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Chapter 150

“Today’s rice is cooked by Xiaochen, it seems he has put the water accurately!”

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The mother came out of the kitchen with dishes .

Even the fragrance of the dishes couldn’t mask the fragrance of rice .

“Son, quickly fill the rice . ”

Father arrived near the edge of the dining table and shouted .

“Coming . ”

Ye Xiaochen came out from the kitchen holding bowls and chopsticks .

He went to the front of the rice cooker, opened the lid . Suddenly, a richer fragrance of rice emerged .

Ye Xiaochen just felt his saliva was about to flow out from his mouth .

The rice was too fragrant .

He was very surprised, he didn’t expect that after putting three immortal beans in the rice, the effect would be so good .

Needless to say, it was caused by the three yellow immortal beans .

The three yellow immortal beans disappeared, it is estimated that in the process of cooking, the boiling water has mixed the yellow immortal beans with the rice .

He began to fill the bowl with rice, and soon, he saw the three yellow immortal beans .

Three bowls of rice, each had one cooked yellow immortal bean .

When he brought the bowl to the table, his father couldn’t wait to start eating .

Ye Xiaochen saw that his father ate a yellow immortal bean mixed in the rice .

Father slowly ate .

Suddenly, he stopped, his expression became strange, then he closed his eyes . He was chewing slowly as if to feel the taste of the rice .

“What are you doing old man?”

The mother sat down and asked the father who had made the expression .

Father didn’t say anything . He swallowed his food, then took a breath, his face showed a pleasant and enjoyable expression .

“Just now, I felt like I ate a bean . It was so delicious that I didn’t want to swallow it . ”

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Father said .

“You are exaggerating . Besides, how can there be beans in the rice?”

The mother laughed .

Suddenly, she looked down at her bowl and was surprised, “why is the rice yellow?”

“I was also surprised, but this rice is really delicious . ”

Father took another bite of rice, although it didn’t taste as wonderful as the immortal beans he had, it was still full of fragrance and delicious .

“There is a bean . How can there be beans in it?”

Mother suddenly picked out a yellow bean from the rice .

“There are really beans?”

Father was surprised .

“Don’t put it aside, just eat it, it’s really delicious!”

Father saw the mother was going to put the bean aside and hurriedly said .

“Is it really delicious?”

The mother pricked the bean and put it in her mouth .

Father was staring at her, his saliva was flowing out .

When the mother put the bean in her mouth, first she showed a surprise expression, then she slowly chewed it and the face slowly revealed a look of enjoyment .

“Well, isn’t it delicious?”

Father quickly asked .

“Oh, it is really delicious . How can this bean be so delicious?”

After eating the immortal bean, the mother was surprised .

All of sudden, she looked at Ye Xiaochen, who was looking at her, and asked him, “Xiaochen, did you put the beans in the rice?”

She thought the delicious beans could only be produced by her son .

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During this time, the vegetables Ye Xiaochen planted and the pickled vegetables he made were all delicious .

Now again there was such a delicious bean, she first suspected Ye Xiaochen .

“Mother, is it not delicious? How do you feel?”

Ye Xiaochen smiled .

“It is not just delicious, it is very delicious . I have eaten many beans, but for the first time I felt it was so delicious . ”

Father said .

“Son, Did you plant these beans?”

Mother asked .

“Yes, this my latest improved immortal spring bean . And tastes good . ”

Ye Xiaochen proudly said .

“Son, Are there more beans?”

Father quickly asked .

“Yes, but not much . The yield of this kind of beans are very low, mainly due to enhancement of the taste”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“It is good if you have more . Son, again in the night put in a few more beans . ”

Father said .

“Okay . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded .

Although the yellow immortal beans were precious, for his family he was willing to give it .

He looked at the yellow bean wrapped in the rice, now it was plump with water . He picked it up with chopsticks and put it in his mouth .

At that moment, an indescribable fragrance exploded on the taste buds of the tongue .

Fragrance, strong fragrance!

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help narrowing his eyes .

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No matter if it was the dishes made with immortal spring vegetables or the pickled vegetables made with the immort spring water, compared to this cooked bean, there was obviously a huge gap between them .

It was not the taste but was the effect on the level of divinity .

These immortal beans were enough to make people’s hearts happy .

It was really valuable and delicious .

When he slowly chewed the immortal bean in his mouth, the rich bean flavor spread everywhere and there was a kind of feeling of stimulation on the cells of the body, and even there was a feeling that pores were expanding .

“Haha, immortal bean, really is worthy of its name!”

Ye Xiaochen smiled in his heart .

At night .

Today there was a full moon .

On the farm .

Ye Xiacohen was holding a yellow immortal bean whose immortal spirit qi has been removed… .

“The yellow immortal beans after removing the immortal spirit qi could be eaten, but don’t know what is the benefit of it?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered .

If it was just delicious, then it’s a little wasteful .

Suddenly, he put the immortal beans in his mouth and slowly chewed .

It was not as good as the cooked one, it was mellow, but still pretty good .

Also, the taste was purer .

Shaking his head, Ye Xiaochen took out his phone, opened WeChat and sent a message to Wang Xinyi .

After a while, Wang Xinyi replied .

“I was just washing my hair . ”

“Accept the video call, I want to see you . ”

Ye Xiaochen sent a message and then clicked on the video call .

Wang Xinyi accepted it .

As the video connected, Wang Xinyi appeared . She was wearing a pajama and there was a yellow headscarf on her head .

Her face was as white as jade, a pair of bright eyes, her hands holding the chin and looking at the mobile screen . Her face was no longer melancholic as before, instead, it was full of sunshine .

Wang Xinyi has changed a lot and has become a brilliant person .

The two people didn’t turn off the video but talked in the hand sign language .

It was very late .

There was not a sound .

Ye Xiaochen sat crossed-legged .

He tried to take initiative to enter the state of spirit condensation .

He was able to read the whole Nuwa spirit seed method and knew details of how to practice it .

The key was visualization .

Adjusting the breathing, he concentrated and focused on the image .

In front of him, there was an animal skin hide page .

His eyes were fixed on the image .

Although the image was not clear, he looked at it seriously and the whole spiritual consciousness seems to be engaged .

Gradually, Ye Xiaochen felt that his mind was becoming empty, there was nothing else in sight except the image and the image was becoming clearer in his mind .

In a flash!

There was a rumbling sound in his mind, the image appeared completely in his mind and the whole spirit seemed to be in it .

He was the image .

The image was him .

There was unprecedented clarity, there was no muddiness as it used to be while dreaming .

He could even feel the spirit seed held between the claws of the image .

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