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Chapter 120

Ye Xiaochen drove Porsche cayenne through the streets .

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Remembering the scene in the parking lot, he couldn’t help but give a bitter smile . No wonder those rich young men like to drive sports cars to show off, it’s really easy to attract bees and butterflies .

The girls were so enthusiastic that they couldn’t wait to squeeze inside Ye Xiaochen’s car .

It was not easy to get rid of them .

It was actually very frightful .

The car was too eye-catching .

When his car entered into the gravel road, he had to drive carefully, so as not to let the bottom touch .

In fact, he doesn’t need to worry at all, the off-road chassis was high .

He has to say, driving this car really feels good .

The gap was too big compared to his truck .

In the cement pool beside the well, Ye Xiaochen’s mother He Qinglian was washing clothes .

There was no washing machine at home, all the clothes were washed by the mother’s hand .

In the countryside, even if you buy a washing machine, it was mostly used for drying . As for washing clothes by hand, many people think that the washing machine doesn’t clean clothes properly .

Suddenly, the mother heard the sound of the car, she looked up and saw a strong car entering .

“Who is visiting my son again? ”

Mother was not surprised by this scene after the visit of experts group . Although these past few days there was no endless stream of horse and carriage (Heavy traffic), often there would be someone coming to visit .

There were all kinds of cars .

Haven’t noticed that the original smooth flat plain, now has a lot of wheel prints .

Suddenly, the car door opened and a figure appeared which shocked her .

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He Qinglian was shocked . Why was his son driving the car?

She has been seeing too many cars these days, and each one was eye-catching, from a glance could be said it was luxurious and costs a lot of money .

“Xiaochen, whose car were you driving?”

Mother asked .

“This is my car . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and said .


Mother was stunned .

“When did you buy the car? Did it cost a lot of money?”

If it was before, she wouldn’t care about wrong or right and would definitely criticize .

However, now, her son was not an ordinary person, even experts were polite to him, that was the status and reputation of a famous person .

With this thought, she always paid attention to her words and actions, afraid of losing face to the son, she must give him face anytime and anywhere .

“I didn’t buy it . I got it as a gift”

Ye Xiacohen said .

“Got as a gift? Why? Son, you cannot randomly accept it . ”

He Qinglian quickly said .

“Mother, you can rest assured . I helped solve a big problem for someone, it is just an insignificant car, that’s all . ”

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Ye Xiaochen smiled .

“That’s good, but son, you must pay attention to your influence in the future, even if you accept gift, cough, don’t accept car-like conspicuous things . It’s better to collect money, so it won’t be known …”

Mother said .

“I know . ”

“Gee, I have never seen such a nice car… . ”

Mother touched the car, she loved it and was happy .

Buying a car in the countryside is a big event and often firecrackers were used to celebrate it .

“Mother, come in, I’ll take you for a ride . ”

Ye Xiachen laughed .

“Wait a minute, I’ll call your father . ”‘

Mother hurriedly said .

Seeing mother’s solemn appearance, Ye Xiaochen didn’t know what to say .

After waiting for ten minutes, the father returned with a hoe .

“Son, it’s very expensive, why don’t you return it?”

Father was more cautious .

“Return what? This thing my son deserves it, you know, my son helped Global Company solve a very big problem . can a small car compare with it? In my opinion, it’s less . Now, my son is a great expert . ”

Mother said in a confident tone .

Father was dumbfounded .

Ye Xiaochen looked at his mother’s imposing style and felt a little funny . Fortunately, he said her this car’s price was two-three hundred thousand, if he had said it was more than three million, then his mother would have been more worried than his father .

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At the moment, Ye Xiaochen accompanied two people, made a big round around the village road before returning home .

“The car is very comfortable . ”

Mother sighed .

When she used to ride in the truck, she thought it was pretty, but compared to this car, the gap was too big .

“Son, during the Mid-Autumn festival, you will have to come with us to your grandmother’s house . ”

Mother suddenly said .


Ye Xiaochen rubbed his nose .

In the past, during the Mid-Autumn festival, they used to go to maternal grandmother’s house .

Especially, when he was young, it was the happiest time when he went to his grandmother’s house because his grandmother loved them very much and would make lots of delicious food .

However, only this time, he told Wang Xinyi that he would go to her house during the Mid-autumn festival .

If he goes to Wang Xinyi’s house, he won’t be able to go to grandmother’s house .

“This, mother, I have something to do, I can send you to grandmother’s house, and I won’t be going in?”

Ye Xiaochen turned his eyes and hurriedly said .

“Why will you not come inside the house? Just sit there . ”

Mother was not happy .

“All right . ”

Ye Xiaochen could only promise, otherwise mother’s mouth won’t stop, she would say all kind of major morals, how grandmother was so good to him since childhood, after growing wings( mature), forgot grandmother goodness and so on .

Back to the farm .

Ye Xiaochen was busy .

It was time to sow the immortal plant seeds he bought yesterday and grow them .

He was occupied till evening .

He went towards the twelve yellow immortal beans, which hadn’t cracked yet .

“Are the replanted immortal beans different from those bought from the store and wouldn’t crack on their own?”

Ye Xiaochen touched his chin and thought .

Of course, he was not going to take off the bean pods directly, The risk was too great .

If the immature beans were harvested, they would be discarded immediately .

He won’t take this risk .

Even if the quality of these twelve beans were poor, it would be no problem to get two-three hundred immortal yuan .

If all were discarded, whom will he seek to cry?

So he decided to wait .

He squatted down and touched the yellow immortal beans gently . He used his spirit to communicate with the consciousness of the bean plant .

“From the perspective of plant consciousness, it seems to have entered the maturity stage but is not completely stable . There were not many changes compared to the previous days . ”

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes after a while .

When the immortal plant matures, the plant consciousness would have some type of changes .

He has accumulated a lot of experience in this field .

Suddenly, his mobile phone rang . He stood and took it out . It was from Li Tingting .

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