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Chapter 151

After a long time, Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes .

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Active practicing of condensation of spirit was more real and sensual compared to practicing it in the dreams .

Spiritual consciousness seems to be in a state of omniscience and omnipotence, which was amazing .

“Nuwa spirit seed has a very high requirement for spirit condensation . This requirement not only includes talent but also the external environment . ”

Ye Xiaochen had a glimmer of enlightenment .

The spirit seeds have different attributes .

The fire spirit seed has an advantage in practicing the fire system exercises .

And Nuwa spirit seed was a condensation method of life attribute .

One must feel the life force of heaven and hearth, communicate with it and ignite its spiritual seed with the spiritual fire of life .

When condensing spirit seed, the more life you feel and the more complex the species, the more perfect and powerful will be the condensation spirit seed .

“During this period, when I was condensing the spirit seed I communicated with all the plants in the immortal land and farm . I was almost reaching the limit . If I want to strengthen the spirit seed, I must expand the range . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought .

Of course, even if Ye Xiaochen doesn’t expand the scope, the present condensed spirit strength was not too bad . After all, there were immortal plants on the farm, which ordinary plants could not compare with .

Besides, the Nuwa spirit seed was not aimed at only plants but also animals .

As the Ye Xiaochen’s talent was focused on plants, he doesn’t have a strong ability to communicate with animals when condensing the spirit seed .

“Since I want to condense the spirit seed, it should naturally be the strongest . ”

Ye Xiacohen made his decision .

For the next few days, when he has time, Ye Xiaochen would go out every day to mountains to condense spirit seed .

Different plants and seeds have an effect on the condensation of spirit seed .

If it was the same kind, the effect would be worse .

Every time he would change places, and even when he would go to the county or city, he would look at a park with different varieties of flowers and trees .

He has tried to communicate with animals and enhance the spirit seed, but the results were average .

The time soon reached the end of October .

The red immortal beans were maturing slower than he had imagined .

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Ye Xiaochen estimated that it has to do with a lack of fire qi provided by the Fusang tree .

If he had applied fire attribute immortal fertilizer he would have harvested it long ago .

However, he didn’t care, a few days at most .

October 26th .

It was dawn

Ye Xiaochen drove a Porsche Cayenne and left his home .

Today was Fang Yuan’s wedding day .

Originally, he didn’t need to go so early, but Fang Yuan told him that he wanted his car as the wedding car .

Using luxury cars as wedding cars were very common .

Usually, it would be a relative or a friend’s car .

If there was no one, or want a more expensive car, one could rent it from a wedding car rental company, from extended Lincoln to ordinary Toyota .

Ye Xiaochen’s Porsche cayenne was more than three million and the grade was very good .

Being able to help, Ye Xiaochen naturally won’t refuse .

After more than an hour, Ye Xiaochen drove his car to the door of a flower shop in Yang city .

In addition to Ye Xiaochen’s car, there were more than a dozen other cars which all belonged to Fang Yuan’s acquaintances .

There were Mercedes, Benz, BMW and the best was Jaguar .

“Xiaochen, you have come . ”

Fang Yuan was flushed and full of energy .

“Haha, Fang Yuan, you are the bridegroom today, congratulations!”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“Hey, when the time comes you will have to drink two glass!”

Fang Yuan smirked .

“Rest assured, any number of glasses is okay . Today I will knock you down and you will not be able to go to the bridal chamber . ”

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Ye Xiaochen laughed .

He was not afraid of drinking, he has an anti-toxic constitution, he would not get drunk even after 1000 glasses!

Another car came .

It was a white Porsche .

“Ah, Wang Yuandong came . Today his car will be the leading car . ”

Fang Yuan said .

Generally, the leading car in the wedding car team was mainly white . It means to live together until the hair grows white .

“Fang Yuan, Xiaochen . ”

Wang Yuandong got down from the car with a lady companion .

The girl was beautiful, has long hair and quite matched with Wang Yuandong .

