .

There were many immortal planter apprentices who have been blocked from reaching the threshold of immortal plant master, and couldn’t step in their lifetime .

However, Ye Xiaochen was Shennong . There was a bottleneck, but he was not sad . As long as he planted a few more times, he could overcome it .

The limitation of the inferior grade was getting closer and closer, as long as he got over this barrier, he would step in the domain of lower grade products .

In the two empty fields, he was planning to use only one immortal land for planting radishes .

In his opinion, using two immortal lands for planting radishes wouldn’t earn him much immortal yuan .

He was going to plant a more advanced immortal plant .

Immortal watermelon .

It was also a kind of immortal fruit, belonging to yellow grade fourth level immortal plants .

This time he used the seed of radish and carrot cultivated by himself and not from the store .

As for the immortal watermelon seed, he could only buy it from the Store .

When he put the three kinds of seeds in the immortal solution, a notification arrived in his Shennong system .

He conjured the Shennong system and saw that in the friend’s column, someone had sent him a message .

He hurriedly opened it and found that Taoist Lao-Tze had sent him a message .

“Dao friend Ye, this poor Taoist wishes you to plant an elixir . ”

“Senior Lao-Tze, the younger generation only can plant inferior grade immortal plants, I’m afraid that I can not meet your requirement . ”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly replied .

At the level of Lao-Tze, the grade of the immortal plant needed by him should be high, and he doesn’t have the ability to do it .

“Dao friend Ye, the level of the immortal plant I want you to plant is not high . It is the Dingling flower, yellow grade sixth level immortal plant . As long as it can reach lower grades, I’m willing to offer more than six hundred immortal yuan per plant . There is no limit to the quantity . You can plant as many as you can . ”

Lao-tze replied .

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes lit up, this was a very high price .

The immortal wind medicinal herb was a yellow grade seventh level plant, and its selling price was less than 300 immortal yuan .

The price offered by Lao-Tze was twice .

Naturally, Ye Xiaochen knew that it had something to do with his divinity .

However, the price was still higher than the Store consignment .

It was definitely a huge profit .

This business could be achieved .

Ye Xiaochen thought in his mind that if he could plant 100 flowers, then he would earn tens of thousands of immortal yuan .

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It was just currently there was no empty immortal land .

When the next auction would be held, he would certainly be able to buy a few immortal lands .

Thinking of this, he agreed directly .

He has absolute confidence in planting lower grade Dingling flowers .

The next moment, Ye Xiaochen signed an immortal contract with Lao-Tze, which was taken initiative by the Lao-Tze .

As long as the immortal plants planted by Ye Xiaochen could meet the requirement of Taoist Lao-Tze, Taoist Lao-Tze must purchase them at a price of more than 600 immortal yuan .

After finishing the contract, Ye Xiaochen closed the Shennong system,  he decided to wait until the immortal beans were harvested .

The next night, when Ye Xiaochen finished the dinner, he heard a piece of astonishing news . The village was going to raise money to build a mountain temple in that strange forest .

“Mother, is the village really going to build a mountain temple?”

Ye Xiaochen had an astonished look .

“Of course, since there is a mountain god there, the temple must be built . Otherwise, the mountain god will go somewhere else . ”

Mother nodded repeatedly and said, “I have already paid 10,00 yuan . When the temple is built, our Ye family name will be included in the mountain temple merit monument, and we will be protected by the mountain god . ”

Ye Xiaochen’s mouth was open, he wanted to say that the mountain was your son .

He was really speechless .

Mother was a stingy person, such a person was willing to donate 10,00 yuan, then the sun must have risen from the west .

Few days passed .

Ye Xiaochen’s everyday schedule consisted of taking care of the farm, going to Earth Shennong farm, research institute, and meeting Wang Xinyi .

He was having a nice time .

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Finally, the two immortal beans also have been harvested . In this time’s auction, there were more immortal plant products than the last auction .

He had already announced the auction in advance, and as soon as the second auction opened, many immortals came, the number was more than the first time .

Although the immortal plants didn’t reach lower grades, the quality was better than previous times, especially the divinity value has increased a lot, which made the auction more intense and increased in price .

In particular, the immortal grapes brought a great surprise to Ye Xiaochen .

This time he only auctioned a hundred clusters of immortal grapes and kept the rest with him .

A total of 3,787 grapes .

In the end, he earned more than 4,500 immortal yuan from it, the price of each immortal grape exceeded 1 . 2 immortal yuan .

As for the other immortal plant, they fetched him more than 18,000 immortal yuan .

In this way, he earned more 23,000 immortal yuan from the auction . Adding the remaining 1000 yuan in the account, Ye Xiaochen’s immortal yuan amount suddenly reached around 25,000 .

Since he has promised Taoist Lao-Tze that he would plant Dingling flowers, naturally he must need to do a good job .

For important things, you have to go all out .

Ye Xiaochen directly bought five second-level immortal lands, and one second-level immortal spring, in this way 6000 immortal yuan was spent .

In addition, he bought Dingling flower seed, each cost 15 immortal yuan . He bought a total of 100 seeds, which was 1500 immortal yuan .

It was the first time Ye Xiaochen spent so much immortal yuan on buying immortal seeds .

These 100 seeds of Dingling flowers could be planted in one immortal field .

He was still experimenting . After all, he doesn’t know whether he could plant lower grade immortal plants, so he didn’t plant too many Dingling flowers .

As for the other four immortal lands, he was going to plant other immortal plants .

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In two immortal lands, he was going to plant immortal grapes .

The grape seeds were from the immortal grapes he had eaten before .

This was a second-generation grape seed, and he was confident that it would turn out great .

In the remaining two immortal lands, he was going to plant elixirs; immortal Asian ginseng and immortal notoginseng

The immortal Asian ginseng was a yellow grade ninth rank immortal plant .

It was different from ordinary ginseng .

The ordinary ginseng, the higher its age, the higher its value .

The immortal Asian ginseng was different, as long as it matures, it would not grow more .

Immortal notoginseng, a yellow grade eighth level plant, looks like earth’s Chinese Ginseng or Notoginseng .

He purchased 50 seeds of each elixir, which cost him nearly 2000 yuan .

He also purchased immortal fertilizer . In this way, he consumed more than 10,000 immortal yuan .

“Ding!Congratulations! On your purchase of more than 100,000 Immortal Yuan, you got an opportunity to draw a special lottery from the store, whether you want to draw a lottery?”

Suddenly, the system notification came .

“Haha, I didn’t expect to reach 100,000 yuan consumption so soon!”

Ye XIaochen touched his chin .

The last time he spent 50,000 yuan, he had a chance to draw a lottery, but he didn’t use it .

So now he has two chances of drawing in the lottery .

“Well, let’s try what I can get . ”

Ye Xiaochen decided to use the two lottery opportunities .

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