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Chapter 135
Chapter 135: Inauguration
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When the expert group had come to inspect Jing Yufeng County, it was accompanied by Yangshi's deputy mayor and suddenly, Ye Xiaochen the top plant expert weighed more and more in the hearts of Yangshi leaders .

After all, even if the county heads had come to join them, the restaurant would definitely contribute to the county's tax revenue after it was opened .

In the modern world of money, always wealth represented power . After all, money should be safeguarded by power .

Wang Shuisheng, who was once a vassal figure, became the richest man in the sheep city and also a heavyweight and decided to come from the sheep market .

Today, Wang Shuisheng could have relationships, because, without sufficient background and relationships, it is naturally impossible .

Now that Wang Shuisheng and Zeng Hongye come together, it might that the relationship between the two was extraordinary .

"Secretary Zeng, you're here too . You've got to inform our county Party committee and government in advance!"

"We are really unprepared at all . "

Secretary Liu of the county party committee came in-person to welcome him, expressing sincerity and fear in his tone .

After all, under the leadership of this county, that must be attached great importance .

"It's okay . I'm attending the opening ceremony in my personal capacity this time . Don't have any thoughts, just relax . "

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Zeng Hongye is a middle-aged beautiful woman, well-maintained and kind .

However, those eyes seemed to have the magic power to see people's hearts . She put her eyes on Ye Xiaochen, and chuckled and said: "You should be Ye Xiaochen . Well, we in Yangyang are proud of you . "

Although it was just a few words, it made Ye Xiaochen pay more attention to the present person .

"Secretary Zeng, welcome to the opening ceremony . Please come inside . "

Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart, those officials are indeed full of the aura!

Ye Xiaochen had quickly greeted Wang Shuisheng and suddenly asked: "Wang brother, did you invite Secretary Zeng?"

He didn't think Zeng Hongye would actually come for a visit in person .

Now that Zeng Hongye and Wang Shuisheng are together, the relationship is intriguing .

"Also, Secretary Zeng was curious about you, so she wanted to see you by herself . "

Wang Shuisheng smiled softly . In other words, he was surprised that Secretary Zeng agreed to come .

As Zeng Hongye was so busy she could not fly in the sky . How come she could participate in the opening of a restaurant in a county unless she was invited to some important event meeting of a city-level leading enterprise . Not to mention, Ye Xiaochen never invited Zeng Hongye .

Next, many people came, for example, Ye Xiaochen's several partners in Yangshi they were inquiring about the news from the place and rushed . One or more VIPs had filled the VIP rooms on the first floor and second floor of the lobby .

Some drinks, snacks, and fruits were already prepared and a well-dressed waiter would bring them .

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Towards noon, the opening ceremony had officially begun with a series of roaring firecrackers .

The ribbon-cutting was also extremely important .

Due to the arrival of a few particularly important people, the already selected tailors were immediately adjusted .

Zeng Hongye and Wang Shuisheng were among them .

As for the shareholders of Xianquan Catering Company Ye Xiaochen was naturally indispensable, after all, it was the facade of the company's publicity .

Nie Yunhai, as the company's general manager, was also included .

The other was the county leader . The deputy head of the county, Chu Ziping was originally scheduled but now the county had several posts better than his leader, so he had chosen the county party committee secretary Liu .

Five ribbon cutters .

Ye Xiaochen did not know the ribbon-cutting ceremony, and all obeyed Li Jiaren's arrangement .

When Ye Xiaochen had spoken, he had an early manuscript so he could do it on the back but he was too much stage fright because he was not as vivid and powerful as those, leaders .

No way, people were engaged in professional speeches .

After the ceremony, Ye Xiaochen felt tired than growing vegetables, and his smile was almost rigid .

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Seeing Zeng Hongye, Wang Shuisheng and others were still able to talk and laugh, Ye Xiaochen sighed .

After the opening ceremony, Li Jiaren had begun to arrange guests . This was a free seat, not a pricing seat . All the dishes in the restaurant would be rounded for guests to taste . At the same time, the price of each dish was also marked . In this way, the guests would have a bottom in the future .

It was worth it . In the future, the reputation of the restaurant would be passed on by these guests .

In order to make the free seats, this time master Lin had invited several chefs and began to prepare a few days ago . It could be said to be an extremely luxurious lineup of chefs, each of whom could be a chef in a large hotel .

"The first side dish is immortal Tofu . The ingredients used are soybeans from immortal Farm . They are made through 13 processes and the price is 88 yuan per dish . "

Soon, a loud voice will sound and immediately afterward, the waiters one by one came out holding plates one by one with small green plates on a white background . On the dish, there were piles of dried yellow tofu . The amount in each dish was the same .

Ten yuan .

Ten people per table and everyone could taste a piece of dried tofu . Don't be too few, there were too many dishes! Moreover, the subsequent dishes would continue to be available .

In the immortal spring vegetarian restaurant, it was not a question of eating, but of enjoying .

For those present, dried tofu at 88 yuan per dish, although expensive was still acceptable . One by one, and soon the dish was empty .

A piece of dried tofu, eight yuan .

After the dried tofu was imported, everyone's look suddenly had changed, and they just felt the bean flavor of the tofu itself was not covered up but was released and the aftertaste was not poor .

good to eat!

This was what everyone thought .

Looking at the empty plate, everyone felt their appetite was mobilized, but there was no more food . Fortunately, the second dish was here . Still a side dish . Hash browns .

The much larger potato pancakes than the beer lids were placed on a plate, golden and bright .

It's not cheap either .

Such a potato pancake was just one bite, but with the previous example of dried tofu, many people chewed slowly and feared that the potato pancake would be eaten at once .

Underneath the seemingly golden appearance, it was white and as soon as it was about to open, an unimaginable scent of potatoes came out stimulating the taste buds . It had a completely different texture and aroma than dried tofu .

The following dishes were constantly coming up . Under the imagination of chef Lin and other chefs, the vegetables on Ye Xiaochen's farm were made by them for 28 side dishes and 32 main dishes . A dish had very different characteristics, and it made the guests present enjoyable .

Especially the last immortal sauerkraut had completely conquered all the diners .

Of course, these side dishes were not cheap .

Let's talk about side dishes, the fewest prices were eighty-eight the dish and the high price of one were hundred and eighty-eight .

As for the main course, it was even more expensive, starting at 388 yuan the most expensive was 3,888 yuan .

These dishes had one characteristic, the quantity was not large, and it would definitely make you underfed .

When you finish eating, you'll need more than you want .

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