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Chapter 131
Chapter 131-Joining Office
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“Hello, Brother Chen, how do you have time to call me today?”

Xie Juan said with a smile .

“I can’t call you if I don’t have time?”

Ye Xiaochen’s voice came from the phone .

“Aren’t you a big celebrity now? You should be very busy . ”

Xie Juan joked .

“What big celebrity? Your brother is just a farmer . By the way, Juan, you didn’t go to work today?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“No, I have resigned . ”

Xie Juan said .

“That is nice . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“Brother Chen, you are ridiculing your little sister who has lost the job . ”

Xie Juan said .

“Hehe, brother I have a very good job and want to introduce you, will you not come?”

Ye Xiaochen would often make fun of Xie Juan .

Between Brother and sister do not pay much attention to what they say nor take it seriously .

It is only with his family that Ye Xiaochen feels comfortable in talking .

“Brother Chen, what kind of job is it? Am I qualified for it ?”

Xie Juan knew that Ye Xiaochen wouldn’t joke in this matter, and seriously asked .

“Definitely, it is your kind of job”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“What about the salary, although we are relative, this thing shouldn’t be too less okay?”

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“It will be less for you, but higher than what you used to get and there is also a bonus at the end of the year . Well, I have started a chain restaurant in partnership with others . I am busy, and don’t have time to see the company’s financial affairs . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“Wow, Brother Chen, you have already opened a company . You are amazing . ”

Xie Juan was surprised .

With current Ye Xiaochen’s fame, many people want to cooperate with him .

She was very curious about the assets of the company opened by Ye Xiaochen and his shares, but she did not ask, anyway after entering into the company these things will be known .

She decided to help her cousin oversee the company’s operation and financial issues .

To prevent the partners from scamming him .

In this matter, she was quite adept at it, and immediately promised, “Brother Chen, you can rest assured, there is me, even a little moth won’t dare to have any thoughts . ”

“Hehe, of course, I can rest assured, but you should not put too much pressure on yourself . That type of situation won’t happen . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

The two chatted for a while and then hung up .

Xie Juan put down her mobile and directly hugged Cai Qiang and said, “We will pack up the things tomorrow, return to Yang city and directly will go to brother Chen’s company to work . ”

“Don’t be too excited, be careful about the baby . ”

Cai Qiang hurriedly said .

“It’s all right . ”

Xie Juan smiled .

“Uhm, dear, can you also arrange me to enter into the brother Chen’s company?”

Cai Qiang probed .

“Temporarily don’t think about it, brother Chen has opened the company with other people in partnership, definitely cannot randomly insert a person in the company . You have to look after the online store, the washing, cooking and other things will be left to you . ”

Xie Juan said .

Cai Qian had a bitter face and could only agree, in front of Xie Juan he never had any other choice .

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However, he was also like this kind of person, there was no need to think too much and just need to do what the wife says .

Only people like Cai Qiang could harmoniously live well with strong nature people like Xie Juan .


After the candidate was selected, Ye Xiaochen called Li Jiaren .

“Brother Ye, I have already preserved the position for you . I am assured that the person you choose can directly come to work . ”

Li Jiaren said .

Because there were too many partners, not everyone could insert a person into the company, and the participation of Shareholders in the company’s management was not a good thing itself .

The company has employed professional managers to run the company .

Ye Xiaochen had no objection to this .

The next afternoon, Ye Xiaochen received a call from Xie Juan, she first took a plant to Shashi city and then high-speed rail to Jing county North Station .

She was coming alone, as for Cai Qiang he would be temporarily staying in Shanghai and handle things related to the online store .

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen drove the Porsche cayenne and went directly to the Jing county North station .

After half an hour Ye Xiaochen reached the Jing county North station and not long after that Xie Juan called and came out of the station .

Soon, Ye Xiaochen met Xie Juan .

A height of 1 . 6 meters, the curly hair dyed with blonde color, she was exactly looking like a beautiful city person .

“Wow, brother Chen, did you come driving in Porsche?”

Xie Juan couldn’t remove her eyes when she saw the black Porsche cayenne .

After getting in the car, Xie Juan sighed, “Sitting in the luxury car is really different . ”

“Why didn’t Cai Qiang came back with you?”

Ye Xiaochen asked with a smile .

“He won’t come until he finishes processing the things of the online store, it’s really annoying, need to make lots of calls to the individual to deliver stuff . ”

Xie Juan said .

The online store she opened was not in the form agency, so need to personally go for acquiring stock . However, the profit was large, at the same time it was also extremely exhausting .

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On the whole journey, Xie Juan never stopped her mouth, she was quite chatty .

Ye Xiaochen drove directly towards the county town .

The company was already up and running, today he would let Xie Juan report .

The company’s office was located in the same place as the restaurant, the purple mountain villa .

It was a three-story bungalow with a classic look .

After the renovation, it looked green and has a nature style .

“Brother Chen, the company is located here, is the environment nice? ”

Xie Juan curiously asked .

“Yes . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded .

“The rent here is not cheap, right?”

Xie Juan asked again .

“Not expensive, the purple mountain villa business was not that good . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled .

Not only it was not expensive, but also very cheap, it could be considered almost free .

The boss of the purple mountain villa did not know from which channel he became aware that Ye Xiaochen with other partners was going to open a restaurant chain and came to find him .

This was actually a disguised experiment, once immortal spring vegetable restaurant becomes famous, it will surely drive the development of purple mountain villa .

In the end, this purple mountain villa owner also fancies Ye Xiaochen’s fame .

Li Jiaren was already waiting .

He was responsible for the construction of the whole company and the decoration of the restaurant .

“Brother Ye . ”

Li Jiaren greeted Ye Xiaochen .

Ye Xiaochen introduced Xie Juan to Li Jiaren .

After exchanging greetings, three of them entered the restaurant .

The decoration was really good, it could be seen that Li Jiaren had really put a lot of thought into it .

The third floor was the office area .

As for the first and second floors, it was the restaurant department .

The space was really large .

The offices of various departments have been arranged properly .

CEO’s office, Finance office, Logistic office, Human Resource office and so on .

Moreover, the staff were all good

The CEO of the company was called Nie Yunhai, Li Jiaren spend a large salary to dig him from a big hotel . He was originally a hotel executive and was very good at the catering field .

Ye Xiaochen first let Nie Yunhai complete the entry formalities of Xie Juan .

Her position was in the Finance department and will be the head of the accounting team . Her monthly salary was tentatively set at 10,000 yuan per month, five insurance and one housing fund which will be arranged after a while .

As for the food and accommodation subsidies, national holidays, year-end bonuses and other things also will be provided .

In this matter, Xie Juan was very satisfied, after all the salary was not low .

In the previous company, she earned more than 6000 per month, even if the boss promised to increase salary at most it would reach 8000, with the consumption standard of Shanghai, this salary might seem high, but in fact, was general .

In this small county town, it was different . The monthly salary of ten thousand was absolutely high .

After waiting for Xie Juan to be familiar with the working environment, with Xie Juan, they went to 2BHK rented flat near the company .

“The rent is really cheap!”

Xie Juan looked at the rent and sighed .

Two bedrooms, one living room, the monthly rent was only three hundred fifty yuan .

The furniture and appliances were also provided .

If it was in Shanghai city, even if it was at the edge of the city, the rent won’t come down to less than a thousand .

Just the rent could save a lot of money .

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