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Chapter 134

Today was National day and also the opening day of the immortal spring restaurant .

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Ye Xiaochen started making some arrangements .

After the vegetables and fruits were transported to several restaurants and supermarkets, Ye Xiaochen returned .

Today, mother, father, and sister would also attend the opening ceremony .

As soon as he got home, he saw that everyone was neatly dressed and ready .

Maybe, because of eating immortal spring vegetables every day, his mother and father didn’t look older and tired, instead, they were looking much younger and full of energy .

Clothes make the man .

Wearing the branded clothes Ye Xiaochen bought, the whole person seems to have become more classy and no longer had the past rustic appearance .

Especially her mother wearing a pearl necklace and bracelet in her hand, she looked brighter .

To buy her these things, Ye Xiaochen had listened to incessant complaints from her mother .

This jewelry was bought from Xu Jiao’s jewelry shop with a special discount .

Father had put on a casual suit, a pair of shiny leather shoes and had neat hair . He looked stylish and had the aura of a successful person, the only dissatisfying thing was once his father reveals his signature thick smile, the whole person would suddenly turn into a farmer uncle .

As for her sister, she was definitely the brightest person at the moment, she gave a fresh and pure feeling .

“Brother, why are you staring at me?”

Ye Ying was embarrassed by Ye Xiaochen .

“Haha, I suddenly feel that if you go wearing this dress to your school, you will certainly be rated as School flower . . ”

(Tn: school flower means the most beautiful girl in the whole school/college . )

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“How can I be, those school flowers are really beautiful . ”

Ye Ying naturally didn’t believe him .

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Of those school flowers, which was not one who doesn’t get pursued by the countless men . She was just like an ugly duckling and could only be silently envious .

“No, those school flowers are not as pretty as my sister . ”

Ye Xiaochen affirmed .

“Son, I don’t feel much comfortable in this formal dress . ”

Father moved his shoulders, he felt slightly tense and uncomfortable .

At home, he would wear a casual dress and a pair of canvas shoes, which can be worn for a long time .

“Obviously, need to be in formals otherwise won’t we disgrace our son by wearing rustic clothes?”

His mother was much more understanding .

“Son, do you think your mother has dressed well? Do I look like a noble lady? ”

His mother put on a poss and asked .

“Very good . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said .

Afterward, the family of four stepped out of the house and went towards the black Porsche Cayenne .

After the car started, it left the place .

The Purple Mountain Villa .

Located in the eastern suburbs of the county, near the Lianhui river . It has great picturesque scenery .

In the past, it was deserted .

However, from today morning it has become very busy .

At the entrance of the villa, there was a huge arch with a conspicuous banner .

“Immortal Spring vegetarian restaurant grand opening . ”

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Ye Xiaochen driving the car came till there .

“Wow, brother, is this the place?”

Ye Ying was extremely curious .

“Son, shouldn’t the restaurant needs to be opened in a flourishing lively place? Although the environment is nice here, it is desolate . Will people come here?”

Mother looked left and right, felt worried .

“Mother, you can rest assured, the immortal spring restaurant is not a general restaurant but a premium restaurant for the rich, so, the source of the customer is not a problem . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

If it was a general restaurant, the location was very important, but for a premium restaurant, more attention needed to the word of mouth .

“Oh, I see . ”

Mother nodded .

Soon, the car drove towards the Purple Mountain villa .

Trees were lined on the way, the rocky mountains and flowing water looked very elegant .

Around the plaza, a three-story building decorated with nature could be seen .

The most obvious thing was the long red cloth, which was written with the company, department,store and so on celebrating the opening of the immortal spring vegetarian restaurant .

This was a great opportunity to show the strength of the restaurant’s contacts .

There were around 70 to 80 names were written, it not only had Jing county but also had Yang city .

Obviously, for the sake of propaganda, Li Jiaren had used his connections .

In front of the three-story building, there was a platform built and covered with red carpet and colored fabrics .

After Ye Xiaochen parked the car, he took his family to the restaurant .

“Brother Ye, Uncle, and Aunt, you have come early . ”

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Li Jiaren immediately greeted .

“I am also one of the owners,so I can’t just let you be busy . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“Haha, brother Ye, you can’t think yourself just as one of the owners, you are the signature of our restaurant . ”

Li Jiaren laughed .

Soon Li Jiaren arranged the staff to guide Ye Xiaochen’s family to the VIP room .

“Brother Jiaren, are there enough staff?”

Ye Xiaochen saw Xie Juan, she was very busy .

“There’s enough for now, the boss Wang is straightforward and directly lent us a group of people . ”

Li Jiaren smiled .

The boss Wang he mentioned was the owner of the Purple Mountain Villa .

Time quickly passed and it was already 10 o’clock in the morning, the guests started arriving one after another .

Those who could come, at least have some assets in Jing County .

Some people were invited by Li Jiaren using his connection, and some when they heard that this restaurant has a connection with Ye Xiaochen, they took the initiative to come .

There was also Ye Xiaochen’s relatives .

For example, aunt, uncle, cousin Chen Hao, Li Yan and so on .

Even people from Yang city started to come one after another .

Many leaders of government departments also came, such as deputy county mayor against whom Li Jiaren’s leaned on .

He was the most distinguished guest in the room .

Li Jiaren’s face was full of smiles, it was in his honor that the deputy county mayor could come .

He hurriedly introduced the Deputy mayor to the Ye Xiaochen .

“Mr . Ye, we met again . I didn’t expect that we have a botanist like you in Jing county . It is really a blessing for Jing County!”

Deputy mayor, Chu Ziping was very polite .

Li Jiaren was a little shocked and immediately reacted . He shouted at himself why he never thought that when the expert’s group visited Ye Xiaochen, the deputy mayor was also there .

It was normal for them to know each other .

Seeing the situation, he suddenly understood that Ye Xiaochen’s plant expert identity was very important in the county .

“It’s all those seniors respect, Mayor Chu, thank you for coming . Please sit inside . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled, and with neither servile nor overbearing attitude, he said .

Immediately, he accompanied the deputy mayor towards the VIP room .

Next, several strong figures like county party secretary Liu, deputy executive of county Jin Bingqiu, County magistrate Zhu Changqing and others came together .

Once again it became busy, it surprised many people .

They immediately admired Ye Xiaochen’s ability .

Li Jiaren and others were both happy and a little lost, after all, these important figures came because of Ye Xiaochen .

Chen Hao, Li Yan and others who watched Ye Xiaochen talking with important people were envious .

Once upon a time, Ye Xiaochen was just a poor college student, but now, they need to look up to him .

When Ye Xiachen was exchanging greetings with several leaders, suddenly a staff member hurriedly came and said,” Secretary Zheng of Yang city, and Mr . Wang Shuisheg, the richest man of Yang city, have come together . ”

As soon the words came the whole hall was shocked .

Even a few main leaders of Jing county hurriedly got up and followed Ye Xiaochen to out .

This was a real big shot!

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