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Chapter 153

The number of immortals this time was much higher than the last time, reaching more than 60 .

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“Seniors, there is a red immortal beans batch, the quality is good . I will now send the appraisal information . ”

Ye Xiaochen saw that everyone was there, he then sent a few screenshots of the appraisal information taken from the store to the group .

“The spirit characteristic is pretty good this time . ‘

“It is really nice . ”

“With this quality, it is really hard to have such a high level of spirit characteristics . ”

“I think it would be good to cook a pot of red bean porridge . ”

“The fried beans would be delicious . ”

“It will be great for making red bean sauce . ”

“I think if used to make tofu, it will be delicious . ”

“You all are real foodies . If this kind of red immortal beans is used for eating, it would be too wasteful . ”

“How are we wasting it? The spirit quality and divinity it contains will be good for our practice . ”

Soon there were a lot of discussions going on in the group, and it became very lively .

Ye Xiaochen looked at the chats and was dumbfounded, will not these all immortals be foodies? Even eating such a precious red immortal bean .

However, after thinking about it, these immortal beans were precious to him, but for these immortals, the level might be too low .

It’s probably good for cooking .

Forget it . What does it have to do with him what immortals do after buying beans?

It was good as long as he could earn immortal yuan .

This time he was going to sell seven thousand five hundred immortal beans, leaving with him more than 200 immortal beans .

Five hundred beans were already sold in the store, only 7000 beans would be auctioned .

“Predecessors, in this auction, the 1000 beans would be considered as a group . There are only seven groups, each group’s base price is two hundred immortal yuan and each bid increase shouldn’t be less than 5 immortal yuan . ”

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Ye Xiaochen saw that the mood was almost boiling, he immediately said the rule .

The reason he reduced the number of groups was to increase competitiveness .

“Ye Xiaochen, hurry up . I am waiting to make the red bean porridge . ”

There was a foodie immortal who couldn’t wait .

Shortly, the auction for the first group of immortal beans began .

Compared with the last immortal beans, this auction was more intense .

The frequency of bids was very high .

In the blink of an eye, the bid price reached three hundred and fifty immortal yuan .

“Three hundred and sixty immortal yuan . ”

“Three hundred and seventy immortal yuan . ”

“Three hundred and eighty immortal yuan . ”

“Three hundred and ninety immortal yuan . ”

When the bid reached four hundred immortal yuan, Ye Xiaochen was so excited that he almost shouted .

In the last auction, it was in the thirteenth group, that it reached this price .

And it was clear that the limit hasn’t yet been reached .

“Four hundred and five immortal yuan . ”

“Four hundred and ten immortal yuan . ”

“Four hundred and fifteen immortal yuan . ”

The bid finally slowed down when it reached four hundred and twenty immortal yuan .

Ye Xiaochen knew the price was reaching its limits .

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Sure enough, the final bid was settled at four hundred and thirty-five immortal yuan .

The bidding for the second group started .

The final bid for it was four hundred and fifty immortal yuan .

The third group’s final bid was four hundred and seventy immortal yuan .

The fourth group final bid was four hundred and eighty-five immortal yuan .

The fifth group’s final bid was four hundred and ninety immortal yuan .

The sixth group’s final bid was five hundred immortal yuan .

When the last group of immortal beans auction started, it instantly reached five hundred immortal yuan and finally settled at five hundred fifty immortal yuan .

Ye Xiaochen almost went wild .

Although the yield of the red immortal bean was not as good as that of yellow immortal beans, the final income of the red immortal beans exceeded that of yellow immortal beans .

He got 3330 immortal yuan .

And this was only from the auction .

From the store, he got one hundred and fifty-eight immortal yuan .

As a result, his total revenue of the red immortal beans reached 3488 immortal yuan .

The previous eight thousand immortal beans, he got 2590 immortal yuan, the difference was more than 900 immortal yuan .

Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart, the profit margin was really great in the red immortal bean .

Unfortunately, he had only one Fusang tree, and its range was limited, otherwise, he could have expanded the planting .

He looked at the account and saw it had reached six thousand immortal yuan .

“The Shennong mantra cultivation skill requires 8,800 immortal yuan . Now, I have 6000 immortal yuan and need more 2800 immortal yuan . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought .

At the present, among the immortal plants he planted, the immortal wheat and immortal grass could be harvested soon .

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Especially the immortal grass, they have grown tall enough to be harvested .

As for the immortal wheat, it would take a few more days to harvest .

“Well, let’s now harvest immortal grass . ”

He came to an immortal land where it was filled with tender green grass .

This immortal grass was slightly different from the ordinary grass . It was half the height of a person and was very slender .

He once checked that grass from seed could cover a large area, sprouting numerous grasses .

The output was very good .

Immediately, he took out the immortal sickle, this sickle was not much different from the ordinary sickle, except it had some strange textures on it .

Ye Xiaochen also took out a spirit lock medicine and gently applied it to the sickle .

Immediately, the medicine was absorbed by the immortal sickle and an immortal pattern appeared with a faint halo .

The spirit lock medicine was displaying its effect .

He no longer hesitated and quickly began to harvest the immortal grass .

When he was harvesting, he tried to stick close to the root of immortal grass, so that he could harvest long grasses .

After working for more than an hour, Ye Xiaochen harvested all the immortal grass from the immortal land .

Not a blade of grass escaped .

This all could be sold for the immortal yuan .

“Do not know what is the price of immortal grass in the store . ”

Ye Xiaochen quickly opened the store .

The store replied .

Ten thousand grass was required to put in the store .

“Anyway, I don’t know how much grass I have . Let’s put all the in the store . ”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head .

There was too much immortal grass, he would be a fool if he started counting .

Ye Xiaochen did not sell all the immortal grass but left a small part with him .

Finally, he got the appraisal, there was a total of 57,438 immortal grass .

The appraisal of the store was extraordinary, it identified each blade of grass .

To Ye Xiaochen’s surprise, the price of immortal grass was good .

The average price of grass reaches two-spirit yuan .

Not before long, all the immortal grass was sold out .

It was very popular .

After deducting the fee of the store, Ye Xiaochen got 1,145 immortal yuan for the 57,438 immortal grass .

“Haha, the price is not bad . ”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help laughing .

It should be known that the immortal grass has a greater advantage than other immortal plants, that is they could be harvested many times .

The next harvest won’t take the same long time as the first harvest .

“Haha, now I have 7100 immortal yuan . I just need 1700 immortal yuan to reach 8,800 immortal Yuan . In the next harvest, I will be able to get enough . ”

Ye Xiaohen was in a good mood .

Just as he was thinking, dozens of immortals including the Goddess of the Moon contacted ye Xiaochen about the immortal grass .

It turns out that as long the pet or mount was herbivorous, immortal grass was the best food for them .

Moreover, the immortal grass planted by Ye Xiaochen contains divinity .

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