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Chapter 22
Chapter 0022 Conflict and Fight

Ivan’s Hogsmeade trip was not as easy as he expected, businesses were not keen to spend money on an obscure newspaper that they’ve never heard of.

However, through Ivan’s effort to persuade them, there were still some businesses that agreed to sponsor the newspaper.

For example, Honeydukes gave him two big cans of chocolate Cauldrons that they couldn’t sell, Zonko’s Joke Shop owner gave him a lot of Dungbombs, and The Three Broomsticks offered him a glass of free lemonade.

The owner of The Three Broomsticks said: “Kids can’t drink so here’s some lemonade!”

“Well nothing is easy in the beginning but at least its better than nothing,” said Ivan comforting himself, and after drinking the lemonade, he carried a giant pile of things through the long narrow secret passage and walked back to Hogwarts.

As he made it back to Hogwarts, he saw that Slytherin and the Gryffindor students were on the Quidditch field arguing about something.

Draco Malfoy was at the center of the crowd, he seemed to have said something nasty to Hermione, and it looked like Fred and George would pounce on him, Ron glared at Malfoy while pointing his broken wand at him.

“You will pay for what you said” shouted Ron.

In the next second a large explosion resounded through the field, a green colored spell shoots out of the back of Ron’s wand and hit him in the abdomen, causing him to fall to the ground.

“Ron, Ron! Are you okay?” screamed Hermione

Ron opened his mouth to answer but what came out were not words, but slugs were spat out and fell to the ground.

The Slytherin team’s players couldn’t stop laughing and their captain Flint turned red from laughing so much. Malfoy fell to the ground laughing so hard at Ron’s blunder. The Gryffindor team surrounded Ron who continued to spit out slugs.

Ivan hurried to the crowd when Colin saw him he happily said, “YOu’re back, Ivan, Ron was hit by his own spell. Harry, can you help him?”

Colin excitedly held up the camera and pointed it at Harry.

“Ivan took out his wand and uttered the spell “silentium” at Ron, but the spell didn’t work, and Ron spat out a new batch of slugs.

“Look at the little smelly mud blood” laughed Malfoy while looking contemptuously at Ivan, “look at your pathetic magic.”

“Yes, Malfoy?” Ivan looked at Malfoy coldly and pointed his wand at Malfoy that formed a red light on the tip.

In an instant, Malfoy was struck by Ivan’s spell.

“Damn how dare you..” The smile on the Slytherin students faces vanished in an instant and looked at Ivan coldly, several seniors quickly pulled out their wands.

Soon more and more Slytherin pointed their wand’s at Ivan, while the Gryffindor students soon pulled out their wands and glared at each other, the tension was reaching its peak. (T/N: This is what I imagine but with a lot more people. link)

“Stupid mud blood, I will kill you!” Shouted Malfoy as he got up from the ground while picking up he wand, “Bumbler falls!”

It seemed to be a signal that made each side nerves stretch to the extreme, Gryffindor and Slytherin read out their own mantra, and then the whole Quidditch stadium turned into a battleground.

Students who were originally sitting in the stadium poured into the field, so the situation became even more chaotic. When several students in Hufflepuff saw what was going on the turned towards the castle and ran.

In the field, Ivan was Slytherin’s primary target.

After escaping from three spells, he realized he was too slow to

cast a spell of his own, so he decided to throughout all the Dungbombs he got earlier.

When he threw a Dungbomb, it only hit the Slytherin students, this interrupted their spells, the stench was accompanied by Slytherin Screams.

Malfoy was his primary focus, so he is now covered with dung.

“Attaboy, Ivan!” Chered Fred and George.

It didn’t take much longer before Ivan made the Slytherin’s abandoned their wands and pounce on the nearest enemy in the most primitive way.

The Slytherin students took advantage of the moment since no one wanted to be near the dung covered Slytherins which deprived the Gryffindors of fighting them.

Ivan ran into one of Malfoy’s roommates Blaine Zabini, the two people soon fought, making Ivan’s lips to break and causing Ivan blood to pour out.

Ivan didn’t let the other side get the better of him, he gave Zabini a few punches, and when he was ready to finish the other off, a big hand suddenly separated the two.

Ivan raised his head up and noticed it was Hagrid.

“My God, what are you all doing?” Said Hagrid with a shocked face.

Not far away Harry and Malfoy were in a scuffle, Ron kept spitting slugs up at Goyle, Hermione was fighting here and there, but she was still holding onto her wand, as for Colin and Neville, they were fighting Crabbe together, and the Quidditch player was fighting each other.

As for Fred and George, they somehow got more Dungbombs and were throwing them at Slytherin students.

A few seconds later, a loud noise echoed throughout the Quidditch field.Almost all the professors came out. Dumbledore stood there with his wand raised high.

“Group fights, I’ve been at Hogwarts for so many years, but I’ve never seen anything like this before!” said Professor McGonagall while being a little perplexed, “Gryffindor and Slytherin are deducted a hundred points each, and if this happens again, I’ll cancel your Quidditch game.”

“But Professor …”The Gryffindor Quidditch caption Oliver Wood quickly argued.

“Quiet, Wood!” I thought you would be better than this, ” said Professor McGonagall with an expression of disappointment.

“Who started it?” said Professor Snape as he gazed at Harry and Ivan who was standing beside him.

“It was Ivan Masson and Harry Potter!” Said almost all the Slytherin students while pointing at the two people.

“They are lying, Malfoy started it!” said the Gryffindor students.

“He called Ivan and Hermione mud bloods!” said Ron while puking up slugs.

“Shut it, Weasley! I can tell who is lying.” Snape turned his eyes to Harry and Ivan, “As for you…..”

“Severus, I believe they are students of my house, so I’ll decide how to punish them,” said Professor McGonagall.

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