“Wow, Yuanding, won’t you introduce this beauty?”

Fang Yuan embraced Wang Yuandong’s shoulder, looked at the beautiful girl and laughed .

“Bei Yiyi, my girlfriend”

Wang Yuandong smiled and introduced,  “Yiyi, these are my two college classmates . The fat man is today’s main character, the bridegroom Fang Yuan, and this one, haha, you should have heard about him, he is the famous botanist Ye Xiaochen . ”

The girl Bei Yiyi was surprised when she saw Ye Xiaochen, she did not think this young man in front of her was the famous Ye Xiaochen .

She was polite and greeted both Ye Xiaochen and Fang Yuan .

“Oh, Wang Yuandong, you have become quiet, after you found a girlfriend . You see Xiaochen is still lonely, you introduce Xiaochen to some girl . ”

Fang Yuan said .

Wang Yuandong’s face stiffened and looked at Ye Xiaochen . He wanted to say does Ye Xiaochen still require his introduction? he has almost become his cheap uncle .

Ye Xiaochen touched his nose and smiled, “What nonsense are you talking about? Be a good bridegroom . ”

“Well, let’s go to the shop over there and have some breakfast first . ”

Fang Yuan said .

Since they came so early, no one had eaten breakfast .

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After an hour .

A dozen wedding cars were decorated .

It was past eight in the morning .

The caravan of wedding cars started and headed straight to the bride’s home .

…………………… . .

Fuzhou hotel .

Fang yuan’s wedding ceremony will be held here .

In the big wedding hall, there were many guests . There were almost forty to fifty tables .

The guests of Fang Yuan were many, in addition to relatives, there were also his college classmates, high school classmates, junior school classmates, and even primary school classmates .

There were colleagues and leaders also .

He was now considered section-level head, naturally, there would be a lot of people .

Moreover, there was also his wife Huang Qiqi’s classmates, friends and colleagues .

Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart, this was the importance of the relationship .

It could be seen from the wedding banquet .

He doesn’t know what would happen when he would get married?

There were more than dozens of students from the university .

Although they were college classmates, they were separated for several years and never contacted them .

Ye Xiaochen saw he could still recognize them, but might not be able to call their name .

“Ye Xiaochen, do you remember me, Zhang Feng . Haha, Fang Yuan said that you are best in our class, and are a top botanical expert . ”

University classmates were concentrated on two tables, which were placed together .

A young man with glasses, sitting beside Ye Xiaochen said .

“Of course I remember . When we were in college, we almost fought . ”

Ye Xiaochen looked at so many old classmates and felt nostalgic .

It was okay when he didn’t meet them, but now seeing so many familiar faces, he suddenly felt pretty good .

After four years of being together, even if there was not much deep impression, it was still a period of life experience that was hard to forget .

“Yes, I remember, I accidentally dropped your phone and you were about to come after me . ”

Zhang Feng smiled .

“It was I who separated you guys, otherwise there would have been a fight . ”

A young man with artistic temperament laughed .

Hua cheng .

Game maniac, who was almost unable to graduate, only got the diploma but did not get the bachelor’s certificate .

Ye Xiaochen still has a deep impression of him .

“Ye Xiaochen, Fang Yuan said you have opened a farm, is it true?”

On the opposite, a female classmate asked .

Lai Qiaoer

A small and exquisite girl with a normal look, but was eccentric, lively and kind .

And a chatterbox who likes to ask questions .

“Yes . ”

Ye XIaochen nodded .

“I heard that an expert group composed of academicians from the Chinese Academy of sciences has visited you in person, is it true?”

Lai Qiaoer asked again .

“oh!, the Academician of the Chinese Academy of science . I Heard there are more than twenty . Ye Xiaochen you are so powerful . ”

Another girl said .


Ye Xiaochen was embarrassed, the Fang Yuan must have exaggerated the facts and publicized everywhere .

He said the expert’s group has more than twenty academicians .

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