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Chapter 130
Chapter 130-Candidate
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“Chicken oh chicken wakes up quickly, I have saved your life . ”

Ye Xiaochen holding the big chicken went back to the farm .

As the big chicken has not yet woken and its life signature was normal, Ye Xiaochen felt bored and started to read a book to pass time .

After three hours, the chicken made a loud cry, the chicken who had been originally lying on the ground got up and walked around as if nothing had happened .

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly grabbed the big chicken and checked it carefully again, there were no after-effects .

“It seems that the pollination bee’s tail has only anesthetic effects and no other toxic side effects . ”

Ye Xiaochen concluded .

However, he still held a cautious attitude and decided to do more experiments .

Moreover, he also tried ordering the pollination Bee to reduce the amount of toxin released from its tail .

In this way, the house chickens were suffering the calamity .

To hide from his mother, Ye Xiaochen like a chicken thief would immediately pack the chicken when it faints and transport it to the farm .

There were no side effects .

The chickens who have been stung were still alive and kicking .

After knowing that the tail of the pollination bee was not lethal, Ye Xiaochen’s mind once again became lively .

Soon, he got the idea of experimenting with the big fat pig raised by the sister-in-law Hui’s home .

He wanted to test the effectiveness of pollination bee’s tail on large animals .

In this way, the big fat pig laid down for more than an hour, almost scaring sister-in-law Hui to death, thinking that her family pig has died .

Ye Xiaochen who did the bad deed pretended not to know anything .

Finally, Ye Xiaochen set his sight on the livestock raised by other people in the village .

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Dog, sheep, Cow!

Dogs that often walk on the road, the cattle and sheep that graze in the fields would suddenly faint .

Now the villagers were frightened .

Those two local dogs were also the subject of the experiment .

Perhaps because of staying long hours in the immortal land, the two dogs were more resistant to the pollination Bee’s tail than ordinary domestic animals, even more than the buffalo .

Now those two dogs after seeing Ye Xiaochen would tremble .

In the twinkling of an eye, it was the end of September .

The weather was getting cold .

Ye Xiaochen stood in the immortal land and could see the immortal yellow beans and immortal red beans covered with small flowers .

The flowers of immortal yellow beans were white and the immortal red beans were dark purple .

Although the Fusang tree did not grow tall, the bud has already started to form branches and leaves .

Even more intense fiery breath started emanated .

At this moment, a buzzing sound was heard, the pollination bee was busy among the flowers .

From the Pollination Bee’s consciousness, he could sense joy .

After all, Ye Xiaochen’s concocted honey grade was too low and not suited to the appetite of Pollination bee .

Instead, the pollen of these immortal plants was a favorite of the Pollination Bee .

“Through the Pollination bee, the yield and quality of the two types of immortal beans should be improved a lot . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought .

The Pollination bee not only pollinates but also secretes a body fluid that helps fertilize the pollens .

After this batch of immortal beans flowering period, he could only wait for the next batch of immortal beans, immortal wheat, and immortal grass .

As for the radishes, they were ready to be harvested, at most leaving few seeds for cultivation .

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Moreover, he recently read in Shennong system introduction guide that there were some special methods for seed cultivation .

Previously, Ye Xiaochen relied on the second generation of naturally produced immortal bean seeds .

And to speak strictly, it failed .

If it wasn’t for the superposition of divinity and spiritual characteristic, it would have been worthless .

This time, naturally he would cultivate the radish seeds using special cultivation methods .

And he was going to use the same cultivation method for the immortal bean seeds .

Suddenly, his phone rang .

He took out his phone and saw that Li Jiaren was calling him, he immediately understood that it should be about the opening of the immortal spring vegetarian restaurant .

“Brother Ye, the opening date has been fixed, it will 11th, the restaurant’s decoration is also nearly done . If you have time then come and have a look . ”

Li Jiaren said with a laugh .

“Ok . ”

Ye Xiaochen gave a simple answer .

They were doing all the company’s affairs and Ye Xiaochen seldom participates .

However, he plans to send an individual into the company after the company starts running, after all, so many people cooperating, it was easy to play tricks .

Ye Xiaochen’s doesn’t want to be in the dark

It was difficult to choose a candidate .

The person must be close, and could be used confidently and must have the ability, otherwise, the person would be only a decoration .

It would have been best if he goes .

However, he has no time, although it was important to make money, it was nothing compared to planting immortal plants .

After much consideration, Ye Xiaochen decided on a person .

His aunt’s eldest daughter Xie Juan, graduated from professional training college and majors in accounting, she works at a foreign trade company in Shenzhen, recently he heard from the aunt that she was looking to change job .

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Ye Xiaochen has a good relationship with Xie Juan and often would contact by phone .

When his aunt and uncle would go out for work, they would send Xie Juan and her two younger brothers to live in Ye Xiaochen’s home .

They kind of grew up together .

Xie Juan was lively and generous, her communication skills were also good, naturally, there was no need to mention about her ability .

After thinking till here, Ye Xiaochen decided to call Xie Juan and ask about the current situation .

Shenzhen .

In a rental house .

At the moment, Xie Juan was very confused .

She had already given her resignation letter and was waiting for the company’s approval .

However, company leaders wanted to keep her and promised to give a raise .

Xie Juan’s ability was obvious to all . If the company’s financial department lacks such an employee, it would be difficult to make up in a short time .

Xie Juan’s problem was not about the increase in salary or promotion but was another issue, she was pregnant .

Her boyfriend was her classmate in college, they fell in love and have been together till present .

After the two resigning from their respective job, they planned to use years of saving to open a store .

However, now she was pregnant and was going to get married .

If she quits now, there would be no income for some time in the future and would only have expenses .

After all, opening a store may not necessarily generate profit, and might instead lose money .

Marriage was another big expense .

When she will have a baby, it will be even bigger .

On the other hand, her mother was not satisfied with her boyfriend, she feels that he was not ambitious enough .

She was quite satisfied, as long as her boyfriend was good to her, as for earning money, wasn’t she there?

It was her idea to quit and set up a store .

Her boyfriend was hoping for stability .

Unfortunately, she was not satisfied with the current status quo and felt that earning in the job was too less .

“Dear, don’t worry . You can go back to work, I will run the online store first . Anyway, from the online store there was still some business . ”

Xie Juan’s boyfriend Cai Qiang saw his girlfriend was worried and hurriedly comforted .

Two people while working had opened the online store, which was quite impressive .

“It can only be like this . ”

Xie Juan sighed .

She didn’t want to go back, there was too much pressure .

Just as two made up their mind, suddenly the phone rang .

Xie Juan picked it up and was slightly surprised .

“Wife, whose call is it?”

Cai Qiang asked .

“It is brother Xiaochen’s call . ”

Xie Juan said .

She was one year younger than Ye Xiaochen .

“Then quickly answer, brother Chen, must have some matter to talk . ”

Cai Qiang hurriedly said .

Now, among the Ye family’s relatives, who don’t know about Ye Xiaochen .

Although Xie Juan didn’t go back, she congratulated him through the phone .

“Yes . ”

Xie Juan nodded and immediately pressed the answer button .

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