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Chapter 231

Ye Xiaochen silently thought of the lottery in his heart, and suddenly a big wheel appeared in his mind .

He didn’t bother to check what was there in each sector of the wheel . Anyways, he knew it all depended on luck .

He hopes to get better luck this time and take out something useful .

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen’s thought moved, and clicked on the spin button, then suddenly the big wheel rotated at high speed .

After rotating for a long time, the wheel gradually slowed down .

Finally, the pointer pointed to a relatively wide sector .

Ye Xiaochen knew that the thing he got this time would not be too good .

“Ding, Congratulations on winning the Magical Wine Jar . ”

Hearing the system’s announcement, Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes .

The first time was a Magical Pickle jar, and this time it was a Magical Wine jar . The system really could joke .

He took out the Magical Wine Jar from the storage space .

It was no different from a regular wine jar .

The only difference was that there was a strange texture on the surface of the jar .

“Magical Wine jar: a special tool, you can put raw ingredients in it, and can quickly turn them into good wine . ”

Ye Xiaochen understood that this was similar to the magical pickle jar .

“Forget it, a wine jar is just a wine jar . It happens that there is no good wine match in the immortal spring restaurant . This Magical Wine jar can make good wine, so this should suffice . ”

Ye Xiaochen was relieved .

He put the wine jar in storage space and continued to draw the second lottery .

It wasn’t long before the result of the second draw came in .

“Ding, Congratulations on greeting the immortal talent eye tool . ”

Ye Xiaochen heard the system prompt, and was slightly stunned, actually an immortal tool?

This was an immortal tool!

Which represents the magical tool used by the immortal .

He quickly took out the talent eye . It was a strange jade eyeball like the thing .

“The talent eye can be used to check the target’s talent . As long as you are an immortal cultivator, you can refine it . Note: the function of the eye of talent depends on the cultivation and must be unlocked accordingly . ”

After Ye Xiaochen saw the information of the eye of talent, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief . Fortunately, there was no limitation on the cultivation level, so he could also use it .

Promptly, without thinking, he bit his finger and dropped a drop of blood on the talent eye, which immediately absorbed the blood .

At the same time, Ye Xiaochen injected his energy into the talent eye . In an instant, the talent eye turned into a ray of light and suddenly disappeared into Ye Xiaochen’s left eye .

A sharp pain burst out, Ye Xiaochen let out a low cry, and covered his left eye, he was unable to open the eye and felt like it was burning .

At this moment, a strange eye appeared in his mind .

Talent eye .

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When his spirit talent communicated with the talent eye, he received streams of information .

“Foundation Stage, initial, please select the talent to unlock…”

Next, he could see innumerable branches of talent in talent eye skill .

Such as cultivation talent, alchemy talent, weapon refining talent, etc .

There was no need to ponder, it must be planting talent .

With Ye Xiaochen’s decision, all the other talents were removed, leaving only planting talent .

This means that in future Ye Xiaochen would be able to use the talent eye to detect other people’s planting talent .

The talent eye has a strict hierarchy for talent evaluation .

Yellow, Balck, Earth, Heaven, and Divine .

Every grade except the Divine grade has ten levels .

Ye Xiaochen’s Shennong talent belongs to Divine grade and was the limit of planting talent .

There were also Divine grades in other talents . As long as that person grows, they become absolutely invincible in that field .

Moreover, divine talent was very rare and was unique .

It was like Shennong talent, between heaven and earth, it’s afraid that only Ye Xiaochen has divine level planting .

Any talent, as long as you reach the yellow grade, you have the qualification for entry in that field .

If you can’t even get into Yellow grade, then it’s better to save your breath and forget about it .

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“Hey, with the talent eye, I can check other people’s planting talents . In this way, it will be easier to find talents . ”

Ye XIaochen was delighted .

It was very inefficient to find talent using the five finger spirit listening method

Spirit listening was not something that all could learn .

After the lottery, Ye Xiochen’s mood became good .

Although the first draw magical wine jar was good as it could be, the talent eye drawn from the second lottery was simply excellent .

If he wanted to develop the planting industry on earth, he couldn’t do it alone . He must cultivate more planting talents .

Otherwise, when would his main task be completed?

He looked at his account and found that there were more than 10,000 immortal yuan in his account, for which he didn’t have any use for the time being . He saved it, and when there was a need in the future, he wouldn’t be facing the trouble of having less immortal yuan .

Next, he asked Dou Fanger to deal with a few immortal seeds . He didn’t need to worry about planting, the bean soldier would do a good job .

The next morning .

Ye Xiaochen returned home .

Now the family has shifted to the new house, the floor was of concrete, the area was large and was surrounded by a railing .

Mother was cleaning the floor .

The chicken, ducks, geese at home were all free-range, so they have to clean the floor every day .

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Ye Xiaochen’s thoughts moved and stimulated his divine energy then he poured into the talent eye, and immediately Ye Xiaochen’s left eye shined .

In his mind, suddenly his mother’s planting talent information appeared .

Planting talent: None .

“Mother has no planting talent, but what about father?”

Ye Xiaochen murmured, and he quickly asked his mother, “Mother, where is the father?”

“He is cooking . ”

The mother looked at him and said .

Ye Xiaochen quickly walked into the house and saw that his father was in the kitchen . He quickly used the talent eye to check the talent .

Immediately, under the detection of the talent eye, father’s talent information also appeared .

Planting talent: None .

Ye Xiaochen secretly sighed, even his father was lacking talent!

Parents have no planting talent, so it was not possible for him to have the planting talent, and even if there, it would be very low .

However, now his planting talent has reached divine grade, which only shows that his Shennong talent was not just a simple inheritance .

If a person really has a certain talent, as long as it was not buried, it would certainly shine .

Mother and father were farmers for their whole life . If they really had planting talent, it would not show ‘none’ .

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