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Chapter 21
Chapter 0021 To Hogsmeade

Luna’s words helped Ivan’s mentality change, and after breakfast, he began to look on the bright side of things.

Harry returned the parchment and agreed to let Ivan publish the article in the newspaper, Ivan noticed that the parchment was full of tears, it must have been a tough night for him.

At least Gryffindors never lacked the courage to face hardships.

Harry recovered quickly and thanked Ivan for letting him know the details of his parent’s death. Ivan gave Bathilda Bagshot’s reply to Harry.

After Herbology class Ivan followed the first years to Flying class.

Since he spent the summer at the Weasley’s house, he had learned how to fly a broom, but Ivan had a strong phobia of flying after he told this to  Madam Hooch she told him to stand on the sidelines.

It made the Slytherins mad since they wanted to teach Ivan a lesson according to the two houses rivalry.

But now there was no chance, so they had to find another Grifendor, so they turned their gazes to Colin but Ivan’s classmate Vicky Frobisher didn’t let them.

They fought on their brooms leading to a comedic ending, besides Ivan, all the Gryffindor and Slytherin new students were severely reprimanded by Madam Hooch and deducted five points.

After seeing Frobisher, he thought of recommending her to join the Quidditch team as a keeper.

However, he didn’t have the energy to try this, since the release of the newspaper is getting closer.

Hermione has now replaced Snape as the most terrifying person in Ivan’s opinion.

In the next few days under Hermione’s supervision he spent almost all the time in the library, the two of them reviewed and revised all the manuscripts, so he had to finish his homework after 10 o’clock in the evening.

While Harry and Ron complained that Hermione hadn’t lent them her homework, but after she glared at them, they shut up.

Compared to Ivan they were lucky enough to just work on an article about Hogwarts’ Quidditch.

Everyone was busy preparing the manuscripts, but Hermione was still dissatisfied with the academic section.

“Ivan we’ve only received two submissions so far.” Said, Hermione, while looking at the two manuscripts, “One is from Percy, “The Present and the History of the Crucible,” and the other is “How to find a Crumple-Horned Snorkack.”

“If there is no other choice do Luna’s article first.” said Ivan as he stopped writing,”Her father does a magazine that publishes such articles, I heard the sales are good, so there are people who like to see such things.”

“Ok?!” said Hermione in a voice full of doubt.

The Hogwarts’ Magic newspaper which is mostly completed is in his opinion no better than the Quibbler.

It wasn’t the same quality as he imagined since the manuscript quality was too low.

Page three introduced interesting Hogwarts News of the week but is limited by the source of the articles with most of them coming from Gryffindor students.

Ivan, Harry, and Ron flying a car to school was the front page. Only a handful of things were related to Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, and as for Slytherin, there was almost no other news besides Malfoy provoking people on several occasions.

Afterwards was an article about the safety of young wizards which took up five-pages, it was full of legal terms, Ivan was unsure whether anyone would read it.

He believed Hermione’s articles would be skipped by most young wizards.

As for Fred and George’s articles, it covered the Grand Staircase and the frequently used secret passages, which could help some of the new students and attract some readers.

They must have left a lot out because with these secret passages it would be impossible to escape Filch who was familiar with the secret passages.

Ginny helped Hagrid with his article about magical creatures, Harry and Ron wrote about Quidditch, in Ivan’s opinion, he didn’t find any good thing to highlight.

And Luna’s article for the academic section “How to find a Crumple-Horned Snorkack.”

“So it seems that the story I wrote about Lily will be highlighted.” thought Ivan as he turned the newspaper, and what he saw next was more than ten pages of photos of Lockhart.

Lockhart in class, Lockhart grading homework, Lockhart at dinner, Lockhart waving his wand, Lockhart helping other professors, Lockhart in ………..

Lockhart’s smile was everywhere it made Ivan a little dizzy.

After the photos was Hermione’s story about Lockhart.

Under Hermione’s description of Lockhart, it made him seem greater than Dumbledore.

Following that was Lockhart story. Since Lockhart announced to the class that he would publish a story in the newspaper, the girls in class came to him wanting to see the content ahead of time.

Although it wasn’t ideal, Ivan had to admit that the success of the first issue of Hogwarts’ Magic newspaper was entirely up to the charisma of Lockhart.

“Almost done, it looks like everybody did there best!”

Ivan put the newspaper down and turned to Hermione and said: “I’m going to Hogsmeade Saturday to talk to the businesses there.”

“Hogsmeade, only third years get to go there and only on a specific Saturday.” said Hermione in a serious tone, “And you need a parent or a guardian’s signature.”

“I don’t Hermione!” said Ivan, “I learned from Fred and George that there is a secret passage to Hogsmeade.”

“Secret passage,” said Hermione as she shook her head, “If you are caught you will be expelled.”

“As long as you don’t tell anyone, no one will know. We need advertisements and sponsorships. or we will not have enough money to print one issue of the newspaper, you know ink and paper aren’t cheap.”


“Don’t worry, Hermione!” laughed Ivan, “I remember  Saturday is Gryffindors first Quidditch match, I will be back before it is over to cheer on Harry!”

